Monthly Fifth Edition Adventures and Options

BroadSword Monthly brings back the classic monthly adventure format of the old RPG magazineswith modern Fifth Edition rules.

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100+ pages of original Fifth Edition content

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DMDave Presents BroadSword Monthly

Need more, professionally produced content for your Fifth Edition games and campaigns? Or do you miss monthly RPG magazines? BroadSword Monthly delivers all of this and more from internet-famous Fifth Edition Nerd extraordinaire "DMDave" Hamrick.

What's in the first issue?

The premiere issue of BroadSword Monthly includes 100-pages (75,000+ words) of original, Fifth Edition compatible content. Here is all the content included:

  • 3 new adventures (The Goblin Mine, Trial of Heroes, and The Battle of Dragard Mine)
  • 2 new campaign.settings (Sword and Sorcery and Evadimus' School for Gifted Spellcasters)
  • 10 new monsters
  • 2 new player sub-classes
  • 9 new spells
  • Rules for mass combat in Fifth Edition
  • Tips on managing players who don't pay attention
  • Magic items, feats, game options and more!

BroadSword Monthly #2's cover.

Original Artwork by Justin David Russell

Justin David Russell of Epic Werkes Studio hand paints a different cover each month for BroadSword Monthly. Yep. Hand paints! Plus, he creates the original old-school style pen-and-ink maps and images for the interior of the publication, too.

This is no crowdfunding project...

We crowdfunded this puppy back in April. It's already off to the printers and just a few short months away from hitting the backers, Amazon, and all the retail outlets we plan on sending it to.

In fact, BroadSword Monthly #2 is wrapping up production and the artwork for the third issue is already being created.

Issues #4 through #6 are planned out, too, and we're accepting submissions for issues beyond that.

You order now, you'll have a copy of this book in just a few short weeks.

This bearded fool is the author holding an official copy of BSM #1. 

Old School Format with New School Rules

I got started in the "world's most famous roleplaying game" back in 1991, so I'm a big nut for the old RPG mags of that era. And so are the rest of the team.

However, I'm also a big nerd for Fifth Edition. So we've combined both formats to bring you BroadSword Monthly.

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Change your mind about ordering BroadSword Monthly? Don't sweat it! If you want to get out of the contract, we'll send you your money back. In fact, even if you receive a copy of the publication, we'll allow returns for physical copies, and pro-rate existing subscriptions.

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"For those of us who have dice older than our kids, the content Dave is putting together takes us back to the days when TSR was the mothership and you nearly mugged the mailman to see if he had the latest copy of DragMag (your pick-pockets was never nearly as good as his check... never). There's great new material and some awesome updating of old favorites." - Eric D., DMDave fan

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