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Find answers to frequently asked questions about the DMDave Patreon

I saw post on Patreon offering a reward/bonus from before I joined. Can I still have the rewards you offered?

We’re pretty generous! DMDave frequently extends bonuses and other perks to show our appreciation for our Patreon community, but please note: any perks or bonuses we may feature are one-time-only offers, and are not applicable later on. It’s one of the many reasons to stay a supporter, stay a Patron, and stay a part of […]

I joined Patreon as a Gold/Plat member last month but haven’t received my BroadSword yet. How can I check the shipping status?

Covid has slowed everything down – a lot! Our printers and the USPS have both been significantly impacted by the pandemic. We ship as quickly as we can, and we expect that once the vaccines have been fully distributed and the world begins to return to normal, our BroadSword shipping schedule will once again pick […]

What is a Buckler?

Our Bucklers contain the collected monthly works from the DMDave Patreon, conveniently gathered into one instantly downloadable PDF. Silver, Electrum, Gold & Platinum DMDave Patreon members receive the monthly Buckler as an included benefit in their Patreon accounts. Copper members and non-Patrons can buy each Buckler ala cart in the DMDave Shop.

Can I be a BroadSword Subscriber and a DMDave Patron at the same time?

Yes, of course! In fact, many of our BSM Subscribers are also DMDave Patrons. Our Copper and Silver Patreon memberships offer perks that will appeal to people who are already getting BroadSword issues through a subscription. Copper membership is only $3/per month, while Silver is $7/per month, making these Patreon membership levels a great compliment […]

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