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Komodo Dragons for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

The Komodo dragon is a large lizard that prefers hot and dry places and typically lives in dry, open grassland, savanna, and tropical forest at low elevations. It is most active in the day, although it exhibits some nocturnal activity. Komodo dragons are solitary, coming together only to breed and eat. They are capable of running rapidly […]

Bobcats for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

The bobcat is an adaptable predator that inhabits wooded areas, as well as semi-desert, urban edge, forest edge, and swampland environments. With a gray to brown coat, whiskered face, and black-tufted ears, the bobcat resembles a lynx, although smaller on average. It has distinctive black bars on its forelegs and a black-tipped, stubby (or “bobbed”) tail, from […]

Sea Turtles for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Sea turtles can be found in most oceans except for the polar regions. The majority of a sea turtle’s body is protected by its shell. The turtle’s shell is divided into two sections: the carapace (the dorsal portion) and the plastron (the ventral portion). The shell is made up of smaller plates called scutes. It takes decades […]

Bashe for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Bashe were mythical Chinese serpents similar to boa constrictors that could eat elephants whole. Wowza! They did this about once every three years, disgorging the bones after the period.

Basically, they’re gargantuan constrictor snakes that can swallow Huge stuff whole. Sounds pretty legendary to me!

Ogre Dogs for Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Quick monster today. My players are pretty close to entering the Ogre Base on the Dyson Megadelve. Thus, I thought it’d be fun to give the ogres some ogre-sized dogs that guard their front doors. Imagine a pair of sloppy, dumb French bulldogs the size of horses. Kind of a weak challenge for my players […]

Monsters by Jack: Colossal Cave Crocodile

Just a few minutes ago I was out in my yard digging a hole for a tree I bought. And I was thinking two things: Digging holes in the middle of the Oklahoma summer sucks. I need to come up with a cool monster for the large pool in Dyson Logos’ Mushroom Cavern. Fortunately, Jack, […]

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