19Q1 Campaign Setting Finalists and Poll

Recently, I put out feelers on Instagram for the first official DMDave campaign setting to be launched on Patreon sometime before the end of this quarter.

Well, I got back over 380 answers! And let me say, it was IMPOSSIBLE to pick just one. They were all too awesome. So, I did the honorable thing and tallied up those that had the highest number of likes plus a few more that I personally liked (well, I liked them all, but you know what I mean). Now, I’m going to put the ball in you guys court with a poll.

At the bottom of this article is a poll. Read the descriptions and let me know what you think.

Everyone whose idea got nominated gets a FREE copy of the PDF form of the finished product. And just like I mentioned in the Instagram post, the person whose idea gets selected gets to suggest the first subclass/race/whatever for the setting.

Most Liked Themes

Here are the themes that got the most likes (at least 4 or more) on Instagram:

  • Native American themed setting – @cursedmeatboi
  • A world which has been consumed by the void, a seemingly endless roiling blackness in which the laws of reality are warped if applied at all. None who go into it come out. As such, the great nations have taken to the skies in massive cities, which have dozens of levels upon which entire civilizations reside, supported by great engines. The higher levels are the wealthier areas, while the underbelly of the city is literally on the bottom. Travel is possible by airships of all sizes, but not everything is peaceful; some of the cities are encounter difficulties ranging from food shortages to failing engines, so war seems almost inevitable – @stephenbogle03
  • Japanese folklore and feudalism – @lilac_fairyhelmet
  • High class gothic victorian setting – @outside_the_box_thinking
  • Vikings!! So much with classes, locations, God’s, monsters and more – @d20mag
  • Demon realm, the adventuring party are the demons who venture the material plane in order to seek a greater power that can help achieve the defeat of the demon monarch – @andres_csc
  • Remnants of a world that died only a few years before. There are still giant skeletons of the old gods that were overthrown by the new and there are still remnants of the races that lived there before – @deneveben
  • A world torn apart after a battle of the gods. Giants rifts and canyons pushing open with ancient magic. Portals, anomalies of entire landscapes floating, waterfalls into the sky. And a giant (GIANT) radius of total deletion of any life, only populated by the most exotic and dangerous magic. I want a world with magical battle scars and ancient temples growing out of the ground populated with aberrations and beasts. – @ruben_kohlmeyer
  • Apocalypse Rewind. Centuries after an apocalyptic event where mutations caused races (ala bog standard PC races) to rise. Skyscrapers become unknown tower ruins, technology becomes legendary items of mysterious powers. A fantasy setting rationalizing modern day things. – @artdhall

Honorable Mentions

These are the themes that really stuck out with me.

  • 1920’s adventurers! Exploring the corners of the world such as the Amazon rain forest or the Arctic. Maybe look at the Tintin comics and how they work – yetis in Tibet, drug syndicates in Scotland, maybe even some Cthulhu mythos thrown in. Classes could be stuff like investigators and anthropologists – @andrew.pelham
  • Post-zombie outbreak! – @caldwellceramics
  • 50’s 60’s United States (with magic) – @landon8_h

Vote Below

What should the 19Q1 DMDave campaign setting be?

Native American
World Consumed by the Void
Japanese Folklore and Feudalism
High-Class Gothic Victorian
Demon Realm (play as a demon)
Remnants of a Dead World
World Torn Apart
Apocalypse Rewind
1920’s Adventurers
Post-Zombie Outbreak
’50s ’60s United States

Results revealed tonight sometime after 9pm.

I look forward to seeing what wins. Thanks to everyone who made a suggestion! And I’m excited to create each and every one of these settings. I wish I had the bandwidth to make them all!

See you soon!

Art by Jaime Jones

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