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Patron Membership Levels

Copper Club - $3
  • Daily PDFs. The majority of the Patreon Exclusive PDFs you will receive (excluding Silver+, Premium Collections, and BroadSword). 
  • Discord Channel Access. You can join our Discord channel and message DMDave directly. 
  • Access the ENTIRE entire back catalog!
  • Requests. Once per month, I ask for requests. The rules for requests are detailed when they are called for.
Silver Club - $7

All of the previous tier benefits, plus:

  • Premium PDF Collections. Once per month, I'll combine all of the PDFs into a Premium PDF for easier downloading in both a separate zip file and a single PDF.
  • Silver+ content. Some of the content created is exclusively for members of Silver-tier only. 
Electrum Club - $15

All of the previous tier benefits, plus:

  • BroadSword Magazine digital copy. You'll get a copy of BroadSword Magazine each month in PDF format.
  • BroadSword Magazine back issues. BroadSword subscribers get access to the latest three issues of BroadSword Monthly.
  • Exclusive Electrum+ Adventure. Once per month, I'll create an adventure that's exclusive to BroadSword subscribers.
Gold Club - $25

All of the previous tier benefits, plus:

  • BroadSword Monthly. A physical, hardcover book with 150+ pages of adventure content. Edited, playtested, and ready for you to run!
  • Guaranteed Requests. Gold members are guaranteed requests - so long as they are related and follow request rules.
  • All BroadSword Digital back issues. Gold members have access to the archive of every issue of BroadSword that's come out.
  • All Buckler back issues. Gold members get access to all Buckler zip files for instant download.
  • 20% off Previous BroadSwords. Get exclusive promo codes that allow you to purchase BroadSword Monthly back issues at 20% off the cover price.
Platinum Club - $50

All of the previous tier benefits, plus:

  • First Rights Requests. All Platinum members are guaranteed monthly requests - so long as they follow request rules.
  • Monthly Adventure Requests. For now, all Platinum members get side quest requests made. This is a limited time benefit and will likely go away once Platinum membership exceeds my bandwidth.
  • Compendiums. The major compendiums with 300+ pages of remastered and original content will all be included once order fulfillment begins.

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I'm a patron cause I love your ideas and how open you are to suggestions and ideas, love the fan interaction.

- Darrion N

I love the massive content output and the constant stream of new ideas, both from you and the community. I also appreciate that you consistently engage with your patrons.

- Drakien

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