BroadSword Compendium Vol. 1 (PDF)


BroadSword Compendium Vol. 1 from DMDave, Dean Spencer, Scott Craig, Cze&Peku, Matias Lazaro, and others.


From DMDave, the internet’s most prolific original Fifth Edition content creator, comes BroadSword Compendium Vol. 1!

BroadSword is an original tome with monsters, new adventures, player options, and more for the world’s most famous fantasy tabletop roleplaying game.

This instant-download PDF version of the BroadSword Compendium Vol. 1 features seven exciting new Fifth Edition adventures and seven fully remastered adventures culled from the pages of BroadSword issues 1-3. You’ll find the following exciting adventures for character levels 1-11:

  • Trial of Heroes (any level)
  • The Mystery of Hoegar’s Hollow (level 1)
  • The Lost Altar of Qortar (level 3)
  • Into Quabus Chapter 1: Danger at Blire Manor (level 3)
  • Into Quabus Chapter 2: Prisoners of Quabus (level 3)
  • Into Quabus Chapter 3: Secrets of Quabus (level 4)
  • Hunger (level 4)
  • Loot, Die, Repeat (level 4)
  • It Hunts (level 5)
  • Deadrunners (level 7)
  • Tomb of the Kirin-Born Prince (level 7)
  • Clash at Kobold Cauldron (level 10)
  • The Battle of Dhim Lodur Mine (level 11)
  • Burrow of the Albino Werecrocs (level 11)

Compendium Vol. 1 Highlights:  In Hunger, players find themselves trapped in a dusty desert fort, surrounded by hostile Gnolls. With supplies running low, the heroes must find a way to survive! Deadrunners has arcane roadsters piloting their way across the wastes in road warrior style. Into Quabus Chapters 1-3 begin the storyline that continues with Assault on Quabus: Chapter 4 featured in BroadSword Issue 9, while players must contend with shapeshifting, sewer-dwelling Werecrocs in Burrow of the Albino Werecrocs.

Also included in the BroadSword Compendium Vol. 1:

  • Introduction to the campaign world of Omeria
  • The Pexia Academy for the Arcane Arts wizard school campaign
  • Monster Hunters of Omeria campaign rules
  • A new character class: The Space Luchador
  • A new monastic tradition and two new martial archetypes
  • Rules for fantasy post apocalyptic vehicles
  • Thirty-four new magic items
  • Twenty-six new monsters

Product Description: BroadSword Compendium Vol. 1 PDF for instant download (300 pages!)

This purchase does not come with a physical copy of BroadSword. If you want a physical copy sent to you in the mail, buy BroadSword Compendium Vol. 1 in print. The print version includes the PDF instant download free of charge.


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