The Thing That Should Not Be Digital Asset Pack


This digital asset pack includes all of the information you need to run DMDave’s Adventure, The Thing That Should Not Be (5th-level).


The Thing That Should Not Be is a Fifth Edition horror-mystery adventure for three to five characters with an average party level (APL) of 5 or 6. Characters who successfully complete this adventure should earn enough experience to gain at least one level. The characters unravel a mystery that leads them to a strange, cold island in the Tyrant’s Riddle. There, they discover a hibernating god whose dark hunger cannot be sated. This adventure works particularly well as a follow-up to the adventure Winds of Vapul featured in the Legends of Omeria Starter Set.

Product Description

The following items are included in this product:

  • Full-color adventure PDF for the adventure The Thing That Should Not Be (24 pages!)
  • 2 new monsters with full stat blocks!
  • High-resolution maps from fantasy cartographer Tom Cartos!
  • Foundry VTT module files
  • All tokens, maps, and assets required to run the adventure on your VTT of choice!

Interested in playing this adventure on Roll20? Check out the add-on version here!


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