DungeonFog Review – An Awesome Map Tool for RPGs | The DM Lair [video]

Sometimes it seems like it’s hard to find map making software for role-playing games that can do what you want but is also easy to use. Many map tools that I’ve used are either too complicated to use or just don’t have all the features that I’m looking for to create great maps to use in my Dungeons & Dragons games.

And this is precisely why I like DungeonFog so much. Finally a RPG map tool that can do what I want AND is fairly easy to use. If you’re running online RPG games–or just want to make maps for in-person games–you really need to check DungeonFog out.

Finally an RPG map-making tool that doesn’t suck!

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  1. Another downside of software as a service (browser based) is if the company goes away so does the software.

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