Vaskil Valley: Wrath of the Wyvern Kings (Digital Asset Pack)


Vaskil Valley: Wrath ofthe Wyvern Kings Digital Asset Pack from DMDave, Scott Craig, Titha Luadthong, Matias Lazaro, Tim Hartin, John K. Webb, Alex of Tavern Tales, Torchlight Press and others.

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Vaskil Valley: Wrath of the Wyvern Kings is a Fifth Edition adventure optimized for four to six characters. This PDF book describes the monsters and villains who the heroes of the story—the player characters—must challenge to bring the adventure to its conclusion.

The book presents Vaskil Valley, a region in DMDave’s Omeria campaign setting, as a full “sandbox” within which you can host a bevy of adventures and campaigns. The fundamental details of the setting are included in this instantly downloadable book, however, we’ve left plenty of room for you to create your own adventures, campaigns, villains, and epic battles.

This Digital Asset Pack Includes:

  • The full 127-page adventure, Vaskil Valley: Wrath of the Wyvern King in PDF Format
  • Player-friendly maps pre-sized for your favorite virtual tabletop software (Roll20, Foundry, Fantasy Grounds, etc.)
This purchase does not come with a physical copy of BroadSword. If you want a physical copy sent to you in the mail, buy BroadSword Issue #13: Wrath of the Wyvern Kings in print (available for preorder now, ships in early April 2021). The print version includes the PDF instant download of the Digital Assets Pack & BroadSword Issue 13 free of charge.


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