BroadSword Issue 8 (Print)


BroadSword Monthly #8 from DMDave, Justin David Russell, Scott Craig, Cze&Peku, Matias Lazaro, Maps by Owen, Dyson Logos, and others.


From DMDave, the internet’s most prolific original Fifth Edition content creator, comes BroadSword Monthly Issue #8!

BroadSword is an original tome with monsters, new adventures, player options, and more for the world’s most famous fantasy tabletop roleplaying game.

Inside this paperback issue, you’ll find seven exciting Fifth Edition adventures for character levels 3-12:

  • Exposure (level 3)
  • Assault on the Umbral Fortress (level 5)
  • The Frostgaunlet (level 9)
  • They Came from Beyond! Chapter 1: Mutiny on the Chivalrous (level 12)
  • They Came from Beyond! Chapter 2: Village of the Absent Sun (level 12)
  • They Came from Beyond! Chapter 3: Tunnels of the Simulacra (level 12)
  • They Came from Beyond! Chapter 4: Doctor Calamity’s Temple of Horrors (level 12)

Issue #8 Highlights:  This issue of BroadSword features They Came From Beyond Chapters 1-4. In Chapter 1: Mutiny on the Chivalrous, characters find themselves on an icy sailing ship, navigating the inhospitable Omerian waters of Tyrant’s Riddle. Pressure mounts as extreme conditions and the captain’s relentlessness give rise to mutiny. Follow the storyline through Chapters 2 and 3, as players arrive at an arctic village plagued by strange phenomena and discover a wicked, dimensional traveler called Doctor Calamity. In Chapter 4: Doctor Calamity’s Temple of Horrors, characters uncover a diabolical plot and face off against Doctor Calamity and his army of minions.

Also included in issue 8 of BroadSword:

  • Two locations for your campaign including maps, descriptions and adventure ideas
  • A generic manor house complete with map
  • Two new player race options: Frost Giant and Vanliorn
  • New otherworldly patron option for warlocks
  • New monastic tradition and roguish archetype player options
  • Eleven new magic items
  • Eighteen new monsters

Product Description: BroadSword Monthly Issue No. 8 / Size: 8.5″ x 11″ / Medium: softcover / Cover: color / Interior: black & white / Length: 128 pages / Extras: FREE instantly downloadable PDF version of Issue #8 to enjoy while you await your physical copy in the mail.

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