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I joined Patreon as a Gold/Plat member last month but haven’t received my BroadSword yet. How can I check the shipping status?

Covid has slowed everything down – a lot! Our printers and the USPS have both been significantly impacted by the pandemic. We ship as quickly as we can, and we expect that once the vaccines have been fully distributed and the world begins to return to normal, our BroadSword shipping schedule will once again pick […]

Which print issues of BroadSword are hardcover? Which are softcover?

Our first two issues of BroadSword Monthly, BroadSword Issue 1 and BroadSword Issue 2 are the only hardcover books in our catalog at this time. All other BroadSword Monthly print books, the BroadSword Compendium Vol. 1, and the BroadSword Monster Compendium Spring 2021 feature a full color, soft cover.

What is BroadSword Monthly?

BroadSword Monthly is an original tome by DMDave, the internet’s most prolific original Fifth Edition content creator. Working together with a bevy of the finest adventure writers, cartographers and fantasy artists in 5e today, each issue of BroadSword averages between 100-150 pages. Within each issue of BroadSword, you’ll find new and exciting monsters, 5th Edition […]

Can I be a BroadSword Subscriber and a DMDave Patron at the same time?

Yes, of course! In fact, many of our BSM Subscribers are also DMDave Patrons. Our Copper and Silver Patreon memberships offer perks that will appeal to people who are already getting BroadSword issues through a subscription. Copper membership is only $3/per month, while Silver is $7/per month, making these Patreon membership levels a great compliment […]

Does a new BroadSword Monthly come out every month?

While we try to release a BroadSword each month, there are times when other projects, (such as compendiums and Kickstarters), may delay our release schedule – but have no fear! If you are a BroadSword Subscriber, you will receive the number of issues in your subscription, regardless of any delays!

I need to cancel my BroadSword subscription. Who can help?

We would hate to see you go! Please email the team and let us know why you need to cancel your subscription. We do have many options – including the ability to “freeze” your deliveries if you are in transition and can’t receive mail for a while. Contact logistics@dmdave.com to discuss.

How is BroadSword Monthly Shipped?

BroadSword issues that are shipping to addresses located within the USA ship via USPS Media Mail – in a padded envelope for single issues or small orders, and in a variety of box sizes for multiple issue orders. We use AmazonGlobal shipping for all International shipping and for shipping to military addresses. Packing and delivery […]

My BroadSword issue was damaged in the mail. Who can help?

We’re sorry to hear that! If rough handling is an ongoing issue, we recommend that you speak with your mail carrier first to try to find a resolution so this doesn’t keep happening to you. In the meantime, please take pictures of the damages to your BSM copy/copies and email them to logistics@dmdave.com so we […]

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