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Who gets Legendary Status?

Patrons of the Platinum tier and higher gain Legendary Status. Patrons who also help us with certain needs such as proofing, administrative, etc. also gain Legendary status. People who’ve been Patrons for a year or longer at least at the Copper level gain Legendary status (total spend of $36). If you fit one of the […]

What is “Legendary Status”?

Legendary Status earns you a ton of additional benefits not available to any other patron tier but Platinum. Features of Legendary Status include: You get to join DMDave and the other Legendary members in the exclusive Legendary Lounge on Discord. This is one of the few rooms in which DMDave can be found chatting with […]

I’d like DMDave to promote my Kickstarter, who do I talk to?

We are all about community building and partnerships and we’d love to hear from you! If you have a Kickstarter or similar project that you’d like us to promote please contact Steven at If you would like DMDave to contribute to a Kickstarter project you’re planning to launch, please reach out to Dave’s assistant […]

Where can I find my Kickstarter downloads?

Your Kickstarter downloads can be found in your Backerkit! Simply log into Backerkit using the email address linked to your Kickstarter account to access your download files.

I haven’t received my free adventure yet. What should I do?

Although our free adventure emails should come through quickly once you have confirmed your email with us, they have been known to take up to 2 days to arrive. If you don’t receive the adventure within 2 days of signing up, first check your Spam folder to make sure that it hasn’t been misdirected there. […]

How do I sign up for the free adventure?

To receive the free adventure(s), you will need to be subscribed to the DMDave newsletter email list. Sign up is easy – just click here. Fill out the form with your name and the email address you would like to use for your subscription, and hit “Sign Up!”. You will receive an email from us […]

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