7-Day Challenge: Let’s Make a Monster

Hey all!

If you haven’t heard, I’m at a work conference in Austin (by the way, the food is UH-MAZING here) until Friday night. When I get back on Saturday, I plan to knock out a bunch of content before my Saturday night session that’s at 5:30pm.

One thing I’d really like to get caught up on is original monster creation. Being that we’re starting in Blackleaf for adventures, I think I’ll need to populate the region with some awesome monsters. And there are all sorts of cool terrain to do it in. We’ve got mountains, jungle forests, hills, deserts, sea–very diverse! See the map below for details.

We already know that medusas are going to have a big presence there (probably up near the Jungles or in one of those cool forts), but what other sorts of monsters would you like to see here?

Until the end of tomorrow, Patrons only can request monsters.

The soon-to-be-named “Blackleaf” continent.

I’ve posted the map again for your convenience.

Furthermore, I’ll LITERALLY try to make every single one of these over the span of next week. Just a few rules:

  • No existing IP or things that aren’t allowed through Wizards of the Coasts’ SRD/OGL (ie, mindflayers, beholders, etc).
  • Only one suggestion per Patron.
  • CR 4 or less.
  • Anything goes! Dinosaur robots? Sure! Zombie policemen? Why not!  Remember, this is YOUR world.

I might even put it all together in a quick PDF and release it around Valentine’s Day.

Remember: this only applies to patrons. To learn about all the awesome benefits you get being a patron, check out my Patreon page now.

However, the monsters will debut on the blog as normal!

Looking forward to it!

PS Don’t worry about normal requests! Those are on the docket, too. Monsters are just a quick gimme that I can create fast. 🙂

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