Legends of Omeria Unboxing Video

After several delays, we are delighted to share with you an unboxing video of the first proof for the Legends of Omeria Starter Set!

We want to thank everyone for your patience during this process. Some of the challenges we have faced include unexpected shortages caused by COVID-19 and a decision to change manufacturers in order to guarantee the highest quality game. 

And now without further ado – here’s Dave!

Watch the Legends of Omeria Starter Set Unboxing on YouTube!

What comes next?

  • We have made adjustments to the game box in order and contents to fit the dice and mini stands. We have ordered a second proof and we are awaiting its delivery.
  • We will release a second Legends of Omeria unboxing video once we receive the second proof.
  • Once we have reviewed and approved the box adjustments, we will greenlight manufacturing with our production partners in China.
  • When the manufacturing process is complete, Legends of Omeria will be shrink wrapped, carefully packaged and picked up from the factory by our international freight forwarding partners. From here, the starter sets will enter Chinese Customs, and once cleared, they will be loaded onto a cargo ship headed to the USA.
  • Upon Legend of Omeria’s arrival to the US port, our pallets will be offloaded, cleared through US Customs and then driven by land to the distribution hub, where they will be offloaded, inspected, carefully packaged and then shipped to you!

Can I still Pre-Order the Legends of Omeria Starter Set?

Unfortunately no, pre-orders have been closed for some months now.

However, once we have fulfilled all of the original backers and pre-orders any extra game sets will be made available for purchase here through the DMDave store.

Look forward to more updates! 

You can look forward to regular updates from our team as we head into each new phase of the process! Keep your eyes on our Kickstarter page or here on the blog for exciting on-the-ground updates happening as we enter each exciting new phase.

We sould have the second sample in-hand in the next 2-3 weeks, at which point we will update you again.

If you have any customer service or general questions, please feel free to reach out to Lydia at help@dmdave.com.

If you have logistical questions or need shipping address or other shipping-related assistance, please reach out to Jennifer at logistics@dmdave.com.

Close-up photos of the box and its contents!

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