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Meet DMDave

DMDave is a versatile table top creator who has been active in the industry since 2018. He specializes in creating content for popular tabletop RPGs such as D&D 5e, Morkborg, Pathfinder, and more. Along with his creative work, DMDave is also a social media influencer who has built a following through his engaging and informative content. His passion for tabletop gaming and ability to create high-quality content has made him a well-known figure in the tabletop gaming community.

Use the Best Content.

You can expect even more high quality content from DMDave and the creators as we introduce our fans to the new Helkara RPG setting.

Come Meet Us.

2023 will see DMDave and the Outreach team focus on convention appearances. Come meet us at one of several U.S. cities.

Learn More.

It's an exciting time to be creators in the tabletoprpg space. Join us on Discord and learn more about our upcoming projects in 2023 and beyond.

kickstarter spring 2023

All is Rot and Woe.

The Helkara RPG, launching on Kickstarter in March 2023, is a dark and gritty sword-and-sorcery tabletop role-playing game that is easy to learn and system agnostic. Players will be able to dive into a rich and atmospheric world filled with danger, adventure, and exciting stories.


The Helkara Campaign Setting is designed to be accessible for new and experienced players, with a straightforward and intuitive system.

sword & sorcery

The setting features a grim, low-fantasy world with a focus on deadly combat and morally gray characters.

play with multiple systems

The Helkara Campaign Setting can be used with any tabletop RPG system, allowing players to use the rules they are most comfortable with.

weekly 5e content

DMDave's Patreon page is a treasure trove of resources for tabletop RPG enthusiasts. With over hundreds of PDFs, drop-in weekly adventures, FoundryVTT packs, and more, his patrons have access to a wealth of content to enhance their gaming experience. Whether you're a seasoned gamer looking for new material to keep your campaigns fresh or a newcomer seeking inspiration, DMDave's Patreon page is a must-visit. His dedication to creating high-quality content and providing value to his patrons is evident in the diverse range of offerings available on his page. With frequent updates and new releases, DMDave's Patreon page is a dynamic source of material for tabletop RPG fans.

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