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Hey all!

As you may know, BroadSword Magazine will start delivering in August/September this year. Right now, we’ve got plenty of art resources, but we’re looking for some more. Below, are the details for what we need.

Stock/Filler Art

Do you have existing art that you are interested in licensing? We want to buy bulk art to use as stock and thematic art for the magazine. Currently, we purchase stock art from Shutterstock for this but would rather contribute to the community than pay a big multi-million dollar organization. Here are the requirements:

  • Black-and-white artwork, preferably pen/ink style like the old Dungeon & Dragon magazines
  • Fantasy themed (we will have a few exceptions, but mostly classic fantasy style stuff)
  • 20+ images per artist
  • Must not be an existing IP–IE, no Marvel superheroes, copyrighted WotC characters, etc.

Rates: if we license your artwork, we will pay a flat rate of $1.50 per image (minimum of 20) and you retain the rights to all of your artwork to sell or reproduce as you wish.


We would also like to license and/or commission maps from you, too. Again, these should be “old school” style, black and white, preferably pen-and-ink, and fantasy themed.

Rates: if we license your maps/cartography, we will pay a rate of $35.00 per map. If we commission original maps from you, we will negotiate a rate, either monetary or in the form of advertising. You retain the rights to all of your artwork to sell or reproduce as you wish.

Featured Art

Finally, we are interested in featured art, as well. Featured art would be a bit larger (taking up half a page or more) and may even be cover art. These can be in black and white or color, but should still look good if printed in grayscale. We may license this art or commission original pieces from you (read below). We negotiate featured art rates on a case-by-case basis.

Rights and Payments

There are two types of artwork BroadSword Magazine accepts:

  • Licensed art. Typically, this is preexisting art you have already created. You retain the original rights to the artwork and we establish a permanent licensing contract with you. This allows us to use your artwork in BroadSword Magazine, our website, and other forms of media. We do not offer royalties on the art we license; we pay a flat fee, offer trade in advertising, or both. Payments are made within 60 days after acceptance. With this arrangement, you are free to license your artwork elsewhere (selling to another third-party organization, Shutterstock, etc.)
  • Commissioned Art. Any artwork we commission for Hamrick Media, LLC (BroadSword Magazine, becomes the joint property of you, the artist and Hamrick Media, LLC. You may sell prints and offer your artwork individually, but you cannot sell or license it to another third-party. We do not offer royalties on the art we commission; we pay a flat fee, offer trade in advertising, or both. Payments are made within 60 days after acceptance.

In addition to monetary payment, we may send you at least one free copy of the issue containing your published word, depending on the volume of work licensed or commissioned.

Queries and Forms

Before you submit content to BroadSword Magazine send us a brief proposal. Preferably, put it into a Google Document with the following elements:

  • Type of artwork you are submitting
  • Samples of your artwork (attached or on a website, social media page, etc.)
  • Any other places that your art has been shown (ArtStation, DeviantArt, etc.) or licensed (Shutterstock, DMsGuild, etc.)
  • Your information including name, age, location, and email address

Send all proposals to

Submissions also must include a filled-out and signed copy of the Hamrick Media, LLC Standard Disclosure Form. All submissions that do not have the attached form will be rejected.

If we request artwork from you, we will reach out to you via Discord, Facebook Messenger, or the provided email.

We look forward to working with you!

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