Dungeons & Lairs Megamodule #1: Tovin’s Flying Castle


This adventure module includes all of the information you need to run DMDave’s Adventure, Dungeons & Lairs Megamodule #1: Tovin’s Flying Castle


Tovin’s Flying Castle is a Dungeons & Lairs Megamodule that combines Dungeons & Lairs modules #41–44. The adventure takes place in the ruins of a flying castle guarded by dangerous wyverns. The heroes will find bloodthirsty vampires, malicious xorn, and fearsome elementals within its bowels.

Welcome to The Flying Castle of Tovin the Disfigured

A few hundred feet above the gray pines of the Venomous Forest near the village of Darkwell hover the crumbling ruins of a flying castle. Once the home to Tovin the Disfigured, a crude mage of ill-repute, the old castle now hides all manner of creatures, dark and deadly. Venomous wyverns encircle the castle and the other flying islands surrounding it. Water weirds, mimics, and other magical monstrosities continue warding off treasure hunters within the ruins. In the castle’s undercroft, a derelict vampire named Leandro the Wretched makes his lair. And in the castle mote’s lowest levels, gem-hungry xorns swim through the unworked stone and soil, desperate for their next meal.

This bundle combines 4 adventures that detail one area of the Flying Castle each. Players who successfully make their way through each section of the flying castle should earn enough experience points to gain at least one level, if not two. The entire flying castle should take three or four-game sessions of average length (3–4 hours) to complete.


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