DMDave Content Schedule (I Swear I’ll Stick to It… Really!)

These last couple of days I’ve taken some time to get things organized. My patrons have already noticed that with all new tiers (if you’re already a patron, don’t worry, the old tiers still apply and you’re grandfathered). Now it’s time to work on the site, too.

Part of that will be creating a content calendar that I will hopefully stick to!

Of course, I have the attention span of a bat eating pixie sticks, so who knows if it’ll stick. 😛 Regardless, it’s worth a shot and gives all of you something to look forward to each week.

Here is the tentative schedule:

Subclass Sundays. Expect a new subclass or two every Sunday. These will usually fit with whatever campaign or adventure I’m currently working on.

Monster Mondays. Mondays, I’ll try to crank out 1-2 new monsters.

Race Tuesdays. A new playable race every Tuesday. Also, the DMs Lair will be out each Tuesday.

Workshop Wednesdays. Wednesdays will be for workshops and how-tos.

Magic Item Thursdays. Thursday will be for creating new magic items, at least 1 or 2.

Adventure Fridays. A new mini-adventure will come out every Friday. Each adventure spread out over the quarter will probably be connected. So the first one will be level 1, then level 2, and so on.

Free-for-all Saturdays. Saturdays are usually pretty busy for me because of Jack’s gymnastics and my own D&D session so this will be the wild card. Some Saturdays I’ll toss up a bunch of stuff, others will be sparse.

Now, you might note that my bandwidth is usually much wider than this. On top of all this stuff, I’ll be busting out requests from patrons as well as doing whatever floats my fancy.

Also, you can still expect the following:

  • Patrons will get PDFs of the previous day’s materials every morning.
  • Articles related to Dungeons & Dragons and DMing.
  • Contests and polls.
  • Guest posts (like DMs Lair).
  • All the weirdness you know and love from DMDave.

This schedule will kick in next week once I finish up the subclasses from the dungeon.dude promotional campaign.

Let me know iof there’s any questions down in the comments below!

See you soon!

Art by Wizards of the Coast.

2 thoughts on “DMDave Content Schedule (I Swear I’ll Stick to It… Really!)

  1. With using this schedule, will you finish any list’s that you may have started before? Like say the seven deadly sins magical items?

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