Quarantine | 3rd-Level Adventure for Fifth Edition (BroadSword Preview)

Quarantine is an event-based adventure designed for four 3rd-level adventurers. The adventure is intended for good-aligned characters. A cleric in the party will be useful, as will any other character that can remove a curse or disease. Dwarves are particularly useful thanks to their immunity to the green-eyed virus.

The adventure takes place in the small town of Rivertown. Rivertown can fit into any moderate-to-high magic campaign setting, and may even work as a base of operations for the characters in later adventures.

Quarantine employs literally hundreds of NPCs for the characters to interact with. The GM should familiarize themselves with the characters and settings before running this adventure. If the GM prefers, he or she can remove or change as many NPCs and locations as needed.

Note: this adventure is still in editorial mode, so there may be typos, logic errors, etc.

Frequently, there are references made to the appendix. You can find them here: https://dmdave.com/quarantine-monsters/

Adventure Background

The popular trading town of Rivertown is the center for a cult of demon-worshippers known as the Emerald Seven. A week ago, the Seven met in the basement of Rivertown’s Maple Creek Florist Shop and performed a powerful ritual to summon and bind a foul demon named Qua-Soko. The demon Qua-Soko possessed the body of a local autistic boy named Elmer Stoneberry. With a presence on the material plane, Qua-Soko began to put his insidious plan into action: he would create a dreadful disease that would turn those who contracted it into demons within eight hours.

Qua-Soko’s first victim of the “green-eyed virus” was Elmer Stoneberry’s dog, Rolf. Within four hours, Rolf became aggressive and dangerous. The dog ran from the Stoneberry manor on the western edge of town and bit the Stoneberry’s neighbor Cabal Grayson. Then, Rolf escaped into the nearby woods.

Attack at the Onyx Ox

Injured and needing help, Cabal walked to the Onyx Ox to wait for medical assistance. There, Jeremiah Locke, the local priest and town constable, tended to her wounds. Immediately after Cabal told everyone about the attack by the Stoneberrys’ dog, Jeremiah’s deputies Emmet Bronson and Jon Lowery headed into the woods to look for Rolf. Cabal and Jeremiah waited at the Ox.

Four hours after being bitten, Cabal’s eyes started to glow green. Then, she snapped, throwing herself at the Ox’s owner, Matin Gregor. The bar’s patrons tried to calm Cabal, but nothing could stop her. Just as she was about to tear out the throat of Jon the Lowly, a regular at the Ox, Jeremiah ran her through with a dagger.

A disciple of the Goddess of Rebirth, Jeremiah was horrified. Of course, that wasn’t the worst of it. Jeremiah and five other Rivertownfolk in the bar were infected with the green-eyed virus just like Cabal.

After Jeremiah treated the others’ wounds he then returned to his temple to pray to his Goddess for guidance. Unfortunately, an answer came.

The Prophet

Almost two hours after Cabal’s attack and Jeremiah’s prayers, Meska Noonan, the town’s young, attractive undertaker collapsed in the middle of the busy town square. When she finally came to a moment later, her eyes were blank and her voice was not her own.

“The demon Qua-Soko is here and he brings with him pestilence,” Meska says in an eerie, booming voice. “Already, his plague spreads. This town is quarantined until Qua-Soko is stopped and the virus and all its victims destroyed.”

Dozens of Rivertownfolk heard her speak. The implications of what Meska said were not immediately clear. That is until the dome came down.

The Dome

The Rivertownfolk gasped as twelve angels descended from the heavens in a neat circle surrounding the town. Raising their arms, they began a divine incantation. Suddenly, Maple Creek stopped flowing through the town. Trees in the Slumbering Wood were cut in half. Birds flying overhead smacked against some unseen force in the sky, sliding down to the ground just outside the town. The angels put an invisible dome over River

Just over 1,250 feet in diameter, the dome stretched from the Cracked Crown Inn all the way to the Grayson’s tobacco fields. All of the Rivertownfolk and any other creatures inside the dome’s area were trapped.

Rivertown’s most powerful wizards attempted to dispel the dome: it was of no use. The entire dome was like a colossal forcecage. Teleportation and gate spells didn’t work inside the dome either.

Meska, the prophet spoke again.

“You have twenty-four hours to discover the source of the virus. After twenty-four hours, we will cleanse this town of all its evil.”

She then screamed and collapsed once more.


Horror set in as the Rivertownfolk realized the implications of the angels’ mouthpiece. With the dome in place, no one could escape. And if the demon Qua-Soko wasn’t discovered and the virus cured soon, the angels would “cleanse” the place.

Adventure Synopsis

The characters should be in Rivertown when the dome comes down, preferably within earshot of Meska Noonan when she reveals the angels’ intentions. With the help of some of Rivertown’s prominent figures, the characters have twenty-four hours to discover who the demon Qua-Soko is, who has been infected by the green-eyed virus, and how they can stop the angels from cleansing the town.

Clues will point the characters towards the virus’ origin, specifically, the dog Rolf who bit Cabal Grayson. From there, they can trace the origin of the virus to the Stoneberry manor on the western side of town and Elmer Stoneberry. Clues at the Stoneberry Manor point towards the Maple Creek Florist where the characters will confront Noah Sander and the other members of the Emerald Seven.

Meanwhile, the virus continues to spread through the town. First, the virus turns the infected insane. Then, it changes them into horrible creatures.

Once the characters have rid Rivertown of the demon Qua-Soko, the demon’s cult, and cured or destroyed everyone infected by the green-eyed virus, the angels will lift the dome.

Adventure Goals

The adventure has two main goals: find and defeat the demon Qua-Soko and discover a cure for the green-eyed virus. There is also a third option: escaping Rivertown altogether.

Defeating Qua-Soko

Clues and rumors in town should eventually lead the characters to Qua-Soko’s host, Elmer Stoneberry. Since Qua-Soko possessed the boy, he has been hiding in his home, Stoneberry Manor. Qua-Soko is an extremely powerful greater demon. The characters should have a good understanding of what they are up against before they fight the demon, as the demon could easily overpower and kill the party.

If the characters learn about the true nature of Qua-Soko from Franken (area S2) or Bobb Talker (area S7), they can find weapons and learn spells that can assist them in their battle with the demon.

Once Qua-Soko is destroyed, Elmer’s blood can be used as one of the ingredients of the cure to the green-eyed virus.

Finding a Cure

Of course, defeating the demon Qua-Soko isn’t enough to free the Rivertownfolk from the angel’s dome. The characters must discover a cure to the green-eyed virus and cure the infected. Once the characters meet Franken, the mage suspects that a cure can be created once they know more about the demon that they’re up against. Specifically, Franken requests a sample of the demon’s host’s blood. Once analyzed, Franken can concoct a cure and save the town.

If the characters are unable to find or defeat Qua-Soko, they can also formulate a cure by finding and killing the dog Rolf at the creature’s cave in the Slumbering Wood.

The third option is to discover the Emerald Seven’s lair (area C5) and steal Noah Sander’s ritual book. The book contains notes on Qua-Soko’s origins in addition to the green-eyed virus. Moreover, the book will help Franken concoct a cure.

It takes Franken four hours to concoct a cure. For each additional element he possesses (Elmer’s blood, Rolf’s body, and/or Noah Sanders’ ritual book) that time is cut in half to a minimum of one hour. Once the cure is created, Franken and his associates create non-lethal crossbow bolts which can quickly administer the cure to those in stage two or three, as well as potable solutions for those still in the first stage. Furthermore, the cure works like a vaccine, as well, protecting creatures from contracting the virus.

Finding and Killing the Infected

A darker solution involves rounding up the infected and killing them. Of course, knowing who is infected and who is not is exceedingly difficult. The only symptoms that show up within the first four hours of infection are light green eyes and a mild headache. It isn’t until the madness of the virus’ second stage sets in that it’s obvious who has the virus, and by then, it may already be too late.

Escaping Rivertown

One of the first thoughts many characters might have in this situation is to dig a tunnel out of the town. Of course, the angels have prepared a contingency for this. If the angels see anyone attempting to leave the town, they will use a disintegrate spell to destroy whoever tries to escape (see the 2nd hour on the Quarantine Twists table).

However, in the cellar of the old Diamond Estate (area N6), there is a secret tunnel that leads to Sam Tett’s barn (area N8) on the other side of the dome. Should the characters choose to abandon the Rivertownfolk–either the virus takes a turn for the worst, or they simply don’t wish to be involved–rumors point to the existence of the escape route. Of course, the angels won’t be too happy about that.

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Roleplaying the Angels

The angels should act as a plot device for the story and should not be directly confronted by the characters. Also, the angels do not speak unless they do so through Meska Noonan. They remain silent, quietly hovering over the dome while the seconds tick by.

If the GM feels it is necessary for the angels to get involved, the angels can be represented with any of the angel stat blocks from the MM.



If the characters are quickly solving the mystery of Qua-Soko and the green-eyed virus, the GM should consider slowing them down with complications by putting a complication in their path.

Moral Quandaries

Most of the villains involved in this adventure are regular people who are either cult members, possessed by a demon, or involved in shady dealings in town. Plus, the disease drives its victims mad, turning them into crazed killers. Of course, when cured, they return to normal. False leads and red herrings could cause the characters to confront innocents as well.


Qua-Soko and the Emerald Seven are at the heart of the mystery. But they aren’t the only ones causing trouble in Rivertown. The obvious opposition in this adventure are the infected themselves. With each hour that passes, more and more Rivertownfolk contract the virus and go mad. Also, the Resistance actively seeks the infected, looking to kill anyone that has the virus and anyone that tries to stop them. The acolytes of the Temple of Rebirth act as law enforcement in town and may complicate the characters’ investigation, especially if the characters are particularly chaotic. Other individuals may act out and get in the characters’ way, as well.

Red Herrings

The majority of the clues and rumors lead the characters along the right path. However, the GM might change the information given to lead characters astray. There are plenty of suspicious NPCs in town, any of which the Rivertown could suspect as the cause for the disease. Rucker, the green-skinned tiefling merchant, is an easy target. Many of the Rivertownfolk dislike Graele Cropper, a criminal mastermind in town. The orc living in the basement of the Sabba Ale House may be the one to blame. And who is that Franken fellow at the center of town? He seems to know a lot about black magic.


In addition to complications, certain twists and events happen throughout the course of the adventure trigged by specific times and events. The GM is free to use all, some, or none of the twists presented below on the Quarantine Twists table, modifying any as needed for the adventure.

Quarantine Twists

Trigger Events
1st hour Jeremiah Locke hosts a meeting at Rivertown moothall (area C1). Most of the Rivertownfolk attend.
2nd hour Two of the farmhands at the Grayson Homestead (area W2) dig a tunnel that slips under the dome. When one of the farmhands escapes to the other side, he or she is immediately vaporized by one of the angels. Then, the angels seal the hole.
3rd hour Unless cured, contained, or killed, the six who contracted the virus from Cabal Grayson at the Onyx Ox enter stage two and start attacking others.
5th hour Fearing for her life, Graele Cropper tracks down the characters and offers them 1,000 gp to help her and her family escape Rivertown. She believes that there may be an old smuggler’s tunnel on the north part of town, but isn’t sure where it is exactly.
6th hour The Resistance starts attacking suspected virus-carriers in the streets. The constables try to suppress the violence.
10th hour Rivertown becomes a ghost town as survivors lock themselves in their homes, fearful for their lives. Only members of the Resistance stalk the streets.
11th hour (Nightfall) Angered that she and her crew are trapped in Rivertown, Elendra and her ghouls disembark from the River Dog (area S28). The undead tear apart the town looking for the Emerald Seven.
12th hour Meska Noonan, if she is still alive and uninfected, awakes from her coma. She claims she had a vision of blue river lilies at the top of a tall hill.
13th hour The Resistance attacks the Temple of Rebirth (area C6), hoping to kill everyone inside.
15th hour Any members of the Emerald Seven that are still alive and have yet to enter stage two or three of the virus join together at the center of town. They invoke Qua-Soko’s name, begging the demon to protect them. Naturally, Qua-Soko refuses.
17th hour If the members of the Emerald Seven are still alive, they seek the help of the characters and explain the mistakes they made. They direct the characters to Elmer Stoneberry. At the same time, Qua-Soko, in Elmer’s body, calls upon all of the green-eyed demons in Rivertown to defend him.
20th hour Franken (area S2) finds another way to stop the virus thanks to an obscure text on the subject. Unfortunately, it cannot cure those who’ve entered stage two or three. It will take him nearly four hours to create the new cure.
23rd hour The angels begin their ritual to cleanse Rivertown. Meanwhile, Franken is almost done creating the cure.
24th hour Just before the angels can destroy the town, Franken uses a spell to spread the cure through town. All stage 1 victims of the virus are cured, while stage two and three victims die instantly.
25th hour If the virus is cured, the angels will see the efforts of those in Rivertown as good enough and remove the dome. Otherwise, they immolate everything under the dome. All living creatures die instantly.
3+ infected enter stage two A mob of fearful NPCs vandalizes the Wanderer’s Herbalist (area C20) in hopes to find a cure or preventative measure.
1+ infected enter stage three Any survivors or those who have yet to enter the late stages of the virus start to join the Resistance. The diseased and more reasonable townfolk retreat to the Temple of Rebirth.
20+ infected enter stage three The infected meet in the Slumbering Wood at the same cave where Rolf is hiding (if still alive). They merge their bodies into the form of a soul devourer (see Appendix C).



Rivertown is an unfortified fishing town. It lies at a crossroads between another domain to the west, a fortress village to the north, and a large town to the east. The region this town inhabits practices a nature religion, much like druids. The priests at the local Temple of Rebirth serve as lawmen, chroniclers, and intermediaries between the normal citizenry and a powerful goddess of rebirth. The region’s original founder, Olian Stoneberry promised the goddess that his people would respect the land in exchange for bountiful harvests and game. The region is still dangerous, in places, but there are hardly any bad harvests.

A small manor house owned by the prominent Stoneberry family sits on a limestone hillock, and a moothall used for gatherings and festivities overlooks the place from a central location on another hill. A toll bridge is used to tax and keep tabs on exports and imports. Fish and crops are sent east and north. Little trade happens from the west. The people in that region are isolationist and ill-regarded by the land’s other lords.

Important Rivertownfolk

While all of the NPCs involved in this adventure are detailed below, the ones that the characters are most likely to interact with throughout the course of the adventure are detailed here.

The Infected

The following NPCs contracted the green-eyed virus during the scuffle with Cabal Grayson.

