Buckler: December 2020


Buckler features the collective writings of the DMDave Patreon, bundled together in a digitally formatted PDF for instant download. The works featured in this installment are from December 1, 2020 – December 31, 2020

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From DMDave, the internet’s most prolific original Fifth Edition content creator, comes Buckler: December 2020!

Buckler features the collective writings of the DMDave Patreon. Here you’ll find the newest adventures, character options, game master advice, monsters and magic items, all gathered in one easy-to-download digital archive.

In this instant-download PDF you will receive:

Player Options:

  • Kill ‘Em All Spells
  • Monastic Tradition: Path of the Gunmage
  • The Faithful of Vapul
  • DMDave Rules: Battle Chess for Fifth Edition


  • Snakes in a Bar by Corvid’s Emporium
  • Trash Gremlins by Corvid’s Emporium
  • Drow Hard
  • How the Lich Stole Christmas
  • Kobold Alone
  • Lost Dungeon of the Demon Cultists
  • Santa Claus Versus the Body Snatchers
  • Attack! The Warehouse
  • The Witches of Yuletide


  • Ninja
  • Wyvern King
  • Bruiser
  • Santa Claus
  • Rusalka
  • Anorian Gun Mage
  • Beast of the Hunt
  • Weeping Spirit
  • The Frozen
  • Server Constructs
  • Doomspider
  • Santa’s Elf
  • Jester
  • Wild Magic Storm
  • Dream Golem

Product Description:  Buckler: December 2020 / Contents: 23+ Articles / Format: PDF for Instant Download


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