Welcome, Copper Club Patrons!

Everything you need to know about your membership and

how to access your benefits can be found here.

Your Membership Benefits

  • ALL Adventures. You get access to all current adventures plus previous adventures (excluding some major releases).
  • ALL Monsters. You get access to all monster PDF releases plus all of the monsters in the archive. This may exclude some special releases.
  • 5% discount on all items in the DMDave online store. 
  • Discord Channel Access. You can join the DMDave Discord channel and connect with 1000+ DM’s and players & find games online! Come for the banter and memes!

No more sifting through posts on Patreon!

The Master Archive is an all-in-one database to quickly locate exactly what you  need.

Adventures, Subclasses, Monsters, Magic Items & GM tools - it's all organized for you.

Sort by Level, Terrain, Style, & Patron Tiers - that's right, you can view ALL content at every membership tier and access the content exclusive to Copper Club patrons and above through the links!

FAQs and Resources

How do I link my Patreon account with Discord?

Join the community! Don’t be shy - there are thousands of DMDave patrons online, gaming, discussing all things 5e and sharing memes! (Discord is a gaming communication app for your phone/computer if you haven't heard of it yet) 

You can watch this video which will show you exactly how to link your Patreon and Discord accounts. Or, you can read the tutorial here.

Can I change my membership?

Yes, you can! You are not tied to your membership for any certain amount of time which means you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel whenever you decide to!

Is this for both DM’s and Players?

Absolutely. We create all kinds of 5e content to satisfy everyone - regardless of your role within the game!

Is this a one-time payment?

No, the prices for the tiers you see are on a monthly basis. The fee will be recurring until you decide to either change or cancel your DMDave subscription.

How do I play with DMDave?

You can play with DMDave as a Platinum club member. DMDave regularly runs games you won’t want to miss them!

There are also some games open to all patrons in the #Legendary-Lounge on Discord. To achieve Legendary status, you must meet one of the following requirements:

  • You hold a Platinum membership.
  • You've been a patron for 1 year or longer at the copper tier or higher.
  • You DM games for other patrons on the Discord.
  • You are an administrator on the Discord.
  • You assist DMDave's staff with activities such as VTT creation, typo/edits, etc.

Help! I have a problem!

If you have any questions, regardless of the subject, please do not hesitate to contact DMDave Staff at operations@dmdave.com who will be able to answer your questions and connect you with resources.

You can also get help as a member of the DMDave Discord server! With a community of more than 1000 active members, there is always someone online happy to help.

Want even more bang for your buck?

For an extra $4 you can upgrade to the Silver Club to access a ton of player benefits! New classes, subclasses, races, magic items, spells, & more!