BroadSword Issue 24 (Print)


BroadSword Monthly #24 (Print) from DMDave, Scott Craig, Matias Lazaro and others. Presale only.


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From DMDave, the internet’s most prolific original Fifth Edition content creator, comes BroadSword Monthly Issue #24 (PDF)!

BroadSword is an original tome with monsters, new adventures, player options, and more for the world’s most famous fantasy tabletop roleplaying game.

Included in this book:

  • 5 Full-length adventures for Fifth Edition
  • How to forge magic items with Sjelestein
  • Guide to ancient red dragon tactics
  • Recruiting and leading an army
  • New foes and new magic items

102 pages, paperback

Dave Hamrick
John K. Webb

Scott Craig

Interior Art:
Matias Lazaro

Cover Art:
Liu Zishan

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