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Who gets Legendary Status?

Patrons of the Platinum tier and higher gain Legendary Status. Patrons who also help us with certain needs such as proofing, administrative, etc. also gain Legendary status. People who’ve been Patrons for a year or longer at least at the Copper level gain Legendary status (total spend of $36). If you fit one of the […]

What is “Legendary Status”?

Legendary Status earns you a ton of additional benefits not available to any other patron tier but Platinum. Features of Legendary Status include: You get to join DMDave and the other Legendary members in the exclusive Legendary Lounge on Discord. This is one of the few rooms in which DMDave can be found chatting with […]

I saw post on Patreon offering a reward/bonus from before I joined. Can I still have the rewards you offered?

We’re pretty generous! DMDave frequently extends bonuses and other perks to show our appreciation for our Patreon community, but please note: any perks or bonuses we may feature are one-time-only offers, and are not applicable later on. It’s one of the many reasons to stay a supporter, stay a Patron, and stay a part of […]

I joined Patreon as a Gold/Plat member last month but haven’t received my BroadSword yet. How can I check the shipping status?

Covid has slowed everything down – a lot! Our printers and the USPS have both been significantly impacted by the pandemic. We ship as quickly as we can, and we expect that once the vaccines have been fully distributed and the world begins to return to normal, our BroadSword shipping schedule will once again pick […]

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