Buckler: November 2021


Buckler features the collective writings of the DMDave Patreon, bundled together in a convenient zip archive for instant download. The works featured in this installment are from November 1, 2021 – November 30, 2021.

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Buckler features the collective writings of the DMDave Patreon. Here you’ll find the newest adventures, character options, game master advice, monsters, and magic items, all gathered in one easy-to-download digital archive.

This Product Includes:


  • Dungeons & Lairs 25: Pazuzu’s Aerie
  • Dungeons & Lairs 26: Vampire Church
  • Meet the Maker by Ellie Hogan/Adventures, EH?
  • Oceanbound by Ellie Hogan/Adventures, EH?


  • Sordane Stories: Plane Shift Preview Monsters
  • Turkeyasque


  • Omeria Gazetteer: Malembia
  • Quick Tactics (CR 1/8) Monster combat tips for Fifth Edition
  • Ambient music track by McRoMusic for Pazuzu’s Aerie
  • Turkeyasque art by Matias Lazaro


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