Saturday D&D with DMDave

Hey everyone!

You might have noticed that I tend to be a little quiet on the weekend. By quiet, I mean, I only put up like, 2,000 words of content instead of the normal 5,000+! Haha

Anyways, there’s a big reason for this. On Saturdays, I have the actual D&D campaign that I’ve been running since March 17, 2018. That takes up most of my Saturday nights as well as the daytime when I have to plan. And Sundays I give to my wife and son, Jack, so they don’t leave me.

If you’d like a look into the world of Dungeon Master Dave’s games, all you have to do is follow me on Facebook. I’ve decided that Facebook will be the place where all of my spoiler-free campaign-related stuff lives. Plus, you’ll get a chance to meet the awesome group of players I’ve had the pleasure of gaming with for 7 months now.

Check me out on Facebook:

The players are currently running through Zoglagomerfn’s Hideaway, so you’ll get to see an actual DMDave adventure in progress.

Hope to see you there!

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