  • Jeremiah Locke is the head of the Temple of Rebirth (area C6). He was infected with the green-eyed virus during the fight with Cabal Grayson. Until the madness takes over, Jeremiah is a valuable resource to the characters. He knows that the virus originally came from Cabal Gregor.
  • Matin Gregor is a member of the wealthy Gregor family and owner-operator of the Onyx Ox (area W5). During Cabal’s attack at the Ox, Matin was infected. After the harrowing events, he closes the Ox for regular business but keeps it open for his staff members who are unable to get home due to the dome. He then goes home to his family (area N2).
  • Gordon Bromley is a busser and kitchen assistant at the Onyx Ox. He helped Jeremiah and Matin in the brawl with Cabal Grayson. Unfortunately, contracting the green-eyed virus was his reward.
  • Jon the Lowly is a kind, friendly homeless man that frequents the Onyx Ox whenever he has enough coin for an ale. He, too, was infected by Cabal Grayson. After the fiasco, Jon went back to his favorite sleeping spot: the Rivertown Farmer’s Market (area S9).
  • The Osters are Jet and Mary, a middle-aged married couple with no children. Both were infected by Cabal Grayson. After the dome came down, the pair retreated to their home (area W9).

The Emerald Seven

Unknown to the Rivertownfolk, a secret society of demon-worshippers operate out of the basement of the Maple Creek Florist Shop (area C5). They are the ones responsible for bringing Qua-Soko into the world.

  • Noah Sander is the owner of the Maple Creek Florist and leader of the Emerald Seven. He seeks to bring chaos into the world, using Qua-Soko as a catalyst.
  • Moer and Sinka Relic are an older married couple who live on the western side of town. Both joined the Emerald Seven together. They hope to use Qua-Soko’s power to make themselves young again.
  • Jon Lowery is one of Jeremiah Locke’s deputies and a member of the Emerald Seven. He is responsible for the death of the Stoneberrys’ servant, Gideon Horalt.
  • Captain Rikkets is the owner of Rikkets’ Chandler (area C31) and a member of the Emerald Seven. Rikkets sees the Seven as a means to an end; he hopes to use their combined power to wrest control of Rivertown away from the Croppers.
  • Renee Carver lives near the Relics. She is in a relationship with Noah Sander. Her passion for the Seven is so strong, she murdered her husband Julius when he learned of her commitment to the group. As a “bonus”, Julius’ body was a necessary ingredient in summoning Qua-Soko.
  • Loretta Jaymichael is an employee of the Maple Creek Florist shop and a member of the Emerald Seven. Not even her husband Arno knows about her status in the cult. She brings her six-month-old baby, Arned to work with her.
  • Elmer Stoneberry/Qua-Soko is a greater demon (see Appendix C) that has possessed the body of Elmer Stoneberry. Elmer is the autistic son of Elmer and Genieve Stoneberry. The boy would visit the Maple Creek Florist to purchase blue river lilies, bringing them home to his mother. It is there the Emerald Seven captured the boy, using him as the host for Qua-Soko. In disguise as Elmer, Qua-soko returned to Stoneberry Manor to begin collecting the pieces necessary to create the green-eyed virus, eventually infecting the Stoneberrys’ family dog, Rolf. Qua-Soko is dangerous and driven; even if he can’t find a way to escape the angels’ cleansing, he’s just as happy seeing the angels wipe Rivertown off the map.

The Resistance

When the dome drops, a gang of Rivertownfolk known as The Resistance forms. Lead by the merchant Roman “The Red Dragon” Vance, The Resistance turns to violence to uncover the mystery and persecute anyone suspected of carrying the virus.

  • Roman “The Dragon” Vance is a traveling merchant and retired mercenary who manages a booth in the market field (area N1). He is accompanied by two henchmen, Dender and Cobalt. Employing fearmongering and fingerpointing, Roman leads The Resistance.
  • Zaxa Gregor is a member of the Gregor family. Fearful for her fellow townsfolk, she joins Roman and the others as part of The Resistance.

Other Important Rivertownfolk

Here are some more NPCs that the characters are likely to come across.

  • Emmett Bronson is one of Jeremiah’s deputies. He lives with his father at the western end of town. After Rolf attacked Cabal Grayson, he and Jon Lowery tracked the dog through the forest. However, Emmett and Jon were called back to town when Cabal Grayson lost her mind and attacked the patrons of the Onyx Ox. Emmet is a good man who hopes to help the characters anyway he can. He, Jeremiah, and Jon Lowery all have sending stones they use to communicate with each other.
  • Graele Cropper is the influential co-owner of the Rivertown Counting House. She is also a loan shark and head of her own criminal organization, using her counting house’s power–and the assistance of a trio of thugs–to keep an iron grip on Rivertown. Many Rivertownfolk resent Graele’s status.
  • Franken is the owner of Franken’s Little Magic Shoppe (area S2). Franken is a former adventurer and master of lore. He and the other former adventurers in town–Bobb Talker, Jack Quick, and Rob Catcher–immediately rush to solve the mystery of the demon Qua-Soko and the green-eyed virus.
  • Meska Noonan was the undertaker whom the angels possessed to warn the Rivertownfolk of the demon Qua-Soko and the virus. She has been unconscious since the transmission, resting at the Temple of Rebirth (area C6). Her sister, Merry, watches over her.
  • The Stoneberry Brothers, Goland and Rickard, are leaders of the town and respected by most of Rivertown’s citizens. In addition, it is Rickard’s son, Elmer, who is at the heart of the mystery, although Rickard is not aware of his son’s involvement.

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The Green-Eyed Virus

Created by the demon Qua-Soko, the green-eyed virus is a horrific, nearly incurable disease. The disease targets humanoids and beasts. Oddly, dwarves are completely immune to its effects. The disease gets its name from the victim’s eyes turning green as the virus progresses through its three stages, detailed below.

Stage One: Incubation

After contact with another infected creature, the disease incubates in the victim’s body for four hours. The infected creature suffers from headaches and nausea, and the irises of their eyes begin to change a light shade of green. Detecting the disease at this stage requires a successful DC 13 Wisdom (Medicine) check.

While the major symptoms of the disease have not yet appeared, the virus is still contagious. Any creature that comes into physical contact with a victim even in the first stage must make a DC 13 Constitution saving throw or contract the disease. If the creature is bitten by a victim or exposed to the infected’s bodily fluids, the saving throw is made with disadvantage. Dwarves are immune to the disease.

During this first stage, the disease can be removed with a lesser restoration spell or any other magic that removes diseases.

Stage Two: The Madness

After the disease has progressed in the victim’s body for four hours, the victim descends into madness. While affected by madness, the diseased target attacks the nearest creature it can see. If there are no creatures within range, the creature seeks out a target that has done wrong to them in the past.

During this second stage, no diagnosis is needed. The infected’s eyes actually begin to glow green. And the creature begins to go through a vile transformation. The victim’s teeth grow sharper and the skin around their fingertips shed, giving way to sharp, bony claws. Oozing pustules form all over the victim’s skin. Eventually, the victim takes on a fiendish appearance, culminating in their complete transformation during the third stage.

A stage two victim uses the same stat line it normally would except that it also gains a bite attack if it doesn’t already have one, which it uses to make unarmed strikes. If the creature hits with it, the creature deals 1 piercing damage instead of the bludgeoning damage normal for an unarmed strike. Also, if the target of the bite is a creature, it must succeed on a DC 13 Constitution saving throw or contract the disease. Dwarves are immune to the disease.

The disease is considerably more difficult to remove during the second stage. In addition to a spell or effect that can remove the disease itself, the creature must have a remove curse or similar spell cast upon it within moments of removing the disease. Casting one or the other spells and not both temporarily halts the disease for 1 hour, after which time the creature experiences symptoms of the virus.

Stage Three: Transformation

The final stage of the green-eyed virus occurs at the eight-hour mark. The infected creature transforms into a mindless green-eyed demon (see appendix C). At this point, the green-eyed virus is completely incurable.  Green-eyed demons gather together in gangs to attack and devour creatures uninfected by the green-eyed virus. Only a wish spell or similar magic can return the creature to its original state. Franken’s cure (the full version, not the rushed version described in the Quarantine Twists table) also removes the disease from stage three infected.

Who has the green-eyed virus?

At the start of the adventure, there are six Rivertownsfolk infected with the green-eyed virus: Jeremiah Locke, Matin Gregor, Jon the Lowly, Gordon Bromley, and the Osters. Each hour that passes without tracking down Qua-Soko and a cure, the virus continues to incubate in the bodies of the infected. At the same time, they infect others around them.

Each in-game hour, use the following steps to keep track of the infected in Rivertown.

1 – Mark an infected’s progression on the Quarantine NPC table.

Using the Quarantine NPCs table at the end of this adventure, mark an X in the next available box next to each infected NPC’s name. For example, when the adventure begins, Jeremiah Locke’s disease has been in the incubating stage for two hours (already marked on the table). Therefore, you would put an X in the third box. By the third hour of the adventure, five hours after he contracted the virus, Jeremiah will enter stage two of the virus.

2 – Determine who else has been infected.

At the start of each game hour of the adventure, roll on the Quarantine NPCs table at the end of this adventure to determine who is infected. Roll once for each creature and NPC already infected and mark the first box next to their name with an X. They have contracted the virus and entered stage one. If you roll a character that has already been infected, then assume that character infects the NPC closest to them on the chart. For example, during the first hour of the adventure, one of your rolls comes up with Jeremiah Locke who is already infected. Jon Lowery, who is the next name on the Quarantine NPCs table, is not yet infected, so he automatically becomes infected by Jeremiah.

3 – Tally up the number of infected.

Once you’ve determined the new infections, tally up the total number of Rivertown folks infected by the virus divided by stages. Unless cures are found and administered, the entire town could conceivably become infected by the green-eyed virus in just six hours. Then, by the 10th hour, the entire town will go mad. And by the 14th hour, they will all turn into green-eyed demons. (Of course, it’s likely that the characters will have prevented a few people from becoming infected before either of those things happen.)

4 – Check the Quarantine Twists table to see if any special events have been triggered.

As time goes by or enough of Rivertowns’ citizens become infected, certain events can occur which can add complications and twists to the adventure. Reference the Quarantine Twists table for details.

Special Considerations

The Quarantine NPC chart is a simple way of checking the progress of the virus. However, throughout the course of the adventure, the characters may protect certain NPCs from harm by separating them from the infected. On the other hand, NPCs may be attacked and exposed to the virus, expanding it beyond the random rolls. Feel free to use whatever method you feel is appropriate to track the progress of the green-eyed virus.

What if the characters contract the virus?

It’s possible that the characters could contract the virus themselves, especially if they fight one of the infected or are injured by one of the infected (see the rules for contracting the virus above). Even if the character isn’t infected or passes its saving throws, be sure to torture your players with the everpresent fear that they could be next.

Quarantine NPC Table


Locations in Rivertown

Rivertown is divided into four main sections: north, south, west, and town square. All four sections are surrounded by the solars’ force dome. A few farmsteads are cut off, but the angels were quick to discover that the inhabitants outside of the dome were not infected.

Each section is detailed below.


North Rivertown

Seven miles to the north of Rivertown is the fortress village of Gongspire. Along the road past Rivertown Wainwright are numerous fields that decorate either side of Maple Creek. There are a few shops and homesteads, too.

Since the quarantine, the farmers who live north of the main village have camped just outside the dome near Sam Tett’s horse barn, although the angels have repeatedly told them to return to their homes.


N1 – Market Field

It’s a bad stroke of luck that a few merchants were caught in the dome when it came down. Many were operating their stalls and tents in the popular market field at the eastern edge of Rivertown. While most have broken down their wares and retreated to the town’s taverns to drink away their anxieties, a few optimistic (or crazy) merchants remain.

Brenden Goatknuckle. A seller of fancy umbrellas, Goatknuckle (CG male halfling spy) is a loud, braggadocious merchant from the lands to the far east. Once the dome came down, he saw it as an opportunity to ingratiate himself with the locals. For the most part, people like him, even if he is somewhat bawdy and crass.

Sharon of Andauer. Sharon (NG female half-elf acolyte) peddles healing potions from her humble tent in the market field. When the dome first came down, Sharon and her tent were rushed by those fearful of catching the green-eyed virus. Of course, healing potions do nothing against the virus. She now assists with medicine from her tent free of charge until the dome comes disappears.

Rucker. Rucker (LE male tiefling noble), for lack of a better term, is a snake oil salesman. The moment word came out that there was a virus going around, he “mysteriously” had a solution: Rucker’s Preventive Tonic. The tonic is nothing more than toad’s blood and lacks any real magical properties. Rucker’s green skin makes many of the Rivertownfolk suspicious that he’s the actual cause for the virus. He’s guarded by a masked hobgoblin named Exter.

Roman “The Red Dragon” Vance. Another wicked soul who saw an opportunity once the dome came down is Roman “The Red Dragon” Vance (LE male human gladiator). Roman is a sword-for-hire of some notoriety. He’s used the threat of the green-eyed virus to offer his services to the Rivertownfolk. In fact, he’s quickly formed a following calling itself The Resistance. Two thugs, Dender and Cobalt, work alongside Roman.

Rumors and Clues. The merchants in the market field have been picking up a “strange vibe” from the Rivertownfolk lately. Supposedly, a few citizens have gone missing within the last few weeks.

Green Herring. right away, many of the Riverstownfolk suspect that Rucker is responsible for the virus. Of course, Rucker is innocent, and a bit of a coward. If the characters don’t protect him, he will turn instead to the Temple of Rebirth.

The Resistance. As soon as the dome comes down, Roman Vance starts a violent mob that works to seek out the identities of those who are infected by the green-eyed virus. If an NPC or character is publically revealed to be infected by the green-eyed virus, The Resistance will attack with intent to kill. The mob consists of Vance, Cobalt, Dender, Zaxa Gregor, and at least five of the people staying at the Cracked Crown (the GM can roll randomly or choose those that they feel are appropriate).


N2 – Gregor Estate

Possibly wealthier than even the Stoneberries, the Gregor family is one of the town’s original founders. They own no less than four shops in town: an armory, a weaver, the shipping yard, and the Onyx Ox Tavern. The old estate sits at the edge of town. That’s where Lupo and Matilda live.

Lupo Gregor. The eldest member of the Gregors, Lupo (NG male human veteran) has retired from the hard work at Gregor’s Armory, leaving the business to his more-than-capable daughter Lana. A few of the townsfolk know that Lana is not really Lupo’s daughter, but adopted. Naturally, Lupo’s oldest, Matin is frustrated that Lana’s received the majority of his father’s attention.

Matin Gregor. The proprietor and bartender of the Onyx Ox (area W5), Matin is seen by many as a reckless alcoholic. While not inherently evil, Matin (N male human commoner) desires to be the patriarch of the Gregor clan. He was one of the six infected by the green-eyed virus when Cabal Grayson snapped at the Ox. Following the attack, Matin went home to rest, leaving the Ox in the care of Rooster. The infection has amplified Matin’s animosity towards his adopted sister, Lana.

Matilda Gregor. Matilda is Lupo’s wife and matriarch of the Gregor clan. From her weaving shop (area C23), Matilda (N female human commoner) shares rumors and gossip with many of the women in town. She suspects that the disappearance of Julian Carver is somehow related to the virus.

Agee Gregor. The sailor and shipwright, Agee, is the youngest of Lupo’s three children. Often, Agee (LN male human commoner) is found in the shipyard (area S25), sanding the hulls of ferries. Regene, Agee’s fiance, died mysteriously a year ago. Since her death, many of the townfolk suspect foul play. Agee claims she drowned in the river and he was unable to recover her body (which is true).

