Dark Domains I: The Lost Reliquary (Adventure PDF)

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This adventure module includes all of the information you need to run DMDave’s Adventure, Dark Domains I: The Lost Reliquary (for Levels 1, 3, 5, or 8).

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The Lost Reliquary is a Fifth Edition adventure for four characters with an average party level (APL) of 1, 3, 5, or 8. This document offers details for each level and makes adjustments accordingly. The adventure starts when a wealthy family asks the characters to investigate a recent attack on their manor perpetrated by undead animals. After a search of the surrounding bog, the characters learn that the animals were controlled by mummies risen from the bog’s peat-choked pools. The mummies are ancient druids who were angered when one of the family members stole an ancient relic from the reliquary’s vault.

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The following items are included in this product:

  • Dark Domains I: The Lost Reliquary premium color adventure PDF (15 pages including 4 new monsters!)

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1 review for Dark Domains I: The Lost Reliquary (Adventure PDF)

  1. Brad Eason

    Just got done playing this one as a lvl 1 adventure for four players. I used a TV as an in-person tabletop hooked up to Roll20. So fun! Lots of opportunities for the players to be creative, different options, and a variety of characters than the usual for them to interact with. One small fun (unnecessary) change I made was adding in a love letter at the Hag’s hut that was written to her from Helmut, which my players ended up using as blackmail against him to speak to Helga.

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