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Alright folks, we have an awesome live stream planned for tonight! We’ll not only be creating a D&D 5e adventure together but also be having a giveaway! (Everyone likes free stuff right?)

So, for the adventure creation, I’ll go over some basics of adventure creation, but then we’ll spend the rest of the stream (generally they run 2 to 3 hours) working on the adventure together.

This is your chance to not only get some insight into how another dungeon master creates adventures, but also be part of creating something awesome with the rest of the community.

Now for the giveaway, there are couple prizes up for grabs:

  • The high-res map pack from the Secret of Forsaken Peak megadelve Kickstarter that DM Dave and Justin David Russel from Random Encounters are creating.
  • A set of 20 mini tokens from Tactical Tokens.

So, yeah, join us tonight, Friday, February 1, at 8 p.m. Eastern US time on my YouTube channel, the DM Lair, for some adventure creation and giveaway fun!Art by Wizards of the Coast.

Update: The live steam is over, but you can still catch the replay and enter the giveaway!

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