Zaxa Gregor. Zaxa is Matin’s teenage daughter and twin sister to Amor. She dreams of serving in the king’s army but has been forbidden to do so by her family. Once Roman the Red Dragon starts the revolt, Zaxa (N female human guard) is one of the first to sign on, seeing it as her duty to the town.

Amor Gregor. A true believer in the druidic ways of the Temple of Rebirth, Amor (N female human acolyte) believes strongly in live and let live. When the dome comes down, she joins many of the townsfolk at the Temple. She is Matin’s teenage daughter and Zaxa’s twin sister.

Rumors and Clues. Amor Gregor overheard from the acolytes at the Temple of Rebirth that there is a dark presence in town. She believes that Samara and Derrin may have insights into the origins of the demon.

Lockdown at the Gregors. Once things start to get really bad (more attacks occur), the Gregors bring all of their kin into their estate and bar the doors. The Gregor home is more than just a place to live; the Gregors, all master craftsmen and women, turned the house into a veritable fortress.


N3 – Watson Home

The Watson sisters live in their family home at the north end of town. Both are widowers, and both are practitioners of illusion magic. Eunice (N female human mage) leads a book club of sorts from the Rivertown Moothall where she and the other members practice magic. Meanwhile, Betha (N female human mage) watches the town’s children from their home.

Rumors and Clues. Eunice Watson says that her club studies practical magic. A few months ago, two of the club’s members, the Relics, seemed very interested in dark magic and necromancy. The pair quit after Eunice refused to teach them.

Protecting the Children. Many of the towns’ children learn from the Watsons. Once trouble starts, the sisters use their magic to protect the children in town from the dangers outside.


N4 – Loken’s Home

Loken (LG female dwarf commoner) is the town wainwright. She believes in honor above all things, and as the only surviving member of her family–her brother and parents perished in a fire when she was young–Loken takes honesty very seriously.

Rumors and Clues. Loken says she saw a large, sick-looking dog wandering in the woods across Maple Creek. She suspects it might be the dog that bit Cabal Grayson.

Dwarven Immunity. Early on, Loken notices that she is unaffected by the virus. This makes her a valuable asset for the characters.


N5 – Cropper Home

The Croppers live next door to Loken and across the street from the Gregor’s. They own the Rivertown Counting House.

Graele Cropper. Graele (LE female human noble) is the wife of the town’s moneylender. A portly and deceptively pleasant woman, Graele is secretly a criminal mastermind, too. With the help of a trio of thugs that hang around the shipyards (Merner, Rhoda, and Kong) it’s rare that those the Croppers lend to go late on their installments. Unless they wish their legs to be broken, that is.

Ufin Cropper. Originally from a wealthy city to the east, Ufin’s (N male human noble) own fortune was the original source for the Counting House’s loans. He knows of his wife’s unethical practices but chooses to ignore it. Rumor has it that nearly every business owner in town has a note with Ufin’s signature on it. Of course, that means that nearly every business in town is under Graele’s thumb, too.

Eska and Ufinson Cropper. The croppers have two children, Eska and Ufinson. Eska shares her father’s proclivity for numbers while Ufinson frequently demonstrates his mother’s mean streak. Both are human children non-combatants. During the day, they receive education from the Widows Watson.

Rumors and Clues. Graele, if pressed, will mention that Captain Rikkets of Rikkets’ Chandler has been threatening her. She won’t reveal the reasons why. (In reality, Rikkets’ wants to take control of Graele’s criminal dealings in Rivertown, and she hopes the characters can take care of her little “problem.”)

Get Us Out of Here. If the characters interact with Graele Cropper and her family, Graele will implore the characters to get them out of town by any means possible; the faster, the better. She promises a reward of 1000 gold pieces if her, Ufin, and her two children can get out.


N6 – The Diamond House

Once, this estate was home to Arrow Diamond, a shipwright in town. Six years ago, Arrow left on an expedition to the west and never returned. Regardless, his accounts kept his servants paid and employed, so the Diamond House continues to thrive as if its master could return home any day. Currently, the Diamond House is home to two gardners, a coach, and a butler: Ebber, Roze, Maiyen, and Tantil, respectively (all N human commoners).

Rumors and Clues. The gardener, Maiyen, discovered a body in the tall grass by Maple Creek. Afraid of the implications, she kept the discovery a secret.

Smuggler’s Tunnel. In the cellar of the Diamond House is a secret tunnel that connects the Diamond House to Sam Tett’s barn (area N8). It goes under the dome. Arrow had the foresight to magically ward the tunnel against scrying. This is the only thing that has kept it from the angels’ notice.


N7 – Maple Creek Banks

Fed by mountain springs to the far north, the Maple Creek bleeds into the Great River. When the dome came down, the Maple was cut off from the Great River. The water within the dome stopped cascading to the south and went stagnant. A few minutes later, the creek turned to mud.

What Gideon Knew. The body of the Stoneberries’ servant, Gideon, sunk at the bottom of the river by the Emerald Seven, appears on the muddy banks of where the creek once ran. After spending a week underwater, his face has been ravaged by nature, making his identity completely undeterminable. However, a speak with dead or similar spell will reveal his name.

After catching seven of the town’s locals in the middle of a suspicious ceremony, Gideon discovered that a demon-worshipping cult was operating out of Marion’s Florist Shop in the town square. He tried to contact Jeremiah of the Temple of Nature but was stopped by Jeremiah’s acolyte, Jon. Unfortunately, Jon was a secret member of the Emerald Seven. He killed Gideon and dragged his body to the Maple Creek. Jon hoped the current would pull Gideon into the Great River, but instead, Gideon’s corpse got stuck under a downed log.

Gideon knows the identities of three of the seven members of the Emerald Seven: Jon, who killed him, and the Relics. There were four cultists more present, but he could not see their faces clearly. He believes that they were responsible for summoning a demon.

Even if the characters are unable or unwilling to cast speak with dead, they can determine that Gideon was killed with a dagger from the front, suggesting he may have known the attacker. Furthermore, his tattered clothing bears the mark of Stoneberry Manor (area W1).


N8 – Sam Tett’s Barn

Looky-loos interested in the dome and the goings-on in Rivertown have made camp around Sam Tett’s Barn just outside of the northern section of the dome. The angels have made it clear that they do not wish to have spectators, but have done little to discourage the crowd. Many of the town’s family members caught outside the dome wait here, hoping and praying for the best.

Smuggler’s Tunnel. Arrow Diamond, the errant lord of the Diamond House, came from a long line of criminals. His father, Prosper Diamond, kept a secret tunnel in the basement of the Diamond House leading into the old Tett Barn. With Diamond gone and Sam Tett unaware of his family’s past relationship with the Diamonds, no one knows about the secret tunnel that connects the two houses. In fact, the tunnel goes deep enough that it completely avoids the dome altogether. The only challenge is escaping the notice of the angels who stand permanent guard around the dome.



Rivertown Square

The heart of Rivertown is its square. Thanks to its prosperous position at the crossroads of two major roads and the Great River that flows to the south, Rivertown Square is a commercial powerhouse.


C1 – Moothall

Rivertown’s Moothall acts as the town’s parliament building, meeting house, and recreation center. Jointly owned by the town’s elders and paid for by the tolls, the moothall is free of any specific ownership.

During times of trouble–such as the current one–the citizens of Rivertown meet at moothall to discuss the proper courses of action. Usually, the meetings are lead by Brother Jeremiah of the Temple of Nature. In his absence, one of the three elders–Lupo Gregor, Ufin Cropper, or Golan Stoneberry–lead the meetings. Golan comes off as a bit of a dictator, whereas Lupo is the passionate and calm intermediary. Considered the weakest by most, Ufin rarely speaks but will if pressed.

Jeremiah’s deputies, Jon Lowery, and Emmet Bronson keep the peace during the meetings.

Rumors and Clues. Since most of the citizens of Rivertown gather during the town meeting, it’s possible for the characters to meet and speak with just about everyone caught in the dome.

Town Meeting. The first hour of the quarantine, Jeremiah Locke gathers his deputies and rings the moothall bell. After a few minutes, a crowd of 100 or so Rivertownfolk gathers to hear Jeremiah explain the situation. Any questions that the characters might have missed early on in the investigation might be asked by a member of the crowd.


C2 – The Ragged Mule Inn

Possibly the oldest building in Rivertown, the aptly named Ragged Mule sits on the eastern side of the Maple Creek Bridge. The inn boasts a comfortable selection of rooms (only two are available after the dome drops), a decent tavern and kitchen, and stable.

The characters might choose to stay at the Mule. Food, drink, and inn stay are all of modest quality. It costs 1 gp per day to stay at the Mule, and that includes food and drink. It’s an additional 5 sp per mount.

Everett Lowery (N male human commoner) runs and lives in the inn with his two sons Kerit and Kong. Kerit is just a boy, usually found learning from the Widow Watson in the mornings. Kong (CN male human thug) is a teenager, but hard-headed and stubborn. He’s supposed to help his father and brother with the inn but is usually found hanging around his companions in the shipyards. Everett suspects that Kong is taking jobs from the town’s lender, Graele Cropper (area N3).

In addition to the Loweries, the inn is managed by a regular waitstaff of seven. When the dome came down, three of those staff members, Daev, Fros, and Melissa (N male and female human commoners), were caught inside. The three live outside of the town proper and are eager to return to their homes. The cook’s name is Grot (LG male half-orc veteran). Grot doubles as the tavern’s bouncer, as well. Found either drinking or tending to horses, the stablehand Laire (LG female human commoner) is in a relationship with Grot.

While the Mule doesn’t have the patronage that its two competing taverns do, there are a few regulars that frequent the bar. Graele Cropper (area N5) drinks wine at a small table in the back. Here, she makes deals with the citizens of the town. While she’s working, Kong isn’t allowed to approach her.

Locked in the dome, the merchant Brenden Goatknuckle (area N1) has made the inn his temporary home until the dome lifts. He showers the other patrons with drinks while telling loud, inappropriate stories to all who will listen.

Finally, Oscar the Tollman always grabs an ale after his shift ends at the Maple Creek toll.

Rumors and Clues. The same day each week for the last month around midnight, Oscar the Tollman has seen four individuals cross the bridge heading into the town square. Those people are Loretta Jaymichael (area W3), Moer and Sinka Relic (area W4), and Renee Carver (area A9). Then, three hours later, they each return to their homes. While they don’t travel together, he finds it odd that all would travel into town square at the roughly same time every week.


C3 – Rivertown Miller

Barry Garren (LG male human veteran) is the town miller. Beyond the bakers and transporters in town, few ever see the old man. The only hint he’s there is the lone candlelight that flickers in the window of the mill every night.

Years ago, Garren had a spat with one of Grakken’s farriers. The farrier shoved Garren, calling the old soldier a cheat. Garren, prone to rage, replied with a stiff fist in the farrier’s nose. Despite his age, Garren still packed a lot of power in his punch; that one punch killed the farrier. Witnesses know that Garren was provoked and he wasn’t charged with a crime. That hasn’t made Garren feel better about what happened, hence his self-imposed seclusion.

Garren doesn’t enjoy company nor does he associate with the other Rivertownfolk enough to have any useful rumors or clues. However, he will help the town once the trouble starts.


C4 – Bozan the Butcher

Originally from some unknown, faraway place, Bozan is the town’s butcher. With a thick accent and hearty laugh, he welcomes everyone into his shop, providing the Rivertownfolk–along with others from afar who’ve heard of the famous butcher–with select cuts. Goat, cow, pig, chicken–if it’s got meat, Bozen will turn it into a delicious work of art.

Secretly, Bozan is an enemy of the Croppers. He, like many of Rivertown’s business owners, owes money to Graele. A year ago, Graele sent her thugs to work him over. Bozan (LG male human gladiator) easily handled the trio and sent them running with a message: “She’ll get the money when she gets it.” Graele, seeing the proud butcher’s protests as audacious, sunk to her lowest level yet: she poisoned Bozan’s daughter, Minera. Fortunately, Minera recovered but was left blind. He’s been saving to hire a priest to restore Minera’s vision. Minera now stays with Bozan’s mother back home.

While Bozan has no proof Graele poisoned his daughter, he knows it in his heart it was her and actively seeks revenge against the crimelord.

Rumors and Clues. Bozan falsely believes that Graele is behind the troubles in Rivertown. When things get hairy (or if he becomes one of the infected) he heads straight for Graele wherever she is to confront and kill her.


C5 – Maple Creek Florist

If there’s a Rivertown home with beautiful, blue river lilies in it, chances are those flowers came from Maple Creek Florist. The florist is managed and owned by Noah Sander (see appendix C), a powerful warlock and demon-worshipper. During his time in Rivertown, Sander gathered six other souls into a cult known as the Emerald Seven. The Seven meet in the basement of the florist, practicing their dark arts.

The top floor of the florist is dominated by a single room with a few shelves and a simple counter. Flowers are everywhere, especially the shop’s signature blue river lilies. Sander sleeps in a sparsely-decorated room at the rear of the shop. The trap door to the basement is hidden under the trunk at the foot of his bed. Noah keeps it locked at all times. A successful DC 17 Dexterity check using proficiency in thieves tools unlocks the trap door. Alternatively, it can be pried open with a successful DC 15 Strength check.

No larger than the building above it, the basement is a cluttered mess of ancient tomes, spell components, ritual implements, and other dark relics (combined value of 500 gp).  In addition, Noah keeps his ritual book in the basement. Noah’s ritual book contains all the spells found on the Seeker spell list (see Appendix A) as well as details on Qua-Soko and the green-eyed virus. A successful DC 12 Intelligence (Arcana) reveals that the basement is the domain of a warlock and the summoning ground for evil.

Having kept a low profile since the dome dropped, chances are the characters will find Sander in his Florist Shop. He and the other members of the Emerald Seven have been waiting for Qua-Soko’s instructions at their own locations. If Sander suspects that the characters know his true identity and intentions, he attacks, hoping to frame the characters as robbers. He values his life and will run if reduced to 40 hit points or less, hiding in the Slumbering Wood.

Rumors and Clues. Beyond the presence of the warlock Sander, the characters may draw the conclusion that the blue river lilies the Stoneberries keep in their home can only be purchased at the Maple Creek Florist. Also, A successful DC 15 Intelligence (Investigation) check in the basement reveals charred human bones. (They are the bones of Julius Carver, who was immolated during Qua-Soko’s summoning ceremony.)


C6 – Rivertown Temple of Rebirth

Rivertown’s Temple of Rebirth serves as both the town’s primary place of worship and its courthouse. The priests serve as lawmen, chroniclers, and intermediaries between the normal citizenry and the Goddess of Rebirth. Jeremiah Locke (LN male human priest) is the town’s constable. Logical and slow-to-judge, it’s rare that the Rivertownfolk disagree with Jeremiah’s decisions. Unfortunately, Jeremiah’s recent run-in with Cabal Grayson left him infected by the green-eyed virus.

