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23k Instagram followers

5.5k Facebook followers

150k monthly views

9.9% engagement rate

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Work directly with DMDave and get Instagram shoutouts, sponsored blog posts, contest giveaways, and printed ads in BroadSword Magazine. 

Instagram Influencer

With nearly 23,000 Instagram followers (as of July 4, 2019), DM Dave maintains a legimate industry-leading engagement rate of 8.57%. All followers are real fans of the Fifth Edition and RPG niches.

Get dedicated posts and Instagram stories as a DMDave brand partner.

Influencer Marketing Hub 7/4/2019 7/4/2019

Over 150,000 Monthly Views sees 85,000 unique visitors monthly, making it one of the most successful Fifth Edition private blogs on the internet. 48.48% of visitors are from the United States. 52.81% discover through Google Search and 29.20% come from direct traffic.

Sponsored blog posts are available to promote your brand.

16%+ Facebook Engagement Rate

June this year, DMDave started investing in Facebook followers interested specifically in Fifth Edition content. As of this writing, there are 5,500 followers (a 400% increase over May), growing by 200+ new followers daily and a 16%+ engagement rate.

Sponsors are awarded dedicated shoutouts.

Facebook Insights 7/4/2017

BroadSword Magazine Monthly

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign ($40,050 raised with over 650 backers), BroadSword Magazine is bringing premium, monthly Fifth Edition content back in print form.

BroadSword Magazine published printed ads in 4.5" x 2.5" and 8.5" x 11" full page format.

Gleam Contests and Giveaways

DMDave and his brand partners team up to combine their audiences for monthly giveaways. The viral nature of giveaways equals quick growth.Expose your brand to over 250,000 new potential fans each month.

Sponsors are added to the contest link list.

1-on-1 Consulting with DMDave

I've been an online marketer since the late '90s. I have expertise in social media, brand building, crowdsourcing, graphic design, content marketing, and a whole lot more.

Brand partners have the option of working directly with me to help build your brand.

No Long Term Commitments

All sponsorship plans are done on a month-per-month basis. You will never be locked into a long-term commitment with DMDave and BroadSword Magazine.

Grow Your Followers

On average, past brand partners saw 1000% growth of their social media accounts in the first week.

Kickass at Crowdfunding

Have a crowdfunding campaign coming up? Use DMDave's sponsorship to help draw attention to it.

Network Like a Boss

Not only do you work with DMDave, but you work with other superstars in the niche with similar followings.

Fifth Edition fans all over the world love DMDave

Amazing content and takes into careful consideration all mechanics and lore surrounding not just 5e but prior editions of D&D.

Lachlan P.

Facebook Fan

For those of us who have dice older than our kids, the content Dave is putting together takes us back to the days when TSR was the mothership and you nearly mugged the mailman to see if he had the latest copy of DragMag (your pick-pockets was never nearly as good as his check... never). There's great new material and some awesome updating of old favorites.

Eric D.

Facebook Fan

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