Speak with Dead Digital Asset Pack


This digital asset pack includes all of the information you need to run DMDave’s Adventure, Speak with Dead for Fifth Edition (7th-Level).

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Speak with Dead is a Fifth Edition mystery adventure for three to five characters of 6th- to 8th-Level and is optimized for four characters with an average party level (APL) of 7. This is a mystery adventure where the characters will need to look carefully for clues, take downtime to research, and travel to multiple locations. Although there are plenty of combat opportunities, players looking just to bop things may not find the story to their liking.

The adventure takes place in a coastal region called The Mirror Coast, set within the DMDave campaign world of Omeria. However, you can easily fit the adventure into any tropical or sub-tropical region with plenty of space to sail and explore sweltering jungles.


Most men want wealth. And most wealthy men want power. But what do powerful men want? In the case of Jasper Wright, he desired immortality above all else. Ninety-nine years old and wearing thin, the wealthy, powerful noble Wright knew his days were numbered. With urgency, he turned his attention to learning methods of true permanence.

A respectable spellcaster in his own right, he knew the typical means by which to extend his life: diabolical deals, lichdom, vampirism, clones, and simulacra. However, he did not want to “ruin” his “perfect self” through such paltry methods. Wright wanted a solution that would ensure that he lived forever without forsaking a part of himself.

Eventually, Jasper’s search uncovered a series of strange mishaps in a pair of distant neighboring kingdoms. According to local legends—and a band of heroes who participated in the connected events—a woman named Lucilla Germanicus unlocked the secret to immortality via alchemical means. Much to Jasper’s chagrin, he learned that the creator not only destroyed all known samples of her potion of immortality, but also any notes related to its creation.

Just as Jasper was about to give up all hope in his quest for immortality, he received a notification from one of his spies that members of an esoteric order somehow reverse engineered Germanicus’ original potion. Although the potion wasn’t as perfect as the original, it still restored youth and extended the lives of those who imbibed it. Jasper learned that the order was shipping their recipe and six samples of the potion on a disguised military vessel named the HMS Boxer across The Green Sea to a city south of The Mirror

Product Description

The following items are included in this product:

  • Premium color adventure PDF for Speak with Dead (55 pages!)
  • 4 new monsters
  • 20 full resolution maps, including player versions (no labels) and GM versions (labels)
  • 9 player handouts

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