Jeremiah has four deputies that work with him. Two of the deputies, Jon Lowery (NE male human acolyte), Everett’s older brother, and Emmet Bronson (LN male human guard) keep the peace throughout Rivertown. The other two deputies, Samara and Derrin (CG female and male human acolytes) work in the temple. The two are lovers. Jeremiah and the three acolytes live in the temple while Emmet lives with his father on the western end of town.

The Temple of Rebirth holds service each night at dusk, and then a weekend mass that most of the Rivertownfolk attend.

Unbeknownst to Jeremiah and the others, Jon is a member of the Emerald Seven. He murdered Gideon Horalt to cover up the cult’s tracks. Jon stabbed Gideon with a dagger, then placed the servants’ in the Maple Creek.

Rumors and Clues. While gardening around the temple, Derrin discovered blood on the side of the building. He isn’t sure where it was from and showed it to Jeremiah (the blood was Gideon’s).

Confronting Jon. If the characters discover that Jon is one of the Emerald Seven, he runs immediately, knowing he is no match for them. If caught or cornered, he reveals nothing. Instead, he chooses to kill himself, slashing his own throat with the same dagger he used to kill Gideon. Should the characters prevent him from killing himself, they may be able to coerce information about the demon Qua-Soko and the Emerald Seven out of him.

Safety at the Temple. When the virus begins to spread rapidly, many of Rivertown’s citizens turn to the temple for protection.


C7 – Rivertown Wainwright

Loken (area N4) is the town wainwright. Tough as nails and lacking any sort of sense of humor, she’s a staple of the Rivertown community. Without any real competition, her shop stays busy. She is also one of the few people in town who don’t owe money to Graele Cropper. Loken knows a snake when she sees one.

When the dome drops, Loken locks up her shop. “Ain’t nobody needin’ wagons if we can’t get out of here,” she replies to anyone who asks.


C8 – Rivertown Counting House

Ufin and Graele Cropper run the Rivertown Counting House. It’s rare that Graele is present in the counting-house, preferring to do her “business” at the Mule, the shipyards, or anywhere else she can avoid the notice of Jeremiah and his deputies. She prefers to keep up the appearance of an ordinary housewife (although, most Rivertownfolk know better).

The Croppers employ Dana Gem (LN female human commoner) as Ufin’s assistant. Dana is unaware of Graele’s true nature. She lives just outside of town and is one of the unfortunate few cut off from her home when the dome came down.

Rumors and Clues. The Croppers have files on nearly everyone in town locked in their records room. A character looking for details on a specific Rivertown citizen can spend ten minutes searching for a file. At the end of the ten minute period, if they pass a successful DC 12 Intelligence (Investigation) check they learn facts about the person in question.

If the characters come to the counting-house expecting to find evidence of demon-worshipping or the green-eyed virus, they will be severely disappointed. Not only is Graele not involved with the Emerald Seven, but she also is not even aware of their existence.

However, a successful DC 15 Wisdom (Perception) check reveals that Graele was currently working on a file titled: Captain Rikkets (who, in fact, is a member of the Emerald Seven). In the file, she notes that she doesn’t trust Rikkets, thinking that he’s at work with a secret organization to undermine her authority in town. However, she doesn’t know exactly whom he’s working with.


C9 – Smalltown Home

The Barkers are Sue and Mikel. They live in the town square with their two children, Mikelson and Remy. All of the Smalltowns NG human commoners. Mikel stays home with the children while Sue operates a ferry along the Great River. Sue was caught outside of the dome. She makes camp at Sam Tett’s farm and hopes to be reunited with her husband and children.

Rumors and Clues. Mikel Smalltown overheard somewhere that there is a green-skinned demon man working a tent in the market field. People are already beginning to talk that the tiefling might be responsible for the virus. (While hardly the most trustworthy fellow in Rivertown, the tiefling, Rucker, of whom Mikel speaks, had nothing to do with the virus.)


C10 – Raeger Home

The Raegers are well known all over Rivertown as a red-headed, rowdy, rambunctious bunch. Eight Raegers live in the Raeger Household in Rivertown square.

“Papa” Cohen Raeger. Seen by many as a bully and a cheat, Papa Raegar (LN male human veteran) is the patriarch of the Raeger clan. He owns two of the warehouses in the southern end of town. It’s not uncommon to find him lechering after one of Rivertown’s women at one of the bars. Of course, his wife, Broma always finds out and whacks him with a cutting board as punishment.

“Mama” Broma Raeger. Broma is the matriarch of the Raegers and possibly one of the toughest citizens in all of Rivertown. A former pit fighter, Broma (LN female human gladiator) isn’t afraid to fight when she needs to. Unfortunately, she’s losing her sight as she gets older but doesn’t want anyone to know.

“Gram” Hilda Raeger. She might be venerable, but Gram Rager is anything but calm. Cohen’s mother, and just as every bit as tough as Broma, Hilda Raeger (NG female human commoner) is 106-years old. Very little keeps her from speaking her mind. Her and Donnie have a close relationship.

“Brother” Toman Raeger. Cohen’s brother and uncle to Donnie, Owen, and Brutus. Toman (CG male human guard) fought in the military alongside his nephew, Donnie. After Donnie’s injury and mistreatment by the army, Toman was booted for punching an officer. Toman works at the warehouses alongside his brother and nephew, but spends half his time drinking and shooing away the trio of punks that hang around the shipyards.

“Sister” Tenchi. Tenchi (LG female elf guard) is the adopted daughter of Hilda Raeger. Despite her different heritage, Toman and Raeger have never doubted that Tenchi is their sister. Both brothers would die before someone dishonored their sister, and the two have stayed the night in the temple lockup on more than one occasion for handling racial slurs thrown Tenchi’s way. Tenchi is in love with Grot, the Ragged Mule’s cook. Sadly, Grot isn’t aware of Tenchi’s infatuation.

“Soldier Boy” Donnie Raeger. The Raeger’s oldest son, Donnie (NG male human guard), was a soldier who lost his arm in battle. Despite his hindrance, he helps Papa Raegar at the warehouses, stepping in when his father’s greed gets the best of him. During his time in the army, Donnie discovered a powerful dagger capable of slaying demons known as demon’s bane (see Appendix B). Although he keeps it hidden in his room, he once showed the dagger to Franken of Franken’s Little Magic Shoppe (area S2).

“Pretty Boy” Owen Raeger. Known for his athleticism and charm, Owen Raegar is a popular face around town. The most handsome of the Raeger clan, Owen (LN male human noble) is an apprentice at Gregor Arms. He’s had a crush on Lana Gregor for as long as he can remember, but Lana has no interest in Owen (she prefers women, anyways).

“Good Boy” Brutus Raeger. Ironically, Brutus is seen as the “good one,” although he’s anything but. During his formative years, Brutus (LE male human thug) tormented many of his peers. Even Kong Lowery, seen by many of the Rivertownfolk as the toughest boy around, fears Brutus. Brutus used to work with his family at the Raeger Warehouses but quit following an argument with Papa Raeger. Now he wastes time wandering the town looking for trouble. The allure of The Resistance attracts him instantly.

Rumors and Clues. The Raegers that work the docks note that a trio of unusual ships recently anchored just before the dome dropped. One of the ships is named the Green Lady. Another is manned by a cult of storm worshippers. And the third ship does not appear to have any crew beyond its captain, which many of the dockworkers find odd considering the ship’s large size.


C11 – Empty House

Years ago, this old house was owned by the Breyerd family. However, the Breyerds moved from Rivertown seeking new opportunities in the west. Now, the Croppers own the house and sometimes rent it to passersby coming into town. However, anyone who’s stayed in the house for one night speaks of a ghost that haunts the halls. They haven’t been able to find a tenant–or buyer–in months.

Rumors and Clues. The ghost was actually a poltergeist of a powerful orc shaman who was buried beneath the house, and the real reason for the Breyerd’s evacuation. Just a few days ago, Qua-Soko devoured the shaman’s spirit, using the shaman’s hatred and curse as one of the ingredients of the green-eyed virus.

Now the house remains empty. However, the signs of Qua-Soko’s battle with the poltergeist are clear. A successful DC 15 Intelligence (Arcana) reveals a fight took place between two otherworldly creatures–the undead spirit of the orc shaman and the demon Qua-Soko in its human vessel. When Qua-Soko destroyed the shaman, it left a scorch mark in the shape of an orc’s shadow on the floor.


C12 – Lana Gregor’s Home

Lana (LN female human noble) is the stern heir-apparent of the Gregor clan. She runs the weapon shop, Gregor’s Arms (area C13), and has followed closely in the footsteps of her father, Lupo. Lana is secretly adopted, although a number of townsfolk are aware of this and don’t see it as an issue.

When Lana isn’t working, she’s often hosting soirees for the town’s upper class.

She recently ended a relationship with Aza Baron of Baron Saddleworks. The two refuse to speak to each other.

Rumors and Clues. Lana is one of the last people to see Gideon Horalt alive. When walking home from the Ragged Mule a few weeks ago, she saw Gideon and Jon Lowery in the middle of a heated conversation. Both were walking towards the Temple of Rebirth.


C13 – Gregor’s Arms

Thanks to Rivertown’s placement along a busy river and road, adventurers are a frequent sight in town. As such, Gregor’s Arms, the number one spot to purchase weapons in town, always stays busy. Many of the weapons are purchased from local smiths, although, Lana, the shop’s proprietor does offer basic repair services. An elf named Old Turkey (LE male elf spy) works for Lana, keeping the shop clean. No one knows the old elf’s real name, and he ain’t tellin’. Truth be told, Old Turkey was sent by an out-of-town rival of Graele Cropper to collect information on the old woman and her comings and goings in Rivertown.

All weapons from the PHB can be purchased at Gregor’s Arms. There is also a 20% chance that a common or uncommon magic weapon is available in the shop, as well. However, Lana ups the price on such items knowing the high demand of such wares.

Rumors and Clues. Old Turkey uses the situation to point the blame on the Croppers. He quickly spills the beans that Graele Cropper is a criminal mastermind and has leverage on nearly every person in town hidden in the Rivertown Counting House (this is true).


C14 – Baron Saddleworks

Aza Baron (LG female half-elf commoner) runs Baron Saddleworks. Like many of the businesses in Rivertown’s Town Square, the saddleworks benefits from its strategic location along the Western Road. Baron Saddleworks specializes in high-end saddles. Aza even keeps barding on hand for adventurers with deep pockets.

Until recently, Aza had been staying with her ex-lover, Lana Gregor. The two split, and now Aza sleeps in her shop. Aza hasn’t taken the break-up well. Some days, she refuses to open the shop. This is unfortunate, of course, because she owes a great deal of money to Graele Cropper. Already, Graele’s thugs have come knocking.

Rumors and Clues. Aza spends most of the quarantine drunk and depressed pining after Lana Gregor. However, if pressed, she suggests that Graele may be behind the recent troubles in Rivertown.


C15 – Saw and Beam Carpentry

Pork Westfeather (LG male halfling commoner) and his wife Lilypad (LN female halfling commoner) own Saw and Beam Carpentry. “If it can be made from wood, we can make it.” Both are expert craftspeople. They’ve built houses, furniture, and even the odd weapon. Their wood-crafting skills are visible all over town and their talents are sought after throughout the region.

When the dome came down, Pork was traveling with the couple’s infant son, Bongbong. Like many of the Rivertown exiles, he waits in the field north of town until the dome comes up.

Rumors and Clues. The Westfeathers aren’t big on gossip. But like many in town, they believe that many of Rivertown’s problems usually come one of two places: the travelers who stay at the Cracked Crown and the Cropper Counting House.


C16 – Mayerson Armory

Lana Gregor’s biggest competitor is Omo Mayerson (LN male human commoner), owner of Mayerson Armory. Having made a great deal of money in another city, Omo purchased the building for quite a bit from the Croppers. However, it was worth it, as Mayerson stays perpetually busy thanks to its strategic location. Mayerson employs two assistants, Gaurud and Nice (N male human commoners). Both were working at the armory when the dome came down.

Rumors and Clues. Omo suspects that the green-skinned tiefling selling “magic remedies” in the market field may have something to do with the virus. (He doesn’t.)


C17 – Jojo’s Fruit Stand

When Rivertownfolks want fresh fruit, they go to Jojo’s. Jojo, a transplant from a faraway land, trades in exotic fruit and vegetables. That’s the first thing he’s known for. The second thing he’s known for is his frequent arrest record. A self-proclaimed “anarchist”, Jojo (CN male human veteran) has difficulty following the Temple of Rebirth’s laws. Similarly, he’s angered Graele Cropper on a number of occasions, as well as some of the elders. Still, you’ll be hard-pressed to find mangoes as good as his.

Rumors and Clues. Jojo used to be visited by Rickard Stoneberry’s son, Elmer, nearly every day right up until a week ago. He wonders why the boy hasn’t come around and whether or not it has anything to do with the troubles in Rivertown.


C18 – Mayerson Home

Omo Mayerson lives in a small, converted home on the Western Road with his wife, Gayle, and daughter Patrice.

Omo Mayerson. Omo is the owner of Mayerson Armory just down the street from the Mayerson’s home. Omo is a relatively new addition to Rivertown. Despite his wealth, Omo is a salt-of-the-earth type, with calloused hands and a perpetually sunburnt nose.

Gayle Mayerson. Since the death of their young son Omar a year ago, Gayle (N female human commoner) rarely leaves from the Mayerson home. However, while Omo works, Jon Lowery of the Temple of Rebirth has been by to visit. Unknown to anyone except the Mayerson’s daughter, Patrice, Jon and Gayle are having an affair.

Patrice Mayerson. The Mayerson’s teenage daughter Patrice (CG female commoner) is considered by many of the Rivertownfolk to be a menace. She sneaks drinks, starts fights, and has even been tossed in the Temple lock-up on a few occasions. As the only person who knows of her mother’s affair, Patrice despises Jon Lowery.

Rumors and Clues. Patrice doesn’t trust Jon Lowery at all. The last time Jon came by the house, she noticed a spot of blood on the cuffs of Jon’s robes. (The blood was Gideon Horalt’s from when Jon killed him. Jon went to Patrice’s shortly afterward to clean his robes. The acolyte claims he had to kill a badger near the temple, but Patrice doesn’t believe him.)


C19 – Stoneberry Jewelers

Golan and Rickard Stoneberry manage the jewelry shop at the corner of the Western Road and Main Street. As one of the oldest establishments in Rivertown, the extraordinarily lucrative jewelry shop is a destination for the province’s wealthy.

In addition to the brothers, the jewelers have an assistant named Sunny (CG female human commoner). She was caught in Rivertown when the dome came down; her parents wait for her in the field north of town. Sunny is best friends with Patrice Mayerson.

Rumors and Clues. Sunny explains that Rickard’s son, Elmer, has been sick for about a week.


C20 – The Wanderer’s Herbalist

The herbalist shop was closed when the dome came down, its owner Harrell Harper on a sabbatical with his family. They were fortunate enough to be spared imprisonment with the other Rivertownfolk.

Desperate Times. Unfortunately, the shop is a popular target for vandalism as the citizens of Rivertown believe the preventative herbs can protect them from the green-eyed virus. Unfortunately, the green-eyed virus can only be cured by magical means.


