Dark Carnival: A Fifth Edition Campaign Setting


This campaign setting for Fifth Edition includes all of the information you need to run a game in the Dark Carnival, a setting for any level by DMDave.

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Come one! Come all! Welcome to a place of merriment and magic! Step right up to our venue of wonder and wizardry! Of clowns, confections, and curiosities! Just one copper, and you’ll see with your own two eyes frightful freaks and fantastic feats!

Of course, dear friends, there’s more to this traveling fair than meets the eye. Within the big tents and shadowy vardos something sinister lurks. Dare you step beyond the manacles of the mundane and enter the Dark Carnival?

Dark Carnival is a Fifth Edition plug-in setting for characters of any level. This document offers details on the dark carnival setting and includes details on the NPCs that serve as the carnivals troupe, as well as potential hooks, intrigue, and other encounters that may happen to the characters while they interact with it.

Product Description

The following items are included in this product:

  • Premium full-color PDF detailing the Dark Carnival campaign setting (35 pages!)
  • Full-size player map in color

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