BroadSword Issue 11 (PDF)


BroadSword Monthly #11 from DMDave, Scott Craig, Titha Luadthong, Matias Lazaro, Tim Hartin, John K. Webb, Alex of Tavertales, Corvid’s Emporium and others.


From DMDave, the internet’s most prolific original Fifth Edition content creator, comes BroadSword Monthly Issue #11!

BroadSword is an original tome with monsters, new adventures, player options, and more for the world’s most famous fantasy tabletop roleplaying game.

In this instant-download PDF version of BroadSword Monthly Issue #11, you’ll find eleven new Fifth Edition adventures for character levels 3-11:

  • Kraken Beach Scavengers (level 3/5/11)
  • Trouble at Virtue Post (level 3)
  • Wanted: Captain Bloodbraids (level 3)
  • The Tidalstone Caves (level 3)
  • Sea Rat’s Regatta (level 3)
  • Return of the Perpetual (level 3)
  • Dead Squid Cove (level 4)
  • Kraken Assault (level 4)
  • Chittering Mines: Silence at Farnhurst Hollow (level 5)
  • Chittering Mines: The Lost Laboratory (level 6)
  • Khagra and the Brinebloods (level 7)

Issue #11 Highlights:  Introducing a new mini-campaign setting, The Dark Sea!  Nautical adventures abound in this massive flooded cavern deep below the surface. The heroes must track down and capture a notorious pirate captain in Wanted: Captain Bloodbraids. One of the mysterious monoliths that control the tides of The Dark Sea has been corrupted, and it’s up to the heroes to journey to a ruined fortress to find out why in Trouble at Virtue Post. In Chittering Mines Parts 1 and 2, the heroes are tasked with investigating why a once-prosperous duergar mine has fallen silent. Was it pirates, raiders, or something much much worse?

Also included in issue 11 of BroadSword:

  • Three underground port cities complete with overviews and maps
  • New martial and rogueish archetype player options
  • Seventeen new magic items
  • Thirty-four new monsters

Product Description: BroadSword Monthly Issue No. 11 PDF for instant download (144 pages!)

This purchase does not come with a physical copy of BroadSword. If you want a physical copy sent to you in the mail, buy BroadSword Monthly Issue #11 in print. The print version includes the PDF instant download free of charge.

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