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What is this adventure all about?

40 pages of mystery, war, and dangerous dungeons!

Deep within the dark recesses of the Tomb of Nihalar, the final resting place of elven kings, the weapon of the wood elves of Imfe Aiqua stirs. Two individuals are drawn to the weapon—but only one can accept it. Who will take up the glaive of the revenant king and become the ruler of the forgotten elven city?

Glaive of the Revenant King is a 3rd-level Fifth Edition adventure for 3-5 characters. Characters who survive the adventure should reach the 4th level by the adventure's conclusion. This is the major side quest in the Hand of Eight adventure path. It can be played as the kickoff for the larger adventure setting or as a one-shot adventure for your players. The campaign is intended to be set in the DMDave crowdsourced campaign world of Omeria. However, it can just as easily be inserted into any other mysterious, untamed wilderness.

Who is DMDave?

DMDave is a professional game-designer and Fifth Edition content creator. He's been playing the world's most popular RPG since 1992 and has written close to 3-million words worth of balanced, imaginative content to enhance your Fifth Edition games.

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