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Buckler October 2019 | Collected Works of DMDave

Buckler is a monthly digital publication that contains the collected works of DMDave. Everything in this book debuted between October 1st, 2019 and October 31st, 2019. This book is 59-pages long and formatted to make printing easy. Patrons of Silver Tier+ get this book for 22% off PLUS they get access to 80+ more PDFs […]

BroadSword Monthly #2 PDF – Now on Sale

The second issue of BroadSword Monthly is now on sale in the SNEAK PEAK PDF-format. This 100-page, hardcover HORROR issue of BSM includes: 3 New Fifth Edition Compatible Adventures (including Quarantine, a massive whodunnit-style mystery with over 190 NPCs) 19 New Monsters 19 New Magic Items Illustrated by Bodieh Hartley New rules for monster hunters […]

We’re off to see the wizard…

From the beloved books of L. Frank Baum, the Marvelous Land of Oz is coming to Fifth Edition. This new 100% Fifth Edition compatible setting comes with everything you need to play in the magical world of Oz, including: New playable races (munchkins, talking animals, constructs…) New subclasses (one for each class…) New player options (backgrounds, feats, […]

EVIL is now available for download!

Everyone’s been asking all weekend, so thanks for your patience! I wanted to make sure that my Patrons got a hold of a copy first. But EVIL is finally ready for download. What’s EVIL? Just a 57-page book of all new, peer-reviewed and (mostly) playtested content for Fifth Edition. If you’re a Patron, you get […]

MARTIAL: February 2019’s Theme (Fighters and Monks)

Big announcement today! While Patreon is slowly recovering from what  I’m calling Patreonapocalypse 2019 (sorry for those who are trying to get a copy of EVIL or sign-up!), I thought I’d go ahead and announce February’s collected edition theme: MARTIAL: A Fifth Edition Companion – The Collected Works of DMDave February 2019 In the vein […]

EVIL available tomorrow on Patreon

I’ve got a little extra bandwidth this evening and tomorrow, so I’ll be working on putting EVIL into PDF form. If you’re a Patron, then you’ll get this book FREE with your monthly support. Here is everything that I expect to be in it:   New Character Options Weretiger Playable Race Vampir Playable Race Barbarian […]

How to Create Magic Items for Fifth Edition (Now Available in PDF)

Hi! I’m DMDave, author of all of this site’s content. I’ve been playing for more than 25 years and I just love writing about the world’s greatest roleplaying game. And I’m happy to announce that all of the content will now be available for you to purchase here on the site exclusively! The brand new […]

T-Shirt Holiday Special! “DM, What Is Best in Life?” | Limited Time Offer!

Following the success of the Coffee Mug of Rejuvenation, I thought I’d also kick up a little holiday t-shirt, too, for that Dungeon Master you love (or hate). Behold: Here’s what the shirt says: “DM, what is best in life? To crush the characters. See them fail their death saves. And to hear the lamentations […]

Coffee Mug of Rejuvenation | Magic Item for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition (and holiday special!)

Happy holidays, folks! Hope everyone’s eating plenty of turk-turk-turkey! Since today is Thanksgiving, that means tomorrow is Black Friday. And like many websites that you frequent, I, too, will be having holiday specials that kick off tomorrow. When I thought about creating merch for my site, I wasn’t sure what to make. Maybe a book […]

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