Arctic Adventures for Fifth Edition

Prepare for the avalanche of arctic adventures about to hit the world's greatest roleplaying game.

DMDave's monthly Buckler has all of the 5E content set in the frozen tundra that you need to power up your game!

❄️ 7 New Adventures ❄️ 12 New Monsters 

❄️ 4 New Player Options ❄️ 11 VTT Tokens ❄️ 2 Magic Items

Buckler: August 2020

Every month I package all of the content released over the month into Buckler - a single digital download. No more sifting through past posts to find and collect everything released that month!

August's Arctic Adventures & 5E content is all packaged up neatly for you to access for only $15 with one-click.

OR become a Silver Club Patron for only $7 which includes access to every new Buckler release - the best deal by far! 

Silver Club Patrons pay $7/month to receive the Buckler, PLUS:

  • 5 New Adventures per month 
  • New Classes, Subclasses, Races, Features, Magic Items & Spells for DMs and players!
  • Digital Token Sets
  • Help me design! Cast your vote in exclusive Silver+ polls to influence adventures, outcomes, monsters, and dungeons. 
  • Discord Access PLUS exclusive content sneak peeks & you can chat with me or ask questions while I'm working!
  • An archive of 300+ PDFs of adventures, monsters, etc.
  • Weekly Monsters (Part of the 366 Days of Monsters)
  • Maps & Monsters included in new corresponding adventures

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