EVIL available tomorrow on Patreon

I’ve got a little extra bandwidth this evening and tomorrow, so I’ll be working on putting EVIL into PDF form. If you’re a Patron, then you’ll get this book FREE with your monthly support.

Here is everything that I expect to be in it:


New Character Options

Weretiger Playable Race

Vampir Playable Race

Barbarian Primal Path of the Void

Bard Bardic College of Death

Cleric Space Divine Domain

Druid Circle of Blight

Fighter Weapon Expert Martial Archetype

Monk Fighting Stances

Monk Way of the Moon Soul

Paladin Sacred Oath of Termination

Rogue Dwarven Demolitionists Roguish Archetype

Rogue Gambler Roguish Archetype

Rogue Paladin Operative Archetype

Sorcerer Time Bender Sorcerous Origin

Warlock Otherworldly Patron of the Goat

Wizard Chronomancy Arcane Tradition

Wizard Universalist Arcane Tradition


New Rules & Mechanics

Buster Weapons

Exotic Weapons

Improved Slings

Weapon Specialization


New Magic Items

Chains of Sloth

Hammer of Wrath

Mask of Lust

Skull of Envy


New Spells


Avascular Mass

Evil Hand


New Monsters & NPCs

Adventuring Priest


Bloodless One

Doll Golem

Forest Giant

Greater Werewolf

Hag Queen

Haunted Book

Hebbi No-Onna

High Priest/Priestess

Laughing Wall Mounted Head

Legendary Monster Template



Skin Kite

Skulking Cyst

Twelve Disembodied Heads in a Pile



White Bat



All of these entries will have their corrected and finalized stats, so if you’ve already been using it, expect some changes.

Unfortunately, there are a few options that still haven’t totally “cooked” yet. I’ll release those once I feel a little more confident about the finality of the options.

Oh! And I’m sure I’ll include a few extras here and there, too.

The price of the full document will be only $15 for all 125 or so pages (estimated).

OR you can get the full document by becoming a Patron. Not only do you get this book when you become a Patron, but you get ALL the monthly books that I put out. And that’s just for $3 per month! Pretty good deal, right?

Support me on Patreon and get EVIL tomorrow for FREE!

See you soon!

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