Buckler: January 2021


Buckler features the collective writings of the DMDave Patreon, bundled together in a digitally formatted PDF for instant download. The works featured in this installment are from January 1, 2021 – January 31, 2021

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From DMDave, the internet’s most prolific original Fifth Edition content creator, comes Buckler: January 2021!

Buckler features the collective writings of the DMDave Patreon. Here you’ll find the newest adventures, character options, game master advice, monsters and magic items, all gathered in one easy-to-download digital archive.

In this instant-download PDF you will receive:

Player Options:

  • Barbarian – Primal Path of the Monster Slayer
  • Ranger – Mythic Monster Hunter Ranger Archetype
  • Warlock – Warlock Patron of The Land


  • Bok! Attack of the Giant Chicken by DmDave
  • Wyvern Wrangling by Corvid’s Emporium
  • Sea Hag’s Lair by Humperdink’s Wares
  • Strange Lights by Adventure Awaits
  • Stonehill Blues by Adventure Awaits
  • The Tomb of Tzentak by Adventure Awaits
  • Harpy Murder by Alex of Tavern Tales
  • Tomb of the Drake by Alex of Tavern Tales
  • Tower of Gnolls by Alex of Tavern Tales
  • Griffon Riders by John K Webb
  • Descent into Hell by John K Webb


  • Bok Maps
  • Bok Regional Map (Labels and Grid)
  • Fear Grows Map Pack
  • Castle Geierburg


  • Chiro
  • Saguarons
  • Nuckelavee
  • Psionic Dreamer
  • Tostrasz the Enormous
  • Monsters of Fear Grows
  • Geiersaka
  • Boneyard
  • Monsters of Elegant Valley
  • Nagual revamp
  • La Sucia Marido Sucio
  • Padre Nigramonte
  • Hulay the Danaavrakt
  • Loikiel
  • Zule Shock Troop

Product Description:  Buckler: January 2021 / Contents: 33+ Articles / Format: PDF for Instant Download


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