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Space Luchador Class


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Monthly Requests

All of the stuff DMDave creates is based on your suggestions. You get one suggestion for your tier and then another for the monthly theme.


DMDave loves crowdsourcing his ideas and frequently turns to his patrons for ideas. All patrons are created equal, too. These polls help source campaign ideas and more.

Stretch Goal Books

As DMDave reaches certain stretch goal tiers, he opens up new books. For example, at 200 patrons, DMDave will create a "Build Your Own 5E Race" book.

DMDave Discord

Want to hobnob with the man himself? DMDave has his own discord channel that he invites Patrons to come and joke around, ask questions, and get feedback.

Yeah, but whoTF is DMDave anyways?

(This is the part of the pitch where I stop being professional and tell you what's up.)

A loser with no life, obviously...

DMDave is a professional author and blogger with two blogs that share a combined readership of 250,000+. gets 75,000+ monthly readers itself. (The other blog is about business and is totally boring.)

Dave's built quite the following over the last year, with nearly 30,000 Instagram followers, 11,000 Facebook followers, and a bunch of people he's pissed off over on Reddit. And he writes (no joke) 7,500 - 10,000 words worth of content each and every day.

He also writes his own bio in the third-person. Weird.

What do DMDave's fans have to say?

"Do you ever sleep?"
 - at least one person asks me this every day

 - Kevin Hamrick, my brother

"You give too much for $3."
 - Patreon exit survey... I'm not joking

"Marry me, DMDave!"
 - Emily Blunt (one day)

Seriously, if you want to read my feedback (or even talk to me) just head over to my Facebook page and read all the crap that's there. I promise you people love this shit. 

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