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Last Updated: January 1, 2019

Here is the current line-up for requests in order of precedence:


January 2019

First-Time Patron Requests

Sailing Adventure Flavor Text

Naruto Puppet Class

Tactician Class

More Seven Deadly Sins Stuff (2 Patron Requests)


First-Time Email Subscriber Requests

Santa Claus Subclass

Magic Flask

Rotting Creature

Magic Healing Item for Barbarians

4th Edition Monster Conversions

Feat for Artificers

The Force from Star Wars

Japanese Mythology Wolves

Beast Treants

Sword from Berserk Anime

Massage Rules

Time/Dimensional Mage

A New Big Bad (Something Tougher Than the Tarrasque)

Cloak of Levitation (Dr. Strange)

Infinity Gauntlet

Living Weapon Class

Kronk from Emperor’s New Groove

Playable Elemental Race

First-Time Requests (non-Patron and non-Subscriber) + Repeat Patrons and Subscribers

Graveyard Golem

Seven Deadly Sins Artifacts: Part 2

Underdark Hag

D&D Escape Room: Part 2

Shonen Jump Characters

Illness Domain

Pixie/Fairy Playable Race


Prehistoric Megafauna

Harder Goblins

Black Ooze Playable Race

How to Create a Custom Race

God from Hellboy


Witch Doctor Class

Political Intrigue System

Simple Monster (Good for Hordes)

Summoner Class

Magic Item for Level 1 Dwarf Bard (Not an Instrument)

Midnight RPG Setting

Monster from Quake

Cerberus (as a 3-headed duck)

Troll Cat from Castle Crashers

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February 2019

First-Time Patron Requests


First-Time Email Subscriber Requests


First-Time Requests (non-Patron and non-Subscriber) + Repeat Patrons and Subscribers



For more information on how requests work, be sure to check out the Request Information Page that includes the Request Form.

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