Badge Quest: Mystery of Elazar Manor

Badge Quest: Mystery of Elazar manor offers a full length campaign scenario book for the popular Badge Quest roleplaying game. Includes rules for first time players.

Created by
DMDave Publishing
Last Updated June 7, 2023

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Badge Quest: Mystery of Elazar Manor

Live on Kickstarter July 18th, 2023 | $20,000 Goal

Step into the shoes of the brave and resourceful members of the girl's activity club, the Brave Blossoms, in this thrilling roleplaying game. As pre-teen heroes, your mission is to support the community and sell cookies, but prepare yourselves for unexpected adventures and heart-pounding mysteries that will test your wits and courage.

Simple rules, endless possibilities, easy setup, quick playtime, variable difficulty, eye-catching artwork, badge rewards, miniatures, and more. All together in one amazing roleplaying game experience!

We will announce more tiers, rewards, and add-ons as we get closer to the launch date.
You can expect a PDF-only option as well as printed maps of the locations, miniatures, physical badges, sashes, and more.

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