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Vaskil Valley - Wrath of the Wyvern Kings at

Vaskil Valley - Wrath of the Wyvern Kings at

Vaskil Valley: Wrath of the Wyvern Kings

A chill wind rattles down the jagged cliffs of the Basilisk’s Spine, sinking low into the dark trees and rugged hills of Vaskil Valley. There, an ancient race of elves, the Anorians, carve out a meager existence among the short-lived humans with whom they share this territory. Once a proud race of warriors from the Amber Forest beyond the mountains, the browbeaten Anorians cling to the history their conquerors hope to sweep away. Since their migration to this valley, the Anorians have traded in their wands for guns. They’ve relinquished their undead armies for cattle. And they’ve turned their anger into song.

West of the cold, white rapids of Vaskil River, the valley’s original lycanthropic inhabitants, the Roe'dgope (werelynxes), stir. Dragons have seemingly returned to the valley, wyverns specifically. Upon these lesser dragons’ backs ride dark-armored aberrations known only as Wyvern Kings. The Wyvern Kings have pushed the Roe'dgope from their ancestral lands, forcing them to enter the territory of their old rivals, the Anorians. Tensions are high.

Meanwhile, the true rulers of Vaskil Valley, the Mydon Princes of Presson’s Enclave, pay little heed. Too interested in their own lavish affairs and inconsequential qualms, these nobles care not for the troubles of the werelynxes, Anorians, or, frankly, anyone of less than noble blood within the valley. Even the Pressonian humans, who share the same ancestry as the Mydon Princes, are growing restless under the thumb of the nobles.

The civil unrest within the valley is like sparks on tinder and when the flames catch, the whole valley will burn. It’s only a matter of time.

About This Book

*Vaskil Valley: Wrath of the Wyvern Kings* is a Fifth Edition adventure optimized for four to six characters. This book describes the monsters and villains who the heroes of the story—the player characters—must challenge to bring the adventure to its conclusion.

The book presents Vaskil Valley, a region in DMDave’s Omeria campaign setting, as a full “sandbox” within which you can host a bevy of adventures and campaigns. The fundamental details of the setting are included in this book. However, we’ve left plenty of room for you to create your own adventures, campaigns, villains, and epic battles.

Adventure Summary

A riveting mix of western and fantasy tropes, Vaskil Valley: Wrath of the Wyvern Kings sees a group of characters—native to the region or not—handle the threat of the newcomer Wyvern Kings and their detrimental presence.

The book’s main plot deals with the Wyvern Kings themselves. During the first chapter, the characters learn of the Wyvern Kings and how they’ve affected Vaskil Valley and its people. As the adventure progresses, accumulated evidence leads to the true identity of the Wyvern Kings and how the characters can stop their constant attacks.

While working on the mystery of the Wyvern Kings, the characters also have the opportunity to complete additional side quests. Most of these side quests see the characters handle the side effects of the Wyvern Kings’ presence in Vaskil Valley. They also offer the characters a chance to further build their experience and arsenal of magic items in preparation for their final confrontation with the Wyvern Kings (and the real threat of this adventure).

Who is DMDave?

DMDave is a professional game-designer and Fifth Edition content creator. He's been playing the world's most popular RPG since 1992 and has written close to 3-million words worth of balanced, imaginative content to enhance your Fifth Edition games.

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