C21 – The Goliath

Passersthrough looking for a quick bite to eat often stop at The Goliath, a small restaurant on the Western Road. There, Chef Goober (N male halfling commoner) and his partner Unk (N male half-orc commoner) serve up tasty eats at a premium price. Most Rivertownfolk recommend the potato and leek soup. Despite the huge volume of business the restaurant sees, Goober and Unk are both luckless gamblers; the two owe quite a bit of money to Graele Cropper. Unk’s faced a thrashing from Graele’s thugs and Goober once had his leg broken by Graele herself. When deputies Lowery and Bronson investigated, Unk and Goober kept the identity of their attackers a secret.

Rumors and Clues. A regular of the Goliath, Gideon Horalt, the servant of the Stoneberries, stopped visiting about three weeks ago. Rumor has it that Gideon suddenly left town and no one knows why.


C22 – Potter Jim’s

The widower Potter Jim–potter by name and trade–spends most days working the kiln in this pottery shop along the western road. Jim (N male human commoner) is not as fast as he used to be but mainly keeps the shop running to keep his mind sharp.

Jim’s wife, Lorna, died five years ago. He still brings blue river lilies to her grave once a week.

Rumors and Clues. Potter Jim purchased blue river lilies from the Maple Creek Florist the same day the dome dropped. As far as Jim knows, the blue river lilies can only be purchased from the Maple Creek Florist.


C23 – Gregor Weaving

There’s a saying in Rivertown: “if you can’t find your wife, check Gregor Weaving on the Western Road.” The weaving shop, run by Gregor matriarch Matilda, is a popular destination for gossip and rumor. Plus, Matilda is a genius on the loom. Her dynamic creations are popular all over Rivertown.

When the dome comes down, many of the ladies who frequent Matilda’s shop desert. Matilda stays for a little while to help anyone who needs it.

Rumors and Clues. Matilda’s son, Matin, was at the Onyx Ox when Cabal Grayson had her breakdown. He hasn’t been feeling well since the incident.


C24 – Selene the Baker

Following a tough divorce, Selene (LG female human veteran) moved to Rivertown six months ago with her son Daniel. The previous baker had just retired and the price was right for the shop–with a small loan from Graele Cropper, of course. Selene is young and energetic, but the long hours at the bakery are starting to get to her. While Selene works, Daniel learns from the Widows Watson at the north end of town.

Rumors and Clues. Selene is still new in town, so she doesn’t know all the rumors and gossip just yet. However, she did notice a group of six people leaving one of the shops down the street from her bakery a few nights ago, just three hours past midnight. She isn’t sure which shop they were at but knows it was one of the five buildings on the main street: Needle and Ed’s, the Ragged Mule, the Rivertown Miller, Maple Creek Florist, or the Temple of Rebirth. (The group was the Emerald Seven leaving the florist shop).


C25 – Needle and Ed Tailor

Ed Heggel (N male half-elf commoner) is the town’s tailor. Not the savviest of businessmen, Heggel’s shop is a bit of a mess. He had an assistant but couldn’t afford to keep paying him. Somehow, he’s managed to stay away from a Cropper Loan, but he’s getting close to saying “yes” to Graele’s constant insistence. Ed is in a relationship with the chandler, Rikket. Rikket’s offered to help Ed with his finances, but Ed, stubborn and full of pride, refuses.

Rumors and Clues. Ed isn’t the sharpest needle in the pin-cushion, but he does reveal that he’s seen people hanging around the florist late at night.


C26 – Toll House

Rivertown doesn’t require its citizens to pay taxes. This is thanks to the busy toll bridge over Maple Creek. Anyone looking to cross must pay 1 cp per four-legged animal or go around the long way through Gongspire to the north. On an average day, the toll house collects 5 to 10 gp worth of tolls. The bridge is managed by Oscar the Tollman (LG male human commoner) who’s at his post every day, rain or shine. While Oscar has a small home to the west of Rivertown, it’s not uncommon to find him asleep at either the Ragged Mule or even in the toll house.

When the dome drops, Oscar closes the toll and heads to the Ragged Mule to drink.


C27 – Menkin Smithy

Menkin Smithy has been around since Rivertown’s founding. Jerome Menkin (LG male human commoner), the shop’s current proprietor, took over ownership from his father, Edgar, following his passing a decade ago. Now an old man himself, Jerome keeps the business going with help from his son Lionel (LN male human commoner). Jerome is tough but fair, and his prices are reasonable. While he may not have the selection that Mayerson or Gregor does, he does offer plenty of non-weapons and armor such as barrel hoops, tools, wagon parts, and horseshoes.

Rumors and Clues. Jerome Menkin finds it odd that only one week after Renee Carver’s husband, Julius, went missing, she’s been seen hanging around Noah Sander at the Maple Creek Florist. In fact, he’s even seen the two leaving together on occasion.


C28 – Grakken Farrier

Sheila Grakken (LE female dwarf commoner) owns Grakken Farrier. Most Rivertownfolks dislike Grakken, knowing her to be a shrewd, callous woman. Her three sons, Merner, Tope, and Garvin (LE male dwarf commoners) are known all around town as punks. Tope and Garvin work at the farrier while Merner spends his days with Rhoda Errol and Kong Lowery in the shipyards.

Sheila’s had it out for the miller Barry Garren ever since he killed one of her apprentices a few years ago. She was suspected of a fire at the mill a year ago, but the Temple deputies couldn’t find any proof that it was her doing.

Rumors and Gossip. Lying through her teeth, Sheila tells anyone that will listen that the miller, Barry Garren has been practicing the dark arts. A successful Wisdom (Insight) check contested by her Charisma (Deception) quickly sees through her lies. She still harbors a personal grudge for Garren and hopes to turn the town against him.

Dwarven Immunity. Sheila and her sons are dwarves and are therefore immune to the green-eyed virus.


C29 – Rivertown Mason

The mason went out of business last year and no one has yet to take its place. Like many of the properties on the Western Road, the Croppers own this storefront. The steep asking price for rent has turned away quite a few prospects. As such, Rivertown has had to purchase its masonry services from out of town. Other than chalky dust from the stone and bricks that were stored in the building, the Rivertown Mason is completely empty.


C30 – Ebard’s Dried Cuts

Farmer Gum Ebard (NG male human veteran) sells dried meats in the small shop facing the Western Road. The property was Gum’s father’s and beyond a little upkeep here and there, has no real costs tied to it. Graele Cropper’s been trying to get Ebard to sell it, but the stubborn old coot won’t budge. She even once sent her trio of thugs to convince the man otherwise; all three returned to Graele with broken noses and busted lips. When the dome came down, Ebard was at Bozan’s. Despite being competitors, the two are best friends thanks to their mutual hatred of the Croppers.

Rumors and Clues. Like Bozan the Butcher, Ebard immediately suspects that Graele Cropper has a hand in the dark dealings that plague the town.


C31 – Rikkets’ Chandler

Captain Rikkets (LE male human spy) is a retired ferryman and the loud-speaking owner of Rikkets Chandler where he makes his money selling supplies for boats. Rikkets is one of the members of the Emerald Seven.

Rikkets’ is in love with Ed Heggel the tailor and will do anything to protect Ed.

Devious Ally. Rikkets’ is one of the most dangerous people in town. If he suspects that the characters are on to him or the other members of the Emerald Seven, he will attempt to ingratiate himself with them, offering false assistance. From there, he will find an opportunity to poison the characters using a needle he keeps in his cuff. When the moment is right, have Rikkets make a Dexterity (Sleight of Hand) check contested by a character’s passive Perception score. If Rikkets fails the check, the character avoids being pricked and catches Rikkets in the act. Otherwise, Rikkets pricks the character and poisons them without them noticing.

Rikkets is smart, and would rather flee than fight. If cornered, he will first try to lie, telling the characters that he is in league with a group outside of town and has nothing to do with the virus. If the characters see through his lies, they can coerce him to reveal what he knows about the virus and the Emerald Seven in exchange for his freedom.

Rikkets’ Poison (Injury). Rikkets created this poison using an extract from river coral. A creature subjected to this poison must make a DC 13 Constitution saving throw, taking 14 (4d6) poison damage and be poisoned for 1 hour on a failed saving throw, or half as much damage on a successful saving throw and not be poisoned.


C32 – Distant Journeys

Anyone looking to book a journey down the Great River usually does so at the Distant Journeys travel agency on River Street. Fortunately for the shop’s owner, Azaka Mordell, the shop was closed when the dome came down; Mordell lives outside of town proper.


C33 – Sabba Ale House

A popular spot with sailors and porters, Sabba Ale House is a tavern and eatery on River Street. The shop is owned by the Sabba brothers, Lorm and Jum. Lorm (CG male dwarf commoner) is a former ferryman who works the stoves. Jum (LN male dwarf veteran) is a retired soldier who tends bar.

Lorm harbors a dark secret: an orc named Yarg lives in the cellar. Narrowly escaping a raid, Yarg swam the Maple Creek where Lorm discovered him three days ago. Kindhearted and dullwitted Lorm has been nursing Yarg back to health. Little does he know that Yarg is a chaotic evil creature who plans on killing and robbing the Sabbas once fully healed. Jum has yet to discover the orc. Due to his injuries, Yarg has only 6 hit points.

Rumors and Clues. Anyone who enters Sabba Ale House smells a strong musk. Lorm claims it’s something one of the sailors tracked in with their boots. However, a successful DC 13 Intelligence (Nature) check reveals it to be the scent given off by orcs. If pressed, Lorm is quick to cave, revealing Yarg in the cellar. Yarg is too injured to fight, but also too proud to speak. If he is given proper healing (and a fair amount of intimidation), he might assist the characters in Rivertown.

Dwarven Immunity. The Sabba brothers are dwarves and are therefore immune to the green-eyed virus.


C34 – Sabba Home

The Sabba brothers live next door to the alehouse with their father Moz (N male dwarf commoner). Moz is mostly paralyzed from a massive stroke he suffered years ago. He now sits in a chair by the window all day, tended to by a local farm girl named Prilla (NG female human commoner) while the boys work.

Rumors and Clues. Moz has seen his son Lorm with the orc, Yarg. Unable to speak or communicate in any meaningful way, there is nothing he can do to get help. However, he can use his hand to write out the word “orc.”

Dwarven Immunity. Moz is a dwarf and therefore immune to the green-eyed virus.



South Rivertown

Rivertown’s docks and shipyard along the Great River dominate the southern end of town. It is the heart of Rivertown’s industry and trade, full of hard-backs, shipwrights, and surly sailors.


S1 – Ino’s Garden Vegetable Stand

Next door to Jojo’s fruit stand is Ino’s Garden, the town’s vegetable stand. While the majority of Rivertown’s vegetables are purchased at the farmer’s market, Ino (N female elf commoner) sells exotic vegetables and herbs imported by Great River ferrymen. Growing up on a sailing ship, Ino, an elf, has been independent her entire life. While some Rivertownfolk stay suspicious of her, she’s friendly with the majority of the business owners on the western road.

Rumors and Gossip. Ino and Jojo are huge gossips. Both incorrectly suspect that the green-skinned tiefling, Rucker, in the market field (area N1) is responsible for the virus.


S2 – Franken’s Little Magic Shoppe

A former monster hunter, Franken (NG male gnome mage) traded a rare book to Graele Cropper in exchange for the deed to the shop. All manner of strange, rare, and occult objects clutter the shelves of Franken’s shop. Of course, Franken isn’t interested in selling any of his wares and scares away most who enter.

Franken keeps his ear to the ground for strange goings-on in the region. Then, when monster hunters blow through, he assigns them tasks. Jeremiah Koons knows of Franken’s operation but lets it slide. After all, monster attacks have dropped considerably since Franken moved in.

One of Franken’s monster-hunting friends, Rob Catcher (LG male human knight) was passing through when the dome dropped.

Franken the Occultist. Franken has forgotten more about outsiders than most will ever know. When the dome drops and the name Qua-Soko comes out, he immediately turns to his books. If the characters speak with him, he reveals what he knows about Qua-Soko.

  • Qua-Soko is a greater demon of pestilence.
  • As a greater demon, it is likely that Qua-Soko has possessed one of the townsfolk and now hides in the body. However, the air around Qua-Soko is unnaturally cold.
  • Qua-Soko will be immune to most mortal weapons. Only weapons made of cold iron or divine weapons that can harm fiends will work on Qua-Soko.
  • “Soldier Boy” Donnie Raegar once brought such a weapon into the shop so Franken could look at it. The characters might ask for his help.
  • The plague that Qua-Soko is often associated with is known as the “green-eyed virus.”
  • Only an evil spellcaster of great power would be able to summon Qua-Soko, and it is unlikely that they did it alone. Franken suspects there may be a secret cult at work in town.
  • Furthermore, the summoning ritual would require a sacrifice in addition to a host. Franken suggests that the characters look for recent disappearances or murders in town.
  • It’s likely that there was a “patient zero”, a creature that had the virus before anyone else. He heard that Cabal Grayson was the first person to show signs of a strange virus, her eyes glowing green before she was killed. She might be patient zero, but there have been another before her.
  • If Franken can gather the following ingredients, he may be able to find a cure to the green-eyed virus: the blood of Qua-Soko’s host, the full-body or part of the body of the virus’ “patient zero”, and the ritual book that summoned Qua-Soko. He believes he can create the cure with only one element if he has to but would prefer all three.
  • Bobb Talker at the Pen and Ink owns a book that contains a ritual called “outsider’s trap.” Franken suggests the characters learn it and use it on Qua-Soko.

Franken prefers to remain in the shop. As the only one that can create the cure, he wishes to stay safe and let the characters find the elements to create the cure. However, he will suggest the help of his old allies, Rob Catcher and Jack Quick (area S3).

Suspicious Assistant. Franken has one assistant named Gvolg. A secret to only Franken, Gvolg is a neutral green hag in disguise as an attractive dwarven woman. The two were once enemies, then lovers, and now just co-workers. Thanks to her fey nature, Gvolg is immune to the green-eyed virus.


S3 – The Curly Kobold Barber

Jack Quick, a former (mostly unsuccessful) adventurer runs the Curly Kobold, a barbershop and dentistry. Quick’s neighbor, Franken invited Quick (CN male human assassin) to work in the town, hoping the retired assassin would help if things ever got out of hand. Of course, Quick creates more issues than he fixes. If he isn’t chasing after the wife of a Rivertownfolk, stealing from the farmer’s market, or picking fights at the Upstream, chances are he’s passed out drunk in one of the back alleys.

Jack to the Rescue. Cutting hair and pulling teeth bores Jack. He’s quick to help the characters out any way he can. He also suggests that they speak with Franken if they haven’t already.


S4 – The Cracked Crown Inn

A conservative inn in every sense, the Cracked Crown rarely sees an empty room. Travelers on the Western Road as well as sailors on the Great River with a little more coin stay at the Crown. There, they can expect warm meals, clean sheets, and friendly staff.

The Crown isn’t as wide open as the Onyx Ox or Ragged Mule. Instead, it has one main room with a bar and a few booths, then a number of private meeting rooms. Upstairs, there are ten rooms for rent. The owners’ own living quarters are at the rear of the bar. A stablehouse attached to the Inn can hold up to twenty mounts. The stablehand Mezza was down the road purchasing feed when the dome dropped.

