Warbis Sparkcoil’s Incredible Mechagnome Asset Pack


This digital asset pack includes everything you need to run DMDave’s Adventure, Warbis Sparkcoil’s Incredible Mechagnome (7th-Level).


Warbis Sparkcoil’s Incredible Mechagnome is a Fifth Edition adventure designed for three to five 6th- to 8th-level characters and is optimized for four characters with an average party level (APL) of 7. This adventure takes place in the DMDave Worlds’ setting of Mystery Island but can easily be placed in any campaign setting that has gnomes, workshops, and big robots. The characters must infiltrate the laboratory of a dastardly gnome called Warbis Sparkcoil before he can complete his masterpiece—the mechagnome—or, failing that, enter the machine itself and take it down from the inside.


Warbis Sparkcoil is your average deep gnome: he enjoys long walks in the dark, tinkering with small magical constructs, and, of course, building terrifying weapons of mass destruction in his secret laboratory. His latest creation, the mechagnome, is nearly complete. Once operational, Warbis plans to rid Mystery Island of its giant monsters, thereby establishing himself as its sole ruler. The resulting cataclysm from this titanic struggle would certainly destroy all life on the island, so it falls to a band of adventurers to infiltrate Warbis’ lab and undo his creations.

Product Description

The following items are included in this product:

  • Warbis Sparkcoil’s Incredible Mechagnome premium color PDF (10 pages!)
  • Foundry module files
  • All digital maps, tokens, and assets required to play the game on your VTT of choice!

Interested in playing this adventure on Roll20? Check out the add-on version here!


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