The Heart of Darkling Part 1 – Rutmut’s Rendezvous

In order to fund the new tribe, Rutmut and his orcs recently led raids on a number of farms in the area, seizing commodities and animals. During one raid, Rutmut’s brother Hurk kidnapped a farm girl. “Just like old times!” he bragged. Unfortunately, the girl was the constable’s daughter. And now there’s a sizable bounty on Rutmut’s head: 500 gold pieces dead or alive.

Adventure Details

This is the first part of the Heart of Darkling series and a request from one of my patrons. I’ve been wanting to stock this map for some time, so I’m excited to take a stab at it. Hopefully, as time progresses I can work on filling out the other 9-10 maps that are part of this series.

Rutmut’s Rendezvous is intended for 3-5 1st-level adventurers using Fifth Edition rules.

It includes:

  • 12 areas for your PCs to search through
  • Fifth Edition compatible (OGL ready)
  • Traps and encounters keyed for 1st-level adventurers
  • Cartography by professional cartographer Dyson Logos
  • Adventure hooks leading into other parts of the Heart of Darkling megadelve

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Thumbnail image by Wizards of the Coast.