BroadSword Magazine Accepting Submissions for November (Sci-Fi) Issue

Hey there!

Are you a Fifth Edition lover? Do you have a cool, unpublished (or even moderately published) adventure lying around?

Well, BroadSword Magazine is looking for some awesome content for our November 2019 issue titled Science Fiction.

Here’s how you can submit your work:

  1. Review the BroadSword Submission Guidelines
  2. Write a manuscript explaining your submission.
  3. Include the manuscript along with the Standard Disclosure Form in an email to us:
  4. If we like your idea, we’ll contact you and start working together!

November Theme

November’s issue is all about science fiction… but in a fantasy Fifth Edition setting. This can be anything from the introduction of laser guns to alien invasions to killer robots. Note: that as much as we love some of the overt sci-fi things already in Fifth Edition setting, not all of them are usable due to our cooperation with the SRD.

Submission Deadlines

We’re hoping to start offering contracts as soon as July 25th. So please try to get your submissions in no later than July 21, 2019.

Looking forward to seeing what you got!


Thumbnail art by Wizards of the Coast

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