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What is BroadSword Monthly? 

BroadSword Monthly is a monthly softcover book of Fifth Edition adventures created by the DMDave Team. It features a handful of perfectly balanced, exciting, and original adventures plus new player options, spells, magic items, monsters, and more.

In Publication Since 2019

Get the latest issue of BroadSword Monthly for 24% off (only $19)

Includes FREE worldwide shipping.

Cut Down on Prep Time!

We create our adventures with the “weekend GM” in mind. To prepare an adventure, all you need to do is read the adventure summary and background (usually no longer than a single page), check out the map, and you’re ready to go—you can read as you go along.

Chock-Full of Options

BroadSword Monthly doesn’t just include adventures—it’s got plenty of other goodies, too, including player options, new magic items, and monsters. All of our content is professionally balanced based on the newest official releases.

Professional 5e Content Creators

BroadSword Monthly features content by professional Fifth Edition content creators, including those who work for official Fifth Edition sources. Some of the names on our ever expanding roster include Dyson Logos, Tim Hartin, Cze & Peku, Tom Cartos, DMDave, The Griffon’s Saddlebag, Paper Forge, The DM Toolchest, Torchlight Press, and more.

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