Rise of the Factions: The Forgedragon (Adventure PDF)


This adventure module includes all of the information you need to run DMDave’s Adventure, Rise of the Factions: The Forgedragon (7th-Level).

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Rise of the Factions: The Forgedragon takes the characters to the frosty reaches of the Syhros Peninsula in Omeria. There, they must battle a deadly extraplanar faction named The Sunken. The Sunken hopes to use the power stone sjelestein to power a dangerous construct. In addition to The Sunken, this adventure also features the faction Company of the Many.

What is Rise of the Factions?

Rise of the Factions features nine different factions all with different goals and alignments that will shape the future of the continent of Omeria. Each week, these factions—managed by real DMDave patrons and fans!—decide the hooks for the adventures. Then, as you play these adventures, you and others decide how successful (or unsuccessful) the factions were.

If this is your first experience with Rise of the Factions, no worries! Let me put aside your fears right away by saying you don’t have to be familiar with the ongoing Rise of the Factions plot. In fact, you can play this scenario as a stand-alone adventure set in your own campaign world. And if you’re interested in joining the fun with the Rise of the Factions storyline, then this is as good a place as any to start. Welcome aboard!

Omeria Campaign Setting

This adventure assumes placement in the Omeria campaign setting. You can learn more about Omeria in the upcoming book Pexia’s Guide to Omeria, available for pre-order in our webstore, which introduces you to the locations, people, and concepts mentioned in this book.

If you don’t wish to place this adventure in Omeria, it works just as well in any other campaign setting of your choice. The adventure works best near the arctic circle of a world, where a mechanical dragon construct would not seem terribly out of place.

Product Description

The following items are included in this product:

  • Premium full-color PDF of the adventure Rise of the Factions: The Forgedragon by DMDave (13 pages!)
  • Full-resolution battle maps by Cze & Peku and Tom Cartos!
  • New magic item by The Griffon’s Saddlebag!
  • Token art and illustrations by PaperForge!

Interested in playing this adventure online? Check out the digital asset pack (Foundry VTT files) here!


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