An older couple owns the inn, Raven and Corgin Hafner (NG human commoners). Raven works the bar while Corgin tends the stoves. They have three staff members: Rebecca, Marnie, and Tarron (LN human commoners). Rebecca and Marnie serve the tables while Tarron assists Corgin in the kitchen. The Hafner’s daughter, Jude, is away at wizarding school.

Fourteen out-of-towners were caught within the inn when the dome dropped.

Grick Peel. A mercenary by trade, Grick (LE male human bandit captain) and his men were passing through Rivertown when the dome dropped. Grick’s got a bag of valuables from a recent caravan robbery. He’d hoped to escape town on a ferry. Paranoid and over-anxious, Grick doesn’t sit idle when things turn bad in Rivertown.

“Goblet” Chalmers. Grick’s right-hand woman is a half-hobgoblin nicknamed “Goblet.” Goblet’s (NE female hobgoblin) sadistic side is a cause for fear among the others in Grick’s gang.

Rubbel Oakaxe. The muscle of Grick’s gang is a scar-faced dwarf named Rubbel (LE male dwarf gladiator). Despite his impressive physique, Rubbel is a bit of coward, and not afraid to share his fears with the others. “Shut up, Rubbel!” is the frequent response to the dwarf’s whimpers.

Locket Rhoads. Grick’s cutpurse and lockpick, Locket (NE female half-elf spy) says little but notices everything. Since her arrival in town with the rest of Grick’s gang, Locket’s had her eye on the Stoneberry Jewelry shop and the safe tucked away behind the gnomes’ counter.

Juniper. The fifth member of Grick’s gang is the strangest of them all. Juniper (CE female halfling mage) is probably the most dangerous of the bunch. Soft-spoken and small, she offers magical resources to the group and is paid well by Grick for her services. But the money isn’t why she does it. Juniper is a serial killer and uses Grick’s schemes as a way to feed her darkest desires.

Dran Gioni. Dran Gioni (CE drow mage) is a traveling minstrel who delights in sowing chaos. When he isn’t singing forlorn songs in Undercommon, he is engaging those around him in empathetic conversation solely with the intent of pitting them against each other. Recently, he’s taken an interest in Sir Galleon of Nost.

Sir Galleon of Nost. A paladin headed home to see his family, Galleon (LG male human knight), like many, did not expect to find himself trapped in the Rivertown when the dome dropped. He works alongside the Hafners to calm the others caught in the fiasco.

Guardian. The one they call Guardian (N male half-orc gladiator) is intimidating as he is kind. With unkempt hair and a few squirrels hiding in his robes, many assume he comes from a druidic background.

Roberto Miguel de’Seville. A very cheerful and talkative young man, Roberto (CG male human spy) will charm the pants off of you. And, if you aren’t careful, will get you into bed.

The Great Khan. Khan (CN male archmage) is hedonism made flesh, a merchant and trader who has everything and anything you need; for the right price of course, darling. Khan keeps his power a secret unless provoked. Even when the dome comes down, he’s less concerned with being trapped (he estimates that he can easily escape), but more interested in what happens to the people within.

Jambya. Bound to be the guard for The Great Khan forever, Jambaya (LN male human gladiator) is large and usually very quiet. Occasionally he mutters, “I am so glad I hitched my wagon to his star.”

Sire Terrowin Barrelborn. Tall by dwarven standards, this blonde-haired fellow is a proud knight of the Kingdom, albeit a bit zealous at times. Terrowin (LG male dwarf knight) hopes to slay a mighty dragon one day.

Slug Townchild. Slug (CN male tiefling commoner) is an optimistic 12-year old boy who was raised by local farmers. He loves sneaking around and performing harmless pranks. He’s also known to learn a few secrets here and there. Recently, Slug’s taken an interest in Scarlet Vierata since she’s one of the only other tieflings he’s ever seen.

Scarlet Vierata. Scarlet (CG female tiefling bandit) has her own laws in which she believes in absolute justice. Cheeky, kind, but can be quite strict, Scarlet often wonders what she’s getting out of life.

Rumors and Clues. The majority of the Crown’s inhabitants are out-of-towners. However, the staff of the Crown have heard a few things.

  • Julius Carver disappeared a week ago. No one has seen him and his wife, Renee Carver doesn’t seem to be looking for him.
  • Most of the Rivertownfolk have it out for Graele Cropper, the wife of the town’s accountant and lender. People believe she’s a criminal mastermind of some sort.
  • A strange boat appeared at the docks (area S28) a few days ago, just before the virus broke out. The ship’s name is the River Dog. Its captain, a sour-faced woman, has not left the ship except to gather supplies.
  • A green-skinned tiefling merchant named Rucker rolled into town a week ago. As soon as the virus broke out, he claimed to have a cure to the disease. Automatically, everyone suspects that this merchant is the culprit.
  • Rumor has it that six people were in the fight with Cabal Grayson at the Onyx Ox (area W5). Apparently, Cabal went crazy and attacked the bartender, Matin Gregor, biting him.


S5 – Rivertown Guard Post

Only used during times of war, the western guard post has been empty for a few years. Locked within the small building are a few short swords, crossbows with bolts, and a couple pairs of leather armor.


S6 – Undertaker

Meska Noonan (LN female human commoner) is the town’s young undertaker. While the stigma of being an undertaker hangs over Meska’s head, she can be somewhat pleasant to be around.

Just before the dome fell, Meska was standing at the center of town in a trance. Possessed by the angels and used as their mouthpiece, she warned the people of Rivertown of the virus and the dome (see “The Prophet.”)

Unfortunately, the psychic torment left her comatose. She was taken to the Temple of Rebirth for healing.

Rumors and Clues. Searching Meska’s shop reveals that she was a devout follower of the Goddess of Rebirth. Not even Jeremiah Locke and the acolytes of the temple were aware of her devotion.


S7 – The Compass Rose Mapmaker

Gunner Bjorn, the owner of the Compass Rose, is a humble man from a faraway land (he won’t say which). These days, Gunner (NG human tribal warrior) works as a mapmaker, although he spends more money purchasing interesting maps than he does making them.

Rumors and Clues. Golan Stoneberry stopped by the Compass Rose two weeks ago asking if Gideon Horalt had come by to purchase a map. Gunner said no. Golan explained that, at the time, their servant had been missing for a week, which was unusual.


S8 – Pen and Ink

Bobb Talker  (NG male human veteran) was a soldier and a good one at that. Nowadays, he prefers to trade information, helping young adventurers with what they need. Similar to Franken, Bobb’s got a strong background in hunting monsters. Oddly, the two have never spoken, despite their shops being across the street from each other. They both know that they come from the same background, and every morning they nod their head towards the other, but that’s it.

Bobb’s Pen and Ink shop sells books and writing supplies. He prefers not to trade in spellbooks and scrolls but can secure a copy of a specific tome if given a week or two to find it.

Outsider’s Trap. Bobb owns an ancient book named Liber Daemonom with details on demons and how to defeat them. If asked, Bobb will offer the book to the characters. Within the book is the ritual outsider’s trap (see Appendix B).

Rumors and Gossip. Bobb has a strong hunch that a demon-worshipping cult is to blame for the trouble in Rivertown. He points the characters to Franken for more information, explaining that Franken is their best source in town for education on outsiders.


S9 – Farmer’s Market

Farmers, herdsmen, and fishers from all around come to sell their goods at the Rivertown farmer’s market. Every weekend, the vendors fill the open air space hawking their wares to the citizens of Rivertown and those passing through. Fortunately, the market was closed when the dome came down. Still, a few non-locals were caught.

Twiggy Tumblebottom. Twiggy (N male gnome mage) used to be an illusionist of some importance. These days, his mind is slipping. He gets lost from time to time. Jittery and seemingly confused, Twigger is taken to flights of fancy and enjoys using his illusions to add excitement to his tales of adventure.

Callendral Esslindel. Always a cause for suspicion, Callendral (CG male high elf cult fanatic) is always involved in some local zealotry, although most of it is laughable. When the dome comes down and word of demon cults start to spread through the town, many of the townsfolk turn to Callendral as the source.

Bartholomew Reede. A close friend of Callendral’s, Bartholomew (CN male halfling spy) is a small unassuming fellow who is always on the lookout for an opportunity to profit. He plays the part of a drunk, but it’s rare he actually drinks; the alcoholism is all part of his cover.

Jon the Lowly. Homeless, Jon (LG male human commoner) has lived in and around Rivertown for years. He was at the Onyx Ox when Cabal had her break down and has contracted the green-eyed virus as a result. When word goes out that there is a virus in town, he quickly turns himself in to the Temple of Rebirth, offering his help in any way that he can.

Rumors and Clues. Jon the Lowly was attacked by Cabal Grayson at the Onyx Ox (area W5). If the characters meet him early enough, he explains that he saw Cabal when she entered the Onyx Ox. She was bitten by a dog while working in her field west of town. Emmett Bronson and Jon Lowery went to look for the dog, but before they could come back, Cabal snapped and attacked Matin Gregor and then Jon before Jeremiah Locke killed her.


S10 – Auction House

The Rivertown Auction house is where farmers bring their livestock to sell. Like the farmer’s market, the auction house was closed the day the dome dropped.


S11 – Errol Shipwright

Gaffigan Errol is one of three shipbuilders in town. Gaffigan (LN male human spy) prefers simple ships to elaborate ones and has the lowest rates around. When a ship is commissioned, he hires local help to assist. Currently, he has no projects going but isn’t in a rush to pick up a new contract. Years of success have kept his coffers full.

Despite a falling out a few years ago, Gaffagin is extremely protective of his daughter, Rhoda (NE female human commoner), who hangs around the shipyard with her companions, Kong and Merner.

Rumors and Clues. A captain by the name of Yancy came to the shipwright with designs of a new ship. Something that stuck out as odd to Gaffigan was the captain’s request for a secret compartment in the bowel of the ship. Of course, this isn’t unusual for smugglers, but the size of the compartment was roughly 8 feet long by 3 feet wide by 2 feet tall, or roughly the size of a coffin.


S12 – Rivertown Storage

The Rivertownfolk who need to store their possessions can do so at the Rivertown Storage facility for the cost of 1 gp per month. The Croppers own the storage facility, so many assume its where Graele keeps her “dirty, little secrets.” Of course, she keeps nothing of the sort there; just old clothes.

The storage has three levels: two above ground and one below. There is a single access point into the entire building, protected by the guard who lives on the premises, Marius Bentle (LN male human veteran). Marius is a diehard patriot, always putting the glory of the kingdom above all. Sit with him long enough and he will rattle on and on about “what this kingdom needs!”

Rumors and Gossip. Marius is incredibly racist when it comes to orcs and half-orcs. He swears up and down he smelled “one of those dirty war pigs” when he stopped by the Sabba Ale House a few days ago.


S13 – Upstream Tavern

The Upstream is one of the few spots in Rivertown where it’s rare to see the same face twice. Catering mostly to sailors heading down the Great River, the Upstream is a rowdy place full of salty dogs, pirates, smugglers, traders, ferrymen, and soldiers. Emmet Bronson spends the majority of his on-duty evenings hanging around the Upstream. On more than one occasion he’s been on the receiving end of a stray punch, tossed mug, or shirt full of vomit from the Upstream’s patrons.

A popular place at night, the Upstream was relatively calm when the dome came down. In addition to the tavern’s staff of seven, there were six patrons caught when the dome came down.

Darla Winter. Darla’s been the manager of the Upstream for as long as anyone in Rivertown can remember. Originally a smuggler on the Great River, Darla (CG female human scout) was given an offer she can’t refuse from the Upstream’s mysterious owner. While numbers and managing aren’t her strong suit, she’s well respected by the Upstream’s regulars and can break up a fight when needed.

Grekko “The Gecko” Walsh. Grekko (CN male tiefling veteran) is the Upstream’s surly, drunk tiefling bartender. While many tieflings exude an aura of charisma, Grekko lacks any sort of charm. Still, he manages to make good tips. And like most of the staff of the Upstream, he can toss out the drunks when required to.

Belle Winter. A cousin of Darla’s, Belle (N female human commoner) has helped Darla with the Upstream since she took it over. As the Upstream’s busiest server, Belle’s the face sailors all over come to see. However, she claims she has a lover who lives two towns over.

Jacques Boeden. Jacques (NE male human spy) is the singing, dancing busboy of the Upstream. Originally from a distant location, like many who frequent the Upstream, he came to Upstream by boat. Trouble is, he hasn’t left since.

Ama Wrencatcher. Ama is another displaced wood elf. While she doesn’t have the comfortable “family” arrangement that many of the other in-town elves experience, Ama (LN female wood elf commoner) is extremely loyal to Darla and the crew of the Upstream. Ama works as the bar’s waitress alongside Belle. Her son, Marion, also works in the bar.

Marion Wrencatcher. Marion is one of the few male wood elves that escaped the persecution of the northern orcs. Like his mother, Marion (LN male wood elf commoner) works in the Upstream as Ilo’s kitchen helper.

Ilo Rockworm. Ilo is a rare sight in the lands; a dark dwarf. The chaotic neutral duergar cook of the Upstream stays out of sight most days, only coming out when a nasty fight breaks out. Usually, his presence alone is enough to bring order. When things get really bad, he doubles in size and bellows for everyone to leave.

Steven “The Fist” Lairehorn. Steven (LG male human guard) fancies himself as something of a vigilante. Of course, most of those who frequent the Upstream see Steven as a joke. When the dome dropped, Steven was sleeping off a hangover in one of the booths at the Upstream.

Nathaniel Sims. A ferryman on the Great River, Nathaniel is unassuming and fairly plain (CG male human commoner). When he’s not working, he’s at the Upstream drinking to avoid going home to his nagging wife.

Cervanka. A traveling fortune teller (well, con artist), Cervanka (CN female human spy) moves from town to town earning quick coin from gullible marks. She’d spent the night at the Cracked Crown with one of its patrons (Grick) before tumbling back over to the Upstream to look for another easy mark.

Grimwoll. Good-natured and talkative, Grimwoll (CG male dwarf berserker) made a mistake years ago that he’s since regretted. An ex-pirate, Grimwoll works closely with many of the sailors, picking up work where he can.

Skroetym Sam. Sam’s (CG male halfling berserker) always looking for a good scrap. Just about any comment gives Sam a reason to fight, even if he’s not really offended (but he won’t tell you that). However, he has been known to accept ale as a peace-offering on occasion.

Jeff, Son of Jeff. Jeff (LG male human guard) is about the nicest guy most folks will ever meet. He would give you the tunic off his back in the middle of winter if you needed it. Oh, and he occasionally talks in rhymes.

Rumors and Clues. More than a few folks have thrown a suspicious eye at Grekko, the tiefling bartender. After all, he’s descended from demons. Or was it devils? Grekko believes that if anyone is going to blame a tiefling, they should look towards the green-skinned tiefling merchant that’s been selling snake oil in the market field (area N1).

