My D&D Players Took a Long Rest in the Middle of the Dungeon | The DM Lair [video]

I suspect all dungeon masters have been there. Your D&D players are in the middle of clearing out a dungeon, and then they decide they want to take a long rest.

Now, as DMs we know that if we allow the players to take long rests however often they want, the game will lose much of its challenge. So, it’s up to us to introduce mechanics that encourage players NOT to take long rests in the middle of a dungeon. These include random encounters, and in some cases…

Throwing the whole dungeon at them.

In this video, I tell about a time my players decided to take a long rest in a dungeon that was fully alerted to their presence.

For more videos to help dungeon masters run awesome games, check out the DM Lair on YouTube.

Art by Wizards of the Coast.

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