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Last Updated: February 26, 2019


The requests are listed in order of when they received on the Patreon Community.

Sam E.

“upgraded to Electrum in preparation of the Wandrossa thing and I have an idea of what I’d like to do for my request. Playing into the idea of rogues frequently being manipulators, I think it’d be cool to have a rogue subclass focused on telepathy (and maybe a bit of telekinesis). They probe into the minds of people to influence them in both conversation and the battlefield. To use a phrase I hear a lot in theater, “Take it as you will.” I really look forward to seeing what you can do with the idea!”

Like… every-damn-body

“I joined after seeing the Puppet Master preview from your site and can’t wait for it to be done!”

David R.

“Here is my request. I am currently playing a rogue in a campaign I’m in. I want the ultimate non-legendary rogues blade, well, sort of. It’s a longsword that folds in on itself (either magic, or like sulu’s sword in the first of the new star trek movies), thus easily concealed. But I want it to have some sort of cool ability that would benefit my rogue. He’s a tiefling rogue who has spent a large amount of time in a mercenary group. The only magic item he has is a cloak that allows him to cast dimension door once a day. I would like it to not be an everyday item if possible.”

Kevin M.

“Take an Almiraj and give it the powers and attitude of the “Beast of Caerbannog” from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Maybe he can use his horn. You’re great and your content is amazing. Thanks again!”

Nathan M.

“Hey, idk if this is the proper place to do so but this is my silver tier request: A legendary Hexblade weapon. In one of my amazing friend’s homebrews i have a Zariel Tiefling hexblade. There’s an incredibly edgy backstory about a line of family sacrifices to the Diety Miez to eventually bless/curse a child with the power to overthrow a royalty (me) but I discover the truth of my past and turn against them and on and on. So ultimately I would like a legendary magic sword worthy of Miez. Preferably it can be wielded one-handed and maybe its abilities play off of the blood sacrifices of its past? Of course if you have a better/more thoughtful approach to it take that path. I trust your creative process. Thank you, I truly enjoy all of the work you put out and am one paycheck away from jumping to the Gold Club simply because you deserve it. And maybe the book :)”

Nathan W.

“here goes silver tier request then, a deific creature at CR 3-6. Like an embodiment, a powerful animal spirit perhaps, a representation of humanoid greed, etc”

Matthew M.

“Hey Dave! As we talked about, I upgraded from Copper to Silver. Since I already made a Copper request, for my Silver request, I’m just going to do another Copper request since one of the choices for Silver is 2 Copper requests. So for my second Copper request, I wanna give a little background. I’m including in my campaign your artifacts of sin. the Hammer of Wrath, Chains of Sloth and. so on. Each is going to be at the back of some temple or something. Amongst other traps and other monsters, I’m including a thematic Sorrowsworn (MToF 232) monster. So for example, the Hammer of Wrath is protected in part by The Angry. Whatever the artifact for Gluttony winds up being will be protected in part by The Hungry. So with this in mind, could you create a Sorrowsworn monster called The Craving to protect the Mask of Lust? I’m thinking the CR would be about 8 or so? Let me know if this makes sense or if it doesn’t work. I’ll be using my Silver request in your new book to ask for the seventh Sorrowsworn monster 🙂 Wrath – The Angry Gluttony – The Hungry Lust – The Craving Pride – The Lost Sloth – The Lonely Envy – ? Greed – The Wretched”

Cody D.

“Hey DM dave for my request I would please like an item made. For background, I play a drunken brawler. A homebrew class that plays like a monk primarily fighting with unarmed attacks and unarmored defense. I was hoping you could create an item allowing my unarmed strikes to be made with some kind of elemental damage fire, cold, etc. damage but without hindering the Unarmed or unarmored properties of the monk. It would also be cool if the damage type could be altered depending on circumstances. Thank you in advance”


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