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Stat Anything: The Space Stone | New Artifact for Fifth Edition

Disclaimer: a note on the broader creation of the Infinity Stone artifacts: in no way, shape or form do I intend to make these things balanced (sorry, Thanos). Should a character (player or otherwise) come into possession of one of these damn things, all hell will and should break loose. Anything less would dishonor the source material. Allow […]

Stat Anything – Freddy Krueger | New Monster for Fifth Edition

Frederick Charles Krueger, referred to as Freddy Krueger and Fred Krueger, is a serial killer and the main antagonist of the original A Nightmare on Elm Street film series. A family man on the surface, Krueger was actually the serial killer known as the “Springwood Slasher”. When he was caught and subsequently released on a […]

Stat Anything – Iron Man | New NPC for Fifth Edition

Anthony Edward “Tony” Stark was a billionaire industrialist, a founding member of the Avengers, and the former CEO of Stark Industries. A brash but brilliant inventor, Stark was self-described as a genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist. With his great wealth and exceptional technical knowledge, Stark was one of the world’s most powerful men following the […]

Stat Anything – War Boys | New NPCs for Fifth Edition

War Boys are handpicked at a young age by the guardians of the elevator platform of The Citadel and are indoctrinated as zealots in the cult of V8 with Immortan Joe as their immortal leader. They are completely loyal, blindly following their leader, never questioning the morality of his actions. They view death in service to Immortan Joe […]

Stat Anything – Captain America (MCU) | New NPC for Fifth Edition

Captain Steven Grant “Steve” Rogers is a World War II veteran, a founding member of the Avengers, and Earth’s first superhero. Rogers had suffered from numerous health problems, and upon America’s entry into World War II, was rejected from the service within the United States Army despite several attempts to enlist. Rogers was the only recipient of the Super Soldier Serum developed by Abraham […]

Stat Anything – Ash J. Williams | New NPC for Fifth Edition

Ashley Joanna “Ash” Williams is an idiot and a hero. But mostly an idiot. For over 35 years, he’s battled the deadites, evil demons hellbent on the destruction of humankind. Ash’s first encounter with deadites happened when he and his girlfriend, Linda, were vacationing in a cabin in Morristown, Tennessee. It seems an archaeologist had come […]

Stat Anything – Dorothy Gale | New NPC for Fifth Edition

Dorothy Gale is a 12-year old Kansas orphan and one of Oz’s greatest heroes. When she and her dog Toto were transported to Oz via a cyclone, her house landed on the Wicked Witch of the East, instantly killing the tyrant. She was hailed as a hero by the munchkins of Munchkinland and gifted the […]

Stat Anything – Scarlet Witch (MCU Version) | New NPC for Fifth Edition

Wanda Maximoff is a native of Sokovia who grew up with her twin brother, Pietro. In an effort to help purge their country of strife, the twins joined HYDRA and agreed to undergo experiments with the Scepter under the supervision of Wolfgang von Strucker, and received superpowers as a result, with Wanda attaining various abilities including telekinesis, telepathy, and energy manipulation. (Source: MCU Fandom) […]

Stat Anything – Hulk | New Monster for Fifth Edition

Robert Bruce Banner, M.D., Ph.D., is a renowned scientist and a founding member of the Avengers. As someone who was highly respected for his work regarding biochemistry, nuclear physics, and gamma radiation, he was commissioned by Thaddeus Ross to recreate the Super Soldier Serum which created Captain America, although Ross elected not to inform Banner what he was creating. However, when an exposure to high levels […]

Stat Anything – Thor | New NPC for Fifth Edition

Yesterday, I made Mjölnir for my patrons. I figured today what’s a hammer without its carpenter–er… god of thunder? I decided to make Mr. Odinson a CR 25 NPC. He’s the only one that could withstand punishment from Thanos and his children and live to tell the tale. “Thor Odinson is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel […]