Vault of Terror Asset Pack


This Foundry Pack includes everything you need to run DMDave’s Adventure, Vault of Terror. Grab the PDF on Patreon: The Vault of Terror Download Link


Damn That Vault

Some say the ghost of a dead archmage created it. Others muse that it is home to a humanoid conqueror who uses it for entertainment. There are those who theorize that a vampire, lich, or vile wraith is at its center. No matter who or what inhabits The Vault of Terror, it has long called to those who crave adventure and treasure.

The Vault of Terror has no set location. Seemingly at random, the Vault appears in different locations and at different intervals. It might stay in one location for a few weeks, maybe even months. Other times, it only opens its doors for an hour before vanishing.

This potentially short window forces treasure hunters to drop whatever they’re doing and rush into The Vault, lest it vanishes before they can claim its legendary trove—The Vault of Terror is rumored to contain mountains of gold, precious gems the size of one’s fist, and magical artifacts forged by the gods themselves.

It’s Just Evil

The Vault of Terror isn’t haunted. It’s not managed by humanoid conquerors or diabolical undead. The Vault of Terror is just evil. It enjoys killing those who dare enter its dusty corridors. It enjoys stealing treasure from foolish adventurers who succumb to its traps. It enjoys eating the souls of the brave and foolhardy.

There is only one way to defeat the Vault: don’t go in. If you do, inevitably, The Vault wins. Nobody yet has been lucky enough to leave with their lives.

So, enter… if you dare!


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