DMDave’s Mass Combat Rules for Fifth Edition (v1.2)

Two armies face each other from across the battlefield. On one side: gleaming knights mounted on barded war horses, long-bearded mages waiting to lob spells, mangonels and ballistas armed and ready, griffon riders, elven scouts, and metallic dragons. On the other side: fierce goblins, brutish ogres, wicked cultists, hungry wolves, and winged demons.

Mass combat is a staple of any great fantasy story, and Fifth Edition should be no different.

The optional rules in this article pertain to running large scale combats with dozens, if not hundreds of combatants.

This PDF includes new rules for:

  • Creating units from normal monster stat blocks.
  • Issuing orders in combat.
  • Making challenges against commanders.
  • Mounted units.
  • Unit attacks, damage, and healing.
  • Siege weapons.
  • Morale saving throws.

Plus, comes with 2 pre-made unit stat blocks for you to use in your campaigns.

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Art by Simon Goinard.