Dwarven Immunities. All of the dwarves at the Upstream are immune to the effects of the green-eyed virus, including the dark dwarf Ilo.


S14 – Cropper Warehouse

Another questionable location on the south side of town, the Cropper warehouse, like their storage facility, is rumored to hide all manner of contraband, weapons, and other curiosities. And like the storage facility, there is nothing inside other than an old boat and a few crates. The Graele’s rent space in their warehouse, as well, mostly to sailors looking to store cargo when they overhaul. Storage space at the warehouse costs 1 sp per cubic foot per month.

The warehouse is guarded by Beaver Tesson (LE male human spy). Beaver’s real job for the Graeles is to keep an eye on the shipyards. He also frequents the Upstream where he picks up gossip from sailors and other passersby.

Rumors and Clues. Beaver saw the florist’s assistant, Loretta Jaymichael, meet with the captain of the River Dog, Yancy Hedron. Loretta waited on the docks (area S28) while Yancy went below deck. When Yancy returned, she had a jar filled with soil. (Captain Yancy sold Loretta Jaymichael a jar of grave dirt from her vampire master’s coffin).


S15 – Boarding House

For the Rivertownfolk that can’t afford their own homestead or a spot at an inn, there’s the South Rivertown Boarding House. The boarding house hosts 30 beds each with its own lockable, bolted-down trunk at the foot. It costs 1 sp per month to stay at the boarding house, although, the boarding house’s caretakers Merle and Dune will take payment in the form of labor.

Merle and Dune (NG male human commoners) live in separate houses outside of town, each with their own wives and families. They were caught at the boarding house when the dome dropped. Now their families are camping in the fields to the north, waiting for the dome to raise.

Currently, the boarding house has eight tenants using its beds.

Chances Gumdrop. A sailor and gambler, Chances (N male halfling commoner) is a porter working the Great River. Work’s been slow for Chances and he’s been sick, so he’s stayed in Rivertown until he can recover and pay off some of his debts.

Miser Karew. Miser is one of Rivertown’s few homeless. Prone to mumbling to himself, Miser (CN male human commoner) is mostly harmless. If he’s not at the boarding house, he’s begging for coin outside one of the town’s taverns, usually Sabba’s.

Leelee Wratch. Leelee is another one of Rivertown’s homeless. An elderly but sweet woman, Leelee (N female human commoner) spends her days picking flowers around the banks of Maple Creek, then selling them for a copper around the farmer’s market. She and Jon the Lowly are good friends.

Gimble Heartshield. Gimble (NG male dwarf guard) has lived at the boarding house since the passing of his wife a few years back. These days, he picks up odd jobs around the shipyards and on the farms.

Stap Lightstep. Sadly, Stap (CN male wood elf tribal warrior) was one of the few survivors of the elven persecution in the north. He watched his wife and children slaughtered by the orcs, which drove him to the brink of madness. Merle and Dune feel for the elven warrior but are concerned by his frequent violent outbursts.

Charley Grounds. Charley is a cheapskate sailor that uses the boarding house versus paying for a spot at one of the towns’ inns. Ol’ Charley (NE male human spy) doesn’t cause trouble when he’s in Rivertown, but Merle and Dune often feel Charley’s bed could be put to better use.

Schmidty “Smitty” Vanders. Smitty (N male human commoner) is Charley Grounds’ underpaid bodyguard. However, Smitty isn’t the most effective fighter (don’t let the mace and leather armor fool you), but as they say around Rivertown square, “Pay a gold piece, get a gold piece’s worth of help. Pay a silver piece, and get a copper piece’s worth of help.” Smitty is definitely a “copper piece” bodyguard.

Brother Ofiev. Ofiev stowed away on a smuggler ship headed downriver. Once discovered, the pirates tossed him from the ship and were close to beating him before Emmet Bronson intervened. That was three months ago. Ofiev (N male human acolyte) has been at the boarding house ever since, spending what little coin he begs for (or steals) to spend on cheap ale at the Sabbas’.

Rumors and Clues. Many of the people who sleep in the boarding house are liars, madmen, or both. Should the characters look for clues here, this makes for a wonderful opportunity to mix in truth with insanity.


S16 – Grumble Talley’s Shack

Grumble Talley is a surly, one-legged, one-eyed salty dog that lives in a rundown shack in the center of Southern Rivertown. Usually heard yelling at the teens in the shipyard, Grumble (N male human commoner) lives with his two cats Bert and Chester.

Rumors and Clues. Grumble Talley don’t care for no gossip and don’t care for no people who wanna hear it either! However, his cats Bert and Chester can be quite talkative if charmed with a speak with animals spell or similar effect.

  • Chester knows that there are many humans that meet at the place with all the nice flowers during the dark hours.
  • Bert saw a man in robes talking to a fancy man. The man in robes stabbed the fancy man. Then, the man in robes placed the fancy man in the fast water.
  • Chester misses the little quiet boy who had pretty blue flowers and wonders where he went.
  • Bert thinks a mean evil monster lives in the belly of a big, wooden, floating thing by the big water.
  • Chester saw a monster dog on the other side of the fast water in the big tree place.
  • Bert saw flashing lights at the haunted house near the human gathering place.


S17 – Grayson Tobacco Shop

The Grayson family owns a tobacco shop at the corner of Farmer’s Square and the Western Road. The store is run by Lucius Marko (NG male human veteran) who claims to know “everyone’s gossip in town.” And he’ll tell you it, too, for a price, of course.

When the dome came down, one of Lucius’ regulars, Beau Lockwood (CG male human commoner) was smoking in the shop. Beau has a young son who was outside of the dome at a friends house.

Rumors and Clues. Lucius’ boss’s daughter died after she went crazy at the Onyx Ox a few hours ago. Nobody knows what got into her, but people are saying that her eyes were glowing green when she jumped up and bit the bartender, Matin Gregor.


S18 – Rivertown Fabric Shop

Three weavers, Renee Carver, Helen Rund and Gavin Geskerson (LN human commoners), work the Rivertown Fabric shop between the Grayson Tobacco Shop and Rambeaux’s. Originally, Rund and Geskerson were just business partners, but their relationship has taken on a more romantic slant in recent months. Whereas Matilda Gregor specializes in fancy weaves at her shop down the street, the Rivertown Fabric Shop’s owners are happy with necessities. Thanks to Ed Heggel’s recent distractions, they’ve also picked up a considerable amount of tailoring business, too.

Rumors and Clues. Helen saw Captain Rikkets of Rikkets’ Chandler talking to their partner, Renee Carver a day after Renee’s husband Julius disappeared. While she looked upset when speaking with everyone else in town, she was laughing and joking with Rikkets.


S19 – Rambeaux Wine Shop

Rivertown and its surrounding farms aren’t known for its vineyards. Fortunately, Kaila Rambeaux (LE female human commoner) has done a terrific job purchasing a breathtaking collection of wines from all over. Her impressive shop carries everything from Northern Berry Wine to Southern Whites. Rambeaux’s note is held by the Croppers, but she’s made great headway into paying them back. Furthermore, she’s taken interest in working closely with Graele with ideas on how to expand Graele’s criminal empire.

Rumors and Clues. Like Graele, Kaila suspects that Captain Rikkets is hiding a dark secret. She’s heard that Rikkets speaks at great lengths with the Relics, an old retired couple that lives on the west end of town.


S20 – Port Master’s Office

Those who dock in Rivertown must come through the Port Master’s office at the north end of the shipyard. Here, dock fees are collected. In addition, the Port Master, Owen McCarthy (LN male human noble) records the names of the captains and crews, their ships, and their inventory. Until recently, McCarthy was lax on inspections. When a gang of smugglers brought knights from the east to Rivertown, McCarthy’s since upped his standards.

Rumors and Clues. McCarthy has difficult trusting Yancy Hedron and her ship the River Dog. Recently, he saw Loretta Jaymichael, an employee of the Maple Creek Florist shop, purchase a jar of soil from Hedron. He thought that was odd.


S21 – Raeger Warehouse North

The proud Raeger family owns this warehouse. Currently, it’s packed from floor to ceiling with storage from passing sailors. Sailors are expected to pay in advance for storage. If merchandise stays even a day past the paid amount, the Raegers auction off the goods to the highest bidders. Naturally, this is a point of frustration for sailors who arrive only a day or two late. But even the toughest Great River sailors find Papa Raeger and his boys a tough match in fisticuffs. It costs 1 sp per cubic foot per month to store merchandise at this warehouse.


S22 – Raeger Warehouse South

The second Raeger warehouse is a little better protected. The walls are reinforced and the doors have strong locks. Three shifts of well-paid, paired guards watch the warehouse for the Raegers. The pair caught when the dome dropped were Chauncey and William (N male human guards), the “day guys”. Despite the lousy situation with the dome, Chauncey and William continue to watch over the warehouse.

Currently, the Raegers are keeping an eye on a crate of magic weapons inside. The weapons were stolen from a castle to the west and stored at the Raeger warehouse until the one who stole them could find a way to sell them without drawing heat. There are six +1 daggers, three +2 handaxes, and one +1 longsword.

The cost to store merchandise in this warehouse is 1 gp per cubic foot per month.

Rumors and Clues. Chauncey was walking home one night when he heard a scream from the Temple of Rebirth. He turned to look but didn’t see anyone. At the time, he didn’t think anything of it. (Chauncey heard Gideon Horalt scream when Jon Lowery stabbed him with his dagger.)


S23 – Bobo’s Fishing Supplies

Bobo (N male gnome spy) is a one-eyed scoundrel and ex-pirate. However, he’s got the best fishing supplies in town and everyone knows it. Comically, Bobo has never known the definition of “customer service.” He’ll cuss you when you enter his shop and cuss you as you leave. Give him a weird look? And he’ll prevent you from making a purchase, even if it’s a big one. The other problem is catching the shop when it’s actually open. Bobo opens and closes the place on a whim.

Bobo is a tough nut to crack. He doesn’t seem to have any gossip on any of his fellow townsfolk and swears he wouldn’t share it if he had any to give.


S24 – Tristan the Boatswain

One of the three shipbuilders in town, young Tristan Garrison (NG male human commoner) focuses on smaller vessels: rowboats, ferries, and the like. The majority of his business comes from repairs, usually those related to ship carpentry. Tristan’s fiance, Merry Noonan (LG female human commoner) helps with the counter while Tristan does the repairs outback. Both recently moving out of their respective homes, the pair live in the back of the shop. Their dog, Boatpup, sits with Tristan while he works. Merry is Meska Noonan’s sister.

Rumors and Clues. Merry had no idea that her sister, Meska was such a devout follower of the Goddess of Rebirth. Now, she waits for her sister to wake from her coma at the Temple of Rebirth. In the weeks leading up to Meska’s possession by the angels, she told Merry she had a vision of a great, glass dome, much like the one covering the town. And within the dome was a huge fireball, consuming everything.


S25 – Shipyard

All of Rivertown’s boatswains, captains, crew, and anyone else with an investment in the industry provided by the Great River can usually be found in the shipyard during the day. It’s certainly a place to get work done, but it’s also a hub for communication, gossip, and camaraderie among the salty dogs of Rivertown.

Graele Cropper’s trio of thugs, Rhoda, Kong, and Merner hang around the shipyards. Agee Gregor also works at the shipyard from a booth where he takes orders. He focuses on ship repair but has been known to build a ship from scratch before. Agee’s family owns the shipyard.

Rumors and Clues. Despite the troubles, it’s business as usual at the shipyard. However, anxiety creates loose lips for the shipbuilders and porters. They’re quick to share what they know.

  • While the three ships at the docks are strange, the River Dog is the one that’s piqued the most interest. It’s a rather large ship to lack a crew.
  • Quite a few people saw Loretta Jaymichael purchase a jar of dirt from the captain of the River Dog.
  • Everyone in the shipyard believes that Grumble Talley’s cats, Bert and Chester are magical. The two cats spend their nights wandering the town.
  • Most of the dockworkers like Deputy Emmett Bronson, Emil Bronson’s son. However, they believe that Deputy Jon Lowery has a dark, malicious side to him.
  • Everyone’s gossiping about the fight that broke out at the Onyx Ox. Supposedly, Cabal Grayson went crazy and bit the bartender.


S26 – Town Garrison

In times of war or threat of conflict, the town garrison hosts armies coming into town. Once the conflict between the wood elves and orcs in the north ended eight years ago, the garrison has remained empty. Still, it holds enough arms, armor, and ammunition to equip an entire unit of soldiers if need be.


S27 – Marko Home

Six Markos live in the Marko home. Lucius, the manager of the Grayson’ Tobacco Shop, is the patriarch. He lives with his sister, Gabby (NG female human commoner) who watches Lucius’ four children, Nathan, Kelvin, Tomas, and Natalie while he works.

Lucius’ wife and the mother of his children left four years ago and hasn’t returned since. Part of Lucius suspects she’s dead, but another part of him thinks she simply left, moving on from him and the children. Either way, he keeps the family in positive spirits.

Rumors and Clues. Gabby Marko says she can talk to animals, and that the cats that live over at Grumble Talley’s shack always have the wildest stories to tell.


S28 – Docks

The docks are the center of Rivertown’s commerce. Any ship that docks in Rivertown must pay a 1 sp per day port fee, owed to the town itself, although, many of the wealthy family in town have fought for the privatization of the dock fees.

When the dome came down, the waters surrounding the docks receded. The boats there sank and collapsed in the mud. In fact, some of the boats spilled their possessions overboard. Many frustrated sailors now work to pull their merchandise from the muddy pits surrounding Rivertown’s banks. Naturally, they all want a refund (and reparations) from the town.

There were three captains in port when the dome came down.

Captain Paco Newman. Paco was bringing leather from the west when his ship was cut off. Fortunately, he had already unloaded the majority of his wares, selling them to Aza Baron. Paco (NE male human veteran) hates the situation that he is in and has no problem letting his opinion be known. Paco’s ship is called the Green Lady and has two crew members, Gene and Guff (N male human commoners).

Captain Ben Torrent. Torrent (N male human priest) is a pilgrim and disciple of a water diety. He and his acolytes, Arabelle, Nicole, and Lucretia (all lawful neutral) sail the Great River spreading the word of their lord. Their ship is named Praise.

The River Dog. Captain Yancy Hedron (CE female human spy) has a secret: she the servant of a vampire spawn named Elendra who hides within the bowels of her ship, the River Dog. A gang of four ghouls, Locan, Roja, Violeta, and Pip, protect Elendra while she sleeps. None of the undead emerge unless it’s night.

If the characters attack the ship, Hedron and the ghouls defend Elendra to the death. Elendra will not rise during the day, no matter the danger. At night, however, she will rise and fight trespassers on the ship.

While getting information out of Hedron and the ghouls is nearly impossible, Elendra has a better-developed sense of self-preservation. In exchange for her safety, she will tell the characters that she was invited to Rivertown by a demon-worshipping cult known as the Emerald Seven. The Seven wished to purchased grave dirt recently slept upon by a vampire. The cultists (represented by Loretta Jaymichael) paid the vampire and her crew back with the promise of a favor from the demon Qua-Soko. Other than Loretta, Elendra and Yancy do not know who the other members of the Emerald Seven are.


S29 – Lover’s Island

A popular spot reachable by rowboat (or at least it was only reachable by rowboat until the waters receded thanks to the dome), Lover’s Island is exactly what its name suggests: a popular spot for young lovers to hide and smooch.



W1 – Stoneberry Manor

The Stoneberry brothers live in Stoneberry manor (area 1) with their family and servants. The pair own and operate Stoneberry Jewelers on Main Street, and both are active members in the community.

Golan Stoneberry. Golan (LN male gnome commoner) is the eldest brother. A perpetual bachelor, Golan is nearly 300 years old and his age is starting to show. He believes in fairness above all else and is extraordinarily protective of his fellow business members. As such, he loathes Graele Cropper.

Rickard Stoneberry. Rikard (LG male gnome commoner) is Golan’s younger brother. Many see Golan as the rational and friendly–although somewhat unwise–of the two Stoneberry brothers. He is the face of the business, whereas Golan has the mind for numbers. There isn’t much Rickard wouldn’t do for others, and when things turn bad, he’s extremely helpful even when his brother is not. Rickard is married to Geneive and has one son, Elmer.

Geneive Stoneberry. Geneive (LG female gnome commoner) is Rickard’s wife, his love since they were in school together. Unlike Rickard, however, she believes in the greater good and understands the angels’ reasoning for putting Rivertown in Quarantine.

Elmer Stoneberry. Unknown to anyone, the Stoneberry’s autistic son, Elmer Stoneberry (male gnome commoner) is possessed by the demon Qua-Soko.

Gideon Horalt (deceased). Gideon was the Stoneberrys’ trusted servant. Three weeks ago, he learned that the Emerald Seven, a demon-worshipping cult, was performing dark rituals out of the Maple Creek Florist Shop. Gideon died trying to bring the knowledge public. His body is lying in the mud on the eastern bank of Maple Creek.

Rolf. The Stoneberrys had a dog named Rolf. Rolf was “patient zero” for the green-eyed virus, given the virus by Elmer (as Qua-Soko). After the incubation period, Rolf escaped and bit Cabal Grayson in the field south of the Stoneberry estate. From there, Rolf ran off into the Slumbering Wood where he continues to hide and evolve.

The Stoneberrys keep five more servants on the property. Two of the servants were present when the dome came down, Asher and Quill (LN male human commoners).

Rumors and Clues. A number of clues point towards Elmer Stoneberry being Qua-Soko’s host.

  • The Stoneberry manor is decorated with blue river lilies which are only available for purchase at Maple Creek Florist.
  • Also, the Stoneberry Manor is curiously cold, a sign that a demonic force is present. It gets colder the closer anyone gets to Elmer’s room.
  • Genieve Stoneberry and the servants act unusual, almost as if in a trance. The three try to prevent the characters from entering the home, explaining that if they want to enter, they will need to speak either Jeremiah Locke or her husband, Rickard who is at work.
  • Signs that the Stoneberrys have a dog are all around. However, the dog is nowhere to be seen. (The dog, Rolf, was the first infected with the virus. It’s now hiding in the Slumbering Wood to the east of the manor.)

Rolf’s Cave. At some point, the characters may realize that the Stoneberrys’ dog, Rolf, is a strong lead to follow up on. After Rolf bit Cabal Grayson, the dog fled to the Slumbering Wood. A successful DC 15 Wisdom (Survival) check tracks Rolf to a cave in the side of a hill. By the time the characters confront Rolf, Rolf has entered stage 3 of the green-eyed virus and become a green-eyed hellhound (see Appendix C). The mutated dog hides in the cave. Anyone who enters must succeed on a DC 15 Wisdom (Perception) check or be surprised. Rolf fights to the death. Rolf’s body is one of the key ingredients Franken (area S2) needs to create a cure for the green-eyed virus.

Confronting Qua-Soko. Since his possession, Elmer Stoneberry has stayed in his room. He has charmed his mother, Genieve to protect him all costs. Unless the charm is broken, Genieve will fight to the death to stop the characters from reaching Elmer.

When the characters go to confront Qua-Soko, they should have learned information about the demon and its weaknesses from Franken. Furthermore, the characters should acquire a few items to help them in the fight, specifically Donnie Raegar’s demon’s bane dagger and the outsider’s trap spell from Bobb Talker (area S8).

Qua-Soko, a greater demon (see Appendix C), is a deadly opponent. He uses his full array of powers to resist his attackers. If his host body is injured, he will depart and attempt to enter another candidate, preferably a one strong with a low Charisma score. If he fails that, he will turn ethereal and escape, seeking a new host elsewhere.

Qua-Soko has no fear of destruction. No amount of threats or torture will cause him to reveal the nature of the green-eyed virus and how to cure it.


W2 – Grayson Homestead

Like the Stoneberries to the north, the Graysons exert considerable influence over Rivertown. Their humble homestead at the south end of town harvests some of the best smoking weed in the region.

Bret Grayson. The patriarch of the Graysons, Bret (NG male human veteran) while wise, tends to be quiet. He prefers not to speak often thanks to a horrible stammer. Instead, his sister, Mattea does the negotiating while he focuses on the maintenance of the farm. Bret’s been in mourning since Cabal’s death.

Cabal Grayson (deceased). Bret’s wife was a hard-working farmhand (NG female half-elf veteran) named Cabal. She was one of the first to come down with the green-eyed virus, infected by the Stoneberrys’ dog, Rolf. When the symptoms manifested, Cabal attacked locals at the Onyx Ox, infecting six more citizens including the Ox’s owner, Matin Gregor. One of those infected, Jeremiah Locke put her down before she could spread the virus further.

Mattea Grayson. While Bret rules the roost thanks to family tradition, Mattea (NG female human noble), Bret’s sister, is the real mind behind the Grayson business. She’s excellent with people and very charismatic. Many suitors have tried winning her hand in marriage, but so far she’s denied them all. Since her sister-in-law’s death, Mattea’s been looking for answers on why Cabal suddenly went insane.

In addition to the Grayson family, the family employs three farmhands: Arno Jaemichael, Beck Zune, and Tyra Kish. Arno lives nearby, whereas Zune and Tyra live on the farm. All are LN human commoners.

Rumors and Clues. If the characters search the tobacco field where Cabal was bitten by Rolf, a successful DC 10 Wisdom (Survival) check reveals that the dog’s prints came from Stoneberry Manor on the hill to the north of the Grayson’s field.


W3 – Jaymichael Home

The Jaemichaels live in a small home on the west side of town. Arno Jaemichael works on the Grayson Homestead as a farmhand. His wife, Loretta (NE female human cult fanatic) is a member of the Emerald Seven. She works at the florist shop where the Seven meet and perform their rituals. Arno is unaware of Loretta’s devious nature. The two have a baby, Arned.

Confronting Loretta. When the dome comes down, Loretta retreats to her home to await further instruction from Noah Sander. The situation with the angels has Loretta nervous and easily rattled. Any line of questioning causes her to panic. Arno, who has no idea that his wife is a member of the Emerald Seven, defends Loretta unless given a reason to believe she is a member of the cult. Loretta fights using her home to her advantage. She is armed with alchemist’s fire which she throws at anyone who attempts to grab her.

Loretta’s dark devotion makes her difficult to interrogate.


W4 – Relic Home

Moer and Sinka Relic are a retired elderly couple who live on the west end of Rivertown. Both are LE human cult fanatics and members of the Emerald Seven. They hope that their dedication to the demon Qua-soko will bring them might, and hopefully, immortality.

Confronting the Relics. Moer and Sinka are unflappable in the face of questioning thanks to their dark devotion. Unlike the other members of the Emerald Seven, they’ve done very little to draw attention to themselves. Most Rivertownfolk believe they are nothing more than a friendly, older couple. Of course, both are exceptionally dangerous and expertly trained in the dark arts. If Loretta is attacked, the Relics will watch from their home and study Loretta’s attackers. Should the characters try to interrogate Loretta, the Relics will intervene, appearing as friendly helpers.

No matter where the characters confront the Relics, the Relics fight dirty and fast, using hit and run tactics and targetting weak-willed characters with command and hold person.


W5 – The Onyx Ox

For those who want a drink just outside Rivertown proper, the Onyx Ox is the best destination. Managed by Matin Gregor, the Ox offers a relaxed atmosphere, good food, and usually entertainment provided by minstrels, storytellers, and other travelers low on coin but big on talent.

The majority of the first floor is the main room and tap house. A large hearth burns through most of the seasons, extinguished only in the summer. Westerners who don’t stick their noses up at the Rivertownfolk enjoy the establishment, as well as many of the sailors who’ve grown weary of the Upstream’s rowdy crowd. There are three rooms upstairs: an office where Matin works, and two bedrooms.

The Ox is the least profitable of the Gregor ventures, but it keeps Matin busy (and drunk). He prefers to hide in the back, crunching numbers and placing orders. Along with Matin, the Ox employs six others. As fate would have it, all six were present when the dome came down.

Rooster Gill. The Ox’s chef will tell you that he can cook three things well, but he’d forgotten how to cook all three. Regardless, Rooster’s food isn’t terrible (although, the Ox isn’t winning five-star reviews anytime soon) and he’s well-loved by the Ox’s regulars. Rooster (NG male halfling commoner) lives on the second floor of the Ox with his fat cat, Maestro.

Zip Timmons. Zip (LN male human commoner) is the Ox’s inhouse entertainment. He tells jokes, juggles, dances, tells stories, and can even play the lute.

Gordon Bromley. Busser, porter, assistant cook–you name it. Gordon Bromley (LN male human guard) has been helping Matin since the place opened.  When the Temple needs help, Gordon’s also one of the first to raise arms to assist Jeremiah and the deputies. Like Matin, Gordon was infected by Cabal Grayson and now carries the green-eyed virus.

Jana Ripple. Jana (LG female human commoner) is the fast-talking, hard-drinking bartender and assistant manager of the Ox. She loves spreading rumors both at the Ox and at Matin’s mother’s shop when she’s not working.

Lulu Creekwater. The other person who lives in the Ox is Rooster’s on-and-off-again lover, Lulu Riverdance (LG female wood elf scout). Lulu, like many of the Rivertown elves, was “adopted.” When the elves were chased away from their lands to the north by orcs, they spread out to the various villages. Lulu, her family dead, was taken in by Matin and the rest.

Bronze. Another rare sight in these lands, Bronze (NG female dragonborn commoner) is the kind and gentle server of the Onyx Ox. She lives with Jana at Jana’s family farm to the north. On more than one occasion, Jana has had to stand up for her friend against the suspicious Rivertownfolk who see Bronze as a monster. Along with Matin and Zip, Bronze was infected by the green-eyed virus when Cabal broke down in the bar.

Rumors and Clues. While the Onyx Ox is closed following Cabal’s outburst and death, the employees are eager to discuss what happened. Gordon Bromley explains:

“Cabal entered the bar seeking medical attention for a dog bite she received in her field. Jeremiah Locke, Emmett Bronson, and Jon Lowery arrived and helped. Then, Emmett and Jon went north into the Slumbering Wood to look for the dog. Matin served Cabal lunch and Cabal had a few drinks.

“She seemed fine for the most part, but after a few hours, something happened. She began to complain about her head. Suddenly, her eyes started to grow bright green and she started screaming. From there, Cabal lept across the bar, grabbed Matin by the collar and bit him on the shoulder. Gordon, Jeremiah, Jon the Lowly, and the Osters pulled Cabal off Matin, but she continued to thrash about. She jumped on top of Jon and started choking the man. Finally, Brother Jeremiah pulled a dagger from his belt and stabbed her in the back of the head.

“It was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen.”

A character with a passive Perception score of 15 or higher may notice that Gordon’s eyes are unusually green. Once it’s mentioned by the characters, Gordon and the other patrons comment on how Gordon’s eyes are normally brown.


W6 – Menkin Home

Jerome Menkin and his son, Lionel live in this modest house just over the Maple Creek Bridge. The two manage Menkin Smithy in the town square. They have a dog named Clover who watches the home while they are away.


W7 – Bronson Home

Emil Bronson and his son Emmet live in the house south of the Grayson Homestead. Emil (N male human gladiator) is a retired soldier. He spends his twilight years pouring through old history books while drinking away his nightmares of the battlefield. Emmet (LN male human guard) works alongside Jeremiah Locke as the deputy constable. He is very focused on his responsibilities to Rivertown.

Rumors and Clues. While Emil doesn’t know much about what’s happening around town, he does know quite a bit about history. He believes that he once saw the name Qua-Soko mentioned in an old book sold out of Franken’s Little Magic Shoppe (area S8) in town. Emil also notes that he’s seen many of his neighbors leave their homes late at night and walk across the bridge into the town square, usually the same day each week near midnight. He specifically names the Relics, Jaymichaels, and Carvers.


W8 – Carver Home

Renee Carver, the co-owner of the town fabric shop, lives alone in this small home. Renee’s husband, Julius, has been missing for a week. Turns out that he learned of the Emerald Seven. Renee (CE female human cult fanatic) was tasked by the others with killing her own husband. Julius’ sacrifice is what originally summoned Qua-soko. Like Loretta, she is waiting for Noah’s signal.

Confronting Renee Carver. There is no member of the Emerald Seven more dangerous or reckless than Renee Carver. If she sees the characters approaching and their intentions are obvious, she slips into the back of her home and drinks a potion of fire resistance. Then, she sets fire to her home and begins screaming for help. If the characters fall for the ruse, she attacks, using her spells to stop them. Even though the potion of fire resistance slows the damage she receives from the fire, eventually, she will succumb to the flames, cackling madly as she burns.


W9 – Oster Home

Both Osters, Jet and Mary (NG male and female human commoners), were infected with the green-eyed virus during Cabal Grayson’s meltdown at the Onyx Ox. When the symptoms started to show, the two locked themselves in their home at the western edge of town.

Fearing that they’ve contracted the same disease that possessed Cabal, the Osters will not allow anyone into their home.


Concluding the Adventure

If the characters defeat Qua-Soko and cure the green-eyed virus, the angels lift the dome and return to the skies without a word. Not even Meska Noonan says anything further.

Should the characters escape or fail to stop the virus before the 24-hours is up, the angels do exactly as they promised and cleanse the dome by incinerating everything within. Nothing survives the purge. All that is left is dark, black ash where Rivertown once stood.

It’s highly likely that Qua-Soko escapes. As a demon, he can easily come back at any time. And if the characters disrupted his plans in Rivertown, chances are the greater demon develops a grudge with the adventurers. Ξ©


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Credits: Rivertown map and description by Justin David Russell; Quarantine story and diagrams by Dave Hamrick

Special thanks to my patrons and fans who helped suggest NPCs for the awesome adventure: Caleb Reed, Dorian, Prewett, Charlie Rhoads, Isaac Wheeler, Lon Varnadore, Malachai Rasmussen, Spencer Bryan, Zachary C. Milstead, Michael Truland, Skylore Miller, Noah Darn, Ty Petty

Art by Egbert van der Poel and Justin